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Thread: Model Boats April 2021
19/03/2021 15:19:32
Posted by Colin Bishop on 19/03/2021 10:39:57:

Picking up on Neil’s point. But the old monthly format has a lot of disadvantages:

Unless the model is already complete then the Editor has to take a gamble on whether it will be finished which is not a given these days. Also space has to be reserved in advance which impacts on content flexibility.

THAT is a VERY GOOD point, Colin

we all like to think we are all imortal and will flogg on like the preverbial creaking gate................but lets face it..........we are not.

And thanks for answering my all makes sense now.

19/03/2021 00:38:58

Colin, has model boats steered away from the long monthly builds that once appeared in Model Boats, such as William Mowl's SS Great Britain.

my contributions were always kit reviews for the major kit producers of the day, but as there are basically only two of them these days, not counting Tony Green Steam models, kit revews are simply dying out.

but there are some very good scratch builders who could be coaxed into writing articles........but are people really interested in reading month after month a build, that is usually of a specific model.

it is only a simple step away from writing on a forum to writing in word and sending that way, instead of the old tedious way of writing in long hand, transfering into typed pages and then taking, developing and sending paper gloss photos........

but are people interested in specialist builds, such as i and others build

just interested in what you and others think.

Thread: Bending 5mm brass rods to make driveshaft
19/03/2021 00:15:14

Are you sure that you need them to be of that large diameter..........that is one chunk of brass to bend, whether anealed or not.

because every time you bend the brass one way or another to get conformity, you loose the anealed advantage as the brass reverts back to a semi solid state again and then you have to go through the process of annealing it again to cherry red which eventually weakens it.

if i were you i would try with 3mm brass, as i am sure that would still be strong enough for you.

Edited By neil howard-pritchard on 19/03/2021 00:15:40

Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
18/03/2021 23:49:26

think i over did it with the number of bases that i painted for the fairleads.........but better more than less, lol...........

but i have started putting the bits together to make a whole one or more.

the fairleads have been glued to the bases and are ready for fitting to the deck of the Mersey, and evemtually the Tyne.




18/03/2021 19:37:15

today was paint the parts day.

and so i taped them in to seperate colours on scrap hardboard rectangles.

then just sprayed each section of fittings.........white, black, grey. alluminium/silver and ford gold [nearest to brass/bronze]

And was down to getting the toe boards with fitted stanchions onto the deck thwarts so that there was a slight "toe in" towards the centre of the vessel.

This entailed using my linisher to sand the base of each stanchiom board to an angle to take into account the camber at the thwarts of the boat to allow the head of the stanchion to be leaning in towards the cabin. Each set needed a slightly different amount of sanding to get the same angle of "lean".

even sprayed the two colours for the whip areals, lol.






17/03/2021 20:50:37

Except for a few parts which were painted earlier, all parts for the Mersey, and a few for the Tyne that were handy have all been spray painted with filler primer.

later, perhaps tomorrow I will get up early for a change and give them all a grey undercoat primer, before painting them in batches in their finished colours, black, grey, white alluminium/chrome and "brass/bronze"

Once dry, then it will be just a task od attaching them to the hulland deck, before adjusting to fit, each section of the stanchion sets.........and then these will be fitted. Hopefully by friday evening or Saturday.

img_8186 (copy).jpg

img_8187 (copy).jpg

img_8189 (copy).jpg

img_8190 (copy).jpg






Edited By neil howard-pritchard on 17/03/2021 20:54:35

16/03/2021 22:36:19

you get to a stage in life, never mind model building, when you are not quite in control of your "destiny" and in model building it is exactly the same.and its two steps forward and one back.......................or in todays fiasco it was one forward and TWO back

fitted all of the pulpit rails to the to boards via the toe board brackets. i had made them from cast polyurethane resin some time back, thinking they were strong enough.......could have used some white metal ones but chanced it.........that gamble didn't pay off as one of them broke almost immediately when i accidentally dropped it on the floor and the plastic gave in, where as the brass rails didn't.

the plastic stanchions with molded brackets wont be so tender.

Hoever after a little giggery pokery and some strengthening with brass tubing [although not quite to scale] will be strong enough to stand the rogours of even Mick French's handling.

and so i fitted the rails top the toe boards and then dry fit them all to the deck so that both the pulpit rails and the tops of the stanchions sit level on the deck.

and then.........the other step backward. on looking at the life ring brackets, one U shaped holder on the bottom of the bracket had "pinged" off somewhere, and so i had to make another of those, using plasticard and heating it on the cooker to bend it.............small job, that could have not been neaded had i not been clumsy myself....

the bracket is still loose somewhere.................grrrrrr.

but at least all stanchions and rails can now be painted, ready for fitting.

the bed for the two quick release towing fairleads on the stern, with the small brass roller bollard have been sized up and the base for the roller bollard and fairlead have benn chopped down from that fitting made for the Tyne class stern fairlead and bollard........fits a treat.

theres going to be a lit of painting tomorrow, lol.


15/03/2021 22:14:54

just having a play and having a dry fit of the toe boards for the aft pulpit rails......

took me a few minutes to find one of the short toe boards as it had become estranged from all the others.
its just to see what length i have to trim the stanchions too. which i'll do tomorrow and then glue together readying for spraying.



15/03/2021 21:08:47

as usual, i have made a blunder.when i sent Dave Stavros Jones the fittings for Mick French's Mersey to be painted along with his cabin and my boat, i enclosed into the pack to be painted orange, the two life ring brackets that go on the stern pulpit rails........

they are supposed to be grey, as the rails and some stanchions are.

so in fact it has allowed me to muck up Daves painting and get away with it, for i had to make some brackets this evening from plastic tube which fits around the rails and glues to the plastic of the holder. By using plastic weld glue it has crinkled the paint work around where the brackets glue.

You can see the efect of putting plastiweld on to 2 pack and cellulose/acrylic paint on photos 2 and 5.

But, because of the fact that they should be grey, the crinkled paint will be rubbed smooth and then sprayed my personal grey........Ford Polar Grey.






15/03/2021 18:24:52

very pleased with them chris

they cleaned up well, of all the flashing.


14/03/2021 22:28:39

the final act in this little job of moulding, was actually casting the two part polyurethane none shatter resin parts.

as i said, not wasting rubber on small surface parts, and the windlass motor off/on foot switch was just pressed into plasticine.

have to say, all parts cast well, even those into the plasticine....i am very pleased, and just have to clean up the flash marks and airhole release tracks from the split mould castings.






14/03/2021 17:41:38

i layed up the second halves of the moulds this morning, AFTER i painted on to the existing surface of rubber a very thin layer of petroleum jelly [vaseline] to act as a release agent between the two faces of the mould halves, this allows them to separate very easily.

i opened up the split moulds this afternoon after the rubber had cured in front of a heater, and looked at them........was most satisfied with the outcome.

and so i cut out all of the track lines for both pouring the resin, and the air escape holes .

hopefully tonight i'll open up my new batch of polyurethane resin, and try a test cast........might be able to show the results tonight.

in the mean time here are the split moulds.




Edited By neil howard-pritchard on 14/03/2021 17:50:23

13/03/2021 21:21:46

onwards and upwards....

I have now decided not to waste valuable silicon rubber on making a mold for the small foot switch for the Mersey and Tyne capstains, and so just dtilled the fitting from underside, glued in a piece of 1.2mm brass wire and then impress the master into plasticine , I can then mould 5 at time instead of one with all the waste that goes with it.

Then it was a case for making the mold boxes for the bow and stern towing/mooring bollards, for Mersey and Tyne and the capstain for the Mersey.

As usual i used my box of Lego for the boxes, and put the base of each item hard up to the wall of the box. with the cross bars lying horizontally to the level of plasticine, thus allowing the mould when split to show the bar easily extractable i encased all 3 masters up to half way around the full perimeter of each master.

i made track marks with a pencil lead in the plasticine to make life easy to trace and cut out for any trapped air as the resin is poured in, and undentations in the mould for corresponding locating pegs once the second half is cast.............

and got down to casting them......however not before putting some risers on the underside of the mold base to raise one side.

the mold will be much thicker at the top of the mold because of the base, and so not to waste rubber where it is not needed, i canted the molds raised so that the rubber running paralel to earth will cover both ends with equal amounts.

BROUGHT them in from the garage now to hasten the curing and setting time, and just maybe i'll get the second halves moulded tonight ready for casting some tomorrow............dying to try out my new type of resin tomorrow morning.








Thread: Dave Milbourn Funeral Arrangements
13/03/2021 21:11:56

thank you Colin.

Thread: Dave Milbourn RIP
12/03/2021 01:34:22
Posted by Ian Hull 1 on 10/03/2021 12:08:07:

I first met Dave in the 70s when he moved south to join Model Avionics as a designer, his first project was to produce a 46in Fairey Huntsman 31 followed by a smaller version at 34ins I think that's where his interest in the Fairey Marine range of boats started. I can't remember how long he was with us but I know he returned to Nottingham to join HM Revenue, but in his spare time he still carried on doing design work for President Kits which was a spin off from Model Avionics.

Probably little known to a lot of modeler's Dave worked with John Rudd MD of President to help produce a big range of unique slot together Model Aircraft Kits the most famous of which was the foam winged Hi-Boy Trainer that sold in it's thousand's around the world.

I started a modeling company using the established name of Slec in 2000 and would catch up with Dave occasionally to talk about different projects I was working on, and he in turn told me what I should be doing (he was good like that). After seeing a Model Boat plan editorial written by Dave I asked him to design some kits for me, and over the next few years three different Fairey Marine kits where released.

Having now exhausted the Fairey range I managed to persuaded him to finish a Vosper KD Perkasa that I had started although he wasn't keen he started it but moaned at me every time we spoke how he hated doing it, but he still supplied a great set of CAD drawings with instructions and a beautifully finished model which was Dave's trade mark. I picked the finished Perkasa and paperwork up from Dave & Liz's home last November and that was the last time I saw him.

The modeling world has lost a good friend and great designer. I'm glad I met him all those years ago

Rest in Peace mate.

what a beautiful obituary Ian Hull. sadly i only wish i had known him anywhere near as long as yourself.........still cannot believe he has gone..............but never forgotten. a lovely guy to have known. bless him.

Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
12/03/2021 00:37:58

bit of fiddling with an old radar tonight, forget what it was off..........possibly the old Clyde that I did, many moons ago, but it's the length and size now for the Mersey.

the radar box is ready, and i bought a mini motor for it, and my Tyne..................but at the moment cannot find them.

i shall put the radar onto the boat as a last item, giving me time to find it, once the model has been "finished" and stored indoors, giving me space to look for the motors once all the tyne fittings are laid out.

i am loathed to buy two more, as even though inexpensive i'll probably never need two more mini motors once they are will hang on.

the radar unit and scanner are shown on the Tyne's mast.





11/03/2021 20:01:06

i did some moulding and casting over the last couple of days, a] to try out a new supplyers tyope of RTV rubber and b] to use up at the end of its decent shelf life some resin that i needed to cast.............

and so i made moulds for parts for both the Mersey and tyne lifeboats that i am building and also for the Tyne lifeboats air bags [the larger rectangular castings]

people keep asking me if they can buy them off me, so am preparing some sets for the Tyne whilst doing some for the mersey,








Thread: 2021 Builds during lockdowns
10/03/2021 22:47:31
Posted by Richard Simpson on 10/03/2021 10:20:54:

Sorry to blaspheme on your own thread but orange lifeboats do absolutely nothing for me.

The one with sails however, that is an entirely different story. Beautiful model and so much more character about it.

the Shannon pair i built together, Richard, one for a friend who doesnt build but shows to raise money for the RNLI, and mine was a present from a friend in canada who bought it for me as a way of helping him through depression............the two on the the one astern of the other is a restoration which turned into a rebuild, again for my friend who shows but doesnt buil;d..........and the one in front.....the Tyne is a lifeboat i served on for a very short period of time asa trainee in the mid 1980s before my new wife decided after only 7 months of married "bliss" we were moving out of fleetwood to be neared to her mother but i am enjoying that one where as the orange other boats i found a way of keeping busy...........the rib i enjoyed as i could work on it on a board on a chair whilst watching TV................AND THE BEAUTIFUL motor sailor, is my kind of build........using old techniques and lovely timbers that bring it to life................and my next one is my 1950's CLASSIC Liverpool lifeboat with all wood interiors, before a 61' classic 1924 61' Barnett class thats my building more orange ones, lol.

Edited By neil howard-pritchard on 10/03/2021 22:51:15

Edited By Colin Bishop on 04/04/2021 10:06:40

Thread: Fisher 34 motorsailer
09/03/2021 22:50:01

beautiful model. missed this one.

Thread: 2021 Builds during lockdowns
09/03/2021 20:42:14

during my lockdown since february 2019, as that is when i started staying home, i have finished two Shannon lifeboats, built from scratch one 1928 motor sailor lifeboat, started two "orange" lifeboats, a Tyne and a Mersey class, and restored from a wreck, an atlantic 21 rib inshore lifeboat.





Edited By Colin Bishop on 04/04/2021 10:03:48

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