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Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
21/11/2020 22:04:26

BACK TO THE MERSEY for the present,

I fitted the trim tabs this afternoon after putting them together and spraying the other night.

i put some double sided 3mm wide waterproof tape around the [already drilled] backing plates and then mixed some 30 minute epoxy into the middle of each plate surrounded by the tape. peeled the protective outer covering from the tape and stuck the tabs to the stern.i will leave them a few hours this evening and then will drill through with a 0.8mm drill bit and push some framing pins through the holes, with more epoxy on to them , and tomorrow when everything is set, i will back fill from the insides with some polyester resin to seal it all and make watertight.

now that the trim tabs have been fitted semi permanently i can make the hydraulic rams to fit in a neutral position.

simply made from different lengths of plastic tubing, some scraps of plasticard and some copper and brass wire, all the parts are ready for fitting together once painted tomorrow.




I also made the two towing/mooring Bitts for the bow and stern for Mick French's boat. there are two in the parts going to Dave Stavros Jones, so only needed to make these two.



20/11/2020 16:01:03

my first images of my Tyne having taken her main colours after Dave Stavros Jones magical fingers have worked their beauty on the boat.

she looks absolutely stunning!.......cant wait to see her in the flesh




20/11/2020 01:35:56

spent a little time today on my own boats fittings,

stanchions for the Tyne.

unusually, the tyne is the only boat in modern fleets not to have the stanchions attached to the toe rails.... the boards that run around the deck close to the bulwarks of the boat.

instead they are attached to semicircular brackets, welded to the deck.....a bit tricky for a modeler to get a nice firm attachment as not to break.

so, earlier in lockdown, i took some of the stanchions i turned and molded about 10 years ago and added a semi circle of plastic struct to the base and then made casting rubber molds.......

i cast a number a couple of months ago.

and so today i drilled the bases to take some pins made from 26 gauge piano wire so that the pins and the base of each stanchion would make a better connection with the deck, once glued.

i also drilled for the safety wire rails into the stanchions..Only the holes to drill now for the bracing wires from stanchions to deck, once the stanchions are dry fitted later in the build.




18/11/2020 23:43:37

now back to my Tyne class lifeboat.....Dave stavros Jones has today sprayed the hull with a beautifully lustrous covering of OXFORD/BALIOL blue in 2pac paint.

it looks from the photos absolutely beautiful






15/11/2020 16:24:29

img_7166.jpgso that is both sides done.....

the stanchions and stays have been attached together and to the toe rails.

next, once the glue has set hard, i am going to drill the stanchion plates through the toe rails and pin them, with a backing on the inside of very fine bore plastic tubing, so they look a little like nuts and rivets.

once this is done, they will be nice and secure, and put aside ready for spray painting polar grey [ford halfords].





14/11/2020 16:29:57

an easy cop out when you couldn't think what else to say, lol.

14/11/2020 15:24:12

it is just ok teacher would say.......MUST DO BETTER, lol.

14/11/2020 00:58:32

after a lot of problems with the painting of the deck in textured paint, and mainly due to my total impatience and not waiting for the paints to dry and properly cure in a coldish workshop and the mess that i alone got myself in to, i have finally sorted it all by gluing a layer of 80 grit wet/dry paper to the overall covering of the deck.

not my greatest achievement in my modelling career, and would give myself only 5/10 marks.........and only then for digging myself out of a hole........if only it has now been sprayed, and i will begin work on it in a couple of days.



if i were writing a school report on one of my CDT kids i would would say................."needs to have patience, has talents but blunders through and lives on his wits"

12/11/2020 21:32:48

another small but important fitting has been almost finished this afternoon, for both mick's and Daves boat...........the strop hook/lever that tightens the retaining strops to the bow from the launch trailer.
made completely from plasticard.




Thread: MV Oldenburg 1/48th scale
11/11/2020 17:33:25

i like that, Ray........a nice subject with plenty of scope for "busy" detailing.

Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
10/11/2020 13:41:40

the aft access hatch has been sanded and sealed with sanding sealer.

masking up done,

spraying with Rustoleum Aged Iron Textured paint applied to the deck.

just wait for an hour or so now for the paint to set and cure into the textured finish it turns into. i normally leave it a couple of hours to set and 24 hours to cure before i start any work on the parts that fit on to the deck to make sure it is hard enough.





09/11/2020 19:55:07

the final obstacle to painting the deck and then fitting all rails and other clutter was the fitting of the rudder links to the servo.

with the help of the open hatch on the stern, this was done and the links all tightened up, set with locktite thread lock, and then a hatch made of 2 layers of 1.5mm ply cur across the grain to bend to the camber of the deck.

this was set in a no nails type glue, and has been left to set overnight.

tomorrow all will be sanded, and then masked up and sprayed with Rustoleum textured paint






Thread: Todays Boating
08/11/2020 14:26:30
Posted by Chris Fellows on 08/11/2020 14:07:54:

I use an old 27 meg Tx with my Club 500 and I'm going to hang a line and hook off the aerial, there are plenty of fish in our club lake! wink


Big Fish

Edited By Chris Fellows on 08/11/2020 14:10:21

a handsom beasty if ever i saw one Chris, lol.

08/11/2020 01:38:11
Posted by Ray Wood 2 on 07/11/2020 13:09:26:

Hi All,

Really rather surprised that during a lock down period you would need so desperately to float model boats ??

Regards Ray (in the workshop)

i felt the same to begin with, RAY, but as time has gone one, and an end to such restrictions becomes even more prohibitive, one's mental health becomes an issue.

my daughter suffers badly from depression after suffering horrendous threats of sexual harassment of the worst kind when on her first trip across the pacific as a cadet deck officer, with nowhere to turn to but her cabin, and i also suffer bouts of depression dating back 25 years when my career as a teacher came to an end after malicious accusations of physical assault against a thug who had stolen tools from my woodwork room, stolen the school car with them, absconded with another boy, in the stolen school car and crashed it on the M6 near Lancaster, killing his passenger, and getting off with an extra 3 months incarceration in the same "school".

when you suffer depression, there is only so much time you can spend in isolation, and in your workshop before something "breaks".

so a release, if you can actually work around the prohibitions, is sometimes welcome.

08/11/2020 01:23:17
Posted by ashley needham on 07/11/2020 09:21:23:

Just looked at the new corona rules and I do not see that boating falls within these rules.

Although it says you can meet one other person not from your household, it should only be for exercise and not socialising. Unfortunately standing at a jetty with several others even at a 2m distance cannot be construed

as exercise, and can only be seen as socialising.

ahh thats where i have been going wrong then..........not had a boat on the water in over 18 months or more now, and have two boats that are virginal......and was worried in the beautifu weather that we had this spring and early summer whether sailing a model could be classed as exercise.........just twiddling the sticks forwards backwards up and down just didn't cut it in my mind

however, when you mentioned your rubber band model and dashing from bank to bank, it set my mind a thinking.

Fleetwood lake is, when walked around the perimeter of the bank, just over 1/2 mile in distance, i have often sailed my boat around the lake, following it at nice walking pace 3 times before the battery starts to fade, and boat starts to run slowly.

when doing that i have walked over 1.5 miles during my nice peaceful sail with no one following or "grouping" around me...............totally on my own.........obviously pre covid.

SO!!!!.........would this constitute exercise, or socialising..............after all, it is not much difference from walking my little dog for 1.5 miles around the estate,...........or would it.

Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
04/11/2020 14:56:14

i am just playing the waiting game now, waiting for my friends cabin and my boat to come back from my other friend Dave, in Wales fully painted......

i received good news today in that the cabins for both boats, that had been given their undercoats and primers in the last few days, have this morning had their top coats of RNLI Orange sprayed on in 2 pac paint...........

they look brilliant, and sorry to say guys, far more exciting than the presidential elections at the moment.




Edited By neil howard-pritchard on 04/11/2020 15:17:56

Edited By neil howard-pritchard on 04/11/2020 15:18:27

31/10/2020 19:57:43


what could you mean, Chris............i have no idea, lol.

31/10/2020 18:07:34

my friend Dave stavros Jones made a comment on another forum today that he hadn't done much to his Mersey today, as he wanted to watch the Wales/Scotland rugby match......i had just started sorting the fittings out for his and my other friend Mick French's Merseys' that i had been making for them since September 10th when i handed over my Tyne for painting.

It took me the length of the match just to sort them, i didn't realise I had made so many.....

I also trimmed the combing for the cabin to sit properly on the deck.


Just glad I only have to paint half of them lol.





as well as making the flying bridge decks on the aft end of the cabins of both boats.

who says i do soddly all. lol.

29/10/2020 11:48:27

IT DOES INDEED, Fred......cant wait to see it all in orange red and blue.....she will look magnificent.

all down to Stavros............i can't paint anywhere near what he can do.

28/10/2020 23:10:06

A guide coat was applied I usually use black as red is what is known as a bleeding colour in other words it can come thru and spoil a top coat but as this is going orange it will not. This will be rubbed down when dry in around 48 hours with 400 grit rubbed dry.





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