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Thread: Challenge
08/05/2021 01:56:56

i rang up on a saturday late afternoon to Steve Tranter for some ruibber special high reving shaft couplings plus an alighment tool............wihy my by the following wednesday..........absolutely no complaints or problems with Steves service at all.

Thread: Liverpool class lifeboat and tractor/carriage build
07/05/2021 23:41:24

time marches on, and so does my efforts to build the carriage for the tractor and Liverpool class lifeboat.

today was in to making the side brackets that hold the roller and keel guids to the outrigger that will eventually be part of the tilt mechanism for launching and hauling the boat via the tractor's stern capstain.

the brackets were all made from 2mm 3 ply, and i used odourless cyano glue.

the inner plates of the brackets were drilled and then cut out and sanded to shape, with a sheathing all round the perimeters of the same 2mm x 8mm wide ply.

they have now been left to set and harden before the joints being sanded smooth.

that will be tomorrow before gluing up with outriggers being attatched to the keel guides.

there are six brackets each side of the keel guids according to plans, although once constructed, there might be a central 7th frame each side which is not shown, but could be there, but take it as an ommission to show the trailer axle detailing.






07/05/2021 23:35:36

cheers Andy..........

had quite a bit of help from Mike Pendlebury, mick french and others with plans, photos sketches and such.......

just a pity in the end that all the nice timbers used will be covered in paimt..........sacriledge really, but hey ho!.

06/05/2021 23:00:46

so, after the help of two knowledgeable guys on here, i picked out a piece of 5mm ply and transferred the main longitudinal support that helps the boat to swing on the framework from the plans to the timber, and cut it on the band saw.

i then, after sanding the two down, held both together, and marked the drill hole possition for the pivot point and drilled through.

with a small amount of trimming of the support beam glued onto the bogeys this afternoon, i got the result i needed......much simpler than i thought it would be, now that i know what i'm doing and how it works.

Sad thing is, after seeing a slip launch and then afloat boat all my life at fleetwood i was again working blind as i have never seen a carriage at all that i can remember, except the new SLARS job.

but below is the progress, slow but steady.







06/05/2021 21:37:54

NOW started to glue the parts together for the U shaped trough to take the rollers for the launch platform which goes to make up the launching and transport carriage...........taking some thought and some help from fellow modellers, but piece by piece it is coming together,






05/05/2021 20:43:49

The foundations of the carriage has been laid.

The centre runner for the keel of the lifeboat have been cut.

Although impossible to get the thickness of the uprights as thin as the steel used on the real carriage, I have cut it as thin as I dare. about 4mm before sanding smooth.

The timber I have used for this is a nice piece of straight grained Ash, that is both strong and yet springy enough to take the riggers of a heavy boat being plonked on it without splitting the grain lengthways.

Tomrrow I'll take it back into the workshop to sand it and then glue the "trough" together using aliphatic resin and pins through pre drilled holes.

It will then be a case of cutting timber for the outriggers, before the cross bearers.






Thread: 1/32 Mountfleet Models Sir Lancelot
05/05/2021 20:38:00

built one some years ago Colin, and if you get it down to the proper "fishing" weight waterline, which is higher than Frank drew on his plans [about 15mm more draught] you have no problems.........she sails beautifully.......and has great rough weather potential with no sense of rolling or listing.

to many are afraid of keeping the freeboard as little as possible...........just lower the hull into the water...........they were made for such sailing conditions, and as such, the top hamper is taken care of.

Edited By neil howard-pritchard on 05/05/2021 20:38:43

Edited By neil howard-pritchard on 05/05/2021 20:39:47

Thread: Liverpool class lifeboat and tractor/carriage build
04/05/2021 21:23:49

i was able to get my plans both copied [

Mike Pendlebury

] sent me one set of good detailed plans at 1;12 for download on to a memory stick,

and the other set were from an A5 plan that i was also sent by friends on here [numerous kind folk]

however the originals were so small that photo enlarging bu nearly 600% made them useful for a cutting list of timber for the carriage to be constructed from.

So, my sorting and cutting will start in the next day or so.

but in the meantime i have mounted them on to my drawing board.





01/05/2021 19:37:00

my front wheels came today, 6 of them, 4 in silver, 2 in gold...........and look more like mags from a BMW poser car........

but i suppose with a little fettling and some painting they will pass muster lol


now! what looks better for an older carriate steering front axle........this


or this!img_1087.jpg

think they look ok with the disk wheels, rather than mag spoked wheels.....


and on looking at photos of the period, i found that going the disc type, that was the correct way to go...............and they look even better when painted the requisite royal blue.



Edited By neil howard-pritchard on 01/05/2021 19:39:40

30/04/2021 16:10:26

isn't it great how, when you make a cock up, making the parts again takes less than half the time to make new ones to the correct measurements.

i made two bogeys yesterday, identical in size and spacing of the guide holes for the track wheels...........

only problem was that i made a slight mistake in the spacing of the outer holes of just 4mm...........

but this was enough to make an enormous amount of "sagging" on the tank tracks.

and so, being only 4mm between the existing outer hole and a new one, i decided there was far too little space between the new and old hole.................

and so i made two new bogeys with new holes correctly spaced giving a taughter running track on the wheels and less likely to come off the wheels.






Thread: Trying to identify my boat?
30/04/2021 16:00:50
Posted by M Harvey on 28/04/2021 18:46:01:

I thought it might be for display too, except on opening her up there was a servo fro the rudder, a torpedo 800 motor for the prop and having connected a new transmitter, it all works... I'm looking to re-paint her and get some decals. Any idea on a good source of decals?


for decals go to BECC them.

30/04/2021 15:59:22

Unless one is trained as a tinsmith, it is very hard to get the acute curves of a ships counter at that size and as such you will always get a "naive" renditioning of the curvature of a plated hull, as "shell plates" are cut to shape to fit the ships frames.

And when laid down on a flat sheet, they will look like the image below.

and this, with a flat piece of tin/metal is very very hard to do in 3d.........thus the bulbous shape of the stern.

However, this is seldom seen when in the water, and who ever made it, made a lovely jb of the superstructure, and should look lovely on the water.

it was probably built from photos rather than plans by a very capable craftsman, but as Colin says, could be made from photos of any number of ships, and so this is an advantage for it after anyone or any thing you want, as then, those dreaded persons i have little time for..........the "rivet counter", will have nothing to gripe about and tell you that you are wrong.

as long as it pleases you, that is all that matters.

good luck sailing it..........and the last thing i might say would look and go lovely with a live steam plant in it.

the shell plate diagramme.


Thread: Liverpool class lifeboat and tractor/carriage build
29/04/2021 22:51:51

and finally for today,

the wheels and tracks were pressed home through the pre-drilled holes and bolted up to the bogey's.




29/04/2021 22:47:07

the shapes were then cut out of the grey painted board and glued on to the other ply board giving an 8 mm thickness to the bogeys.

then the bogeys were drilled for the wheel axles






29/04/2021 22:44:24
Posted by Bob Abell on 29/04/2021 17:55:20:

Not forgetting the tyre tracks in the sand. eh?


sounds a good idea Bob..........once the trailer is done, i might consider that.

29/04/2021 14:56:00
Posted by Richard Simpson on 29/04/2021 08:38:49:

Lovely job Neil, and I can't believe how quickly it has gone together!

There can't be many lifeboat tractors out there with a Tiger heritage!

the "tiger" is in the crew...........they never give up, or are defeated.

28/04/2021 22:59:11
Posted by George Norman on 28/04/2021 21:38:42:

Just been reading this, Epic modelling there Neil. It has come out really well,

thank you for those kind comments George. this is the bit i am going to enjoy most, as most of the trailer [carriage if you like] is going to be made from timber, and as i was a woodwork/tech drawing teacher for 25 years, it will be made in the majoprity of fine hard woods..........

got some nice walnut, ash, sycamore and mahogany lined up, as well as some rosewood...............

so my carriage will be varnished timber rather than little indisgression but also a way of showing off my woodwork skills. lol.

28/04/2021 21:19:15

both sets of wheels have been done, and ready for mounting.


28/04/2021 21:02:19

Tonight, I started on the carriage............omly a tentative start, but a start just the same.

The first job concerning me was that the cogged drive wheels have a space between the exit of the mounting bolt and where it attaches to the "bogey" far greater than the exit distance of the guide wheels.

And so I had to make spacers out of plastic tube to make up that distance so that all the wheels run straight parallel and true.

I then threaded the bolts through the wheel centres, after putting small washers into the enlaged holes [moulded in to the wheels on the outside face] thus giving a free wheeling operation without any ware and tear.

Once all of the bolts were spaced properly and ready to mount on to the "bogeys" which will be free moving to allow the carriage to run over uneven ground freely, I took from the photos and plans that Mike Pendlebury,Martin Kinghoward and Rolf Menno supplied to me, a drawing for the bogeys ready for cutting out of a material I have as yet to decide on, but am looking towards two layers of 3mm birch ply, glued together to stop twisting and warping, and will take the weight, rather than plasticard.

Anyway, here is as far as i have got this evening. tomorrow i'll take the plans down to the printers for printing out to work on.





Thread: scale
26/04/2021 23:20:16

also, you might try MacsMouldings for 1;20 scale windows for your Tyne, i'm not sure but he may do them in that scale...........

just looked and macs doo do a 1;20 scale set of Tyne windows.......his mouldings are excellent as well.

Macs Mouldings - Window Frame Sets

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