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Thread: NEW LIFEBOAT KIT from David Metcalf Models
16/12/2020 15:50:03
Posted by Richard Simpson on 16/12/2020 15:20:57:

I've never really found modern lifeboats interesting but when I saw this one at Whitby one day it made me realise that the more traditional designs really are quite a lovely boat. The woodwork in that model really does look beautiful.



the is the Mary Ann Hepworth, Richard, and was the lifeboat i took all the photos of way back in 1994/5 to design and produce the kit of for the Fleetwood boat, Ann Letitia Russell, sister boat to the MAH and the one in Roys photo........a 41' Watson..........beautiful boats.

Edited By neil howard-pritchard on 16/12/2020 15:50:35

16/12/2020 14:43:15
Posted by Ray Wood 2 on 16/12/2020 13:36:18:

Hi Neil,

Is that a 41' Watson ?? If so that hull moulding would help if I wanted to build Dowager the Dunkirk Little Ship which is currently at the bottom of my road in the Medway at Allingtondowager.jpg

Regards Ray

yes Ray,

i am almost sure she is the Rosa Woode and Phyllis Lunn one of the 13 lifeboats that took part in the Dunkirk evacuations in 1940, and yes she is a 41' Watson class lifeboat, and was sister boat in the build workshops to our own Fleetwood 41' Watson the Ann Letitia Russell that Dave Metcalf produces as a kit.

however, a totally different boat to the 35'6" Liverpool class lifeboat.

16/12/2020 14:36:52
Posted by Dave Milbourn on 16/12/2020 14:26:07:

Oops! Legs well and truly smacked....

DM (The Other One)

nah dave.............i'd never smack your legs too good to me...........i think that Dave metcalf just has that email for his business ordering as he still produces the Ann Letitia Russell and the yacht Moonbeam to order. his home/personal email is different.

16/12/2020 12:20:16

the only other way would be to go onto one of the facebook model lifeboat forums and contact Ann through that, but Ann herself published the details on facebook, and from what Dave said to me on the phone in august when he told me he had finished the model and just working on the paperwork, that when he advertises in the press after Christmas he would be putting in that email as line of contact.... so i was only doing as Ann has asked.

16/12/2020 11:33:08

hi, Dave, it was Ann that has published is on facebook and other places, as Dave now trades solely from home. She asked me to pass the word......

you know me Dave...........I do as I'm told these rebellious days smiley

Thread: Spammers December 2020
16/12/2020 00:05:41


Thread: NEW LIFEBOAT KIT from David Metcalf Models
15/12/2020 23:56:16

I would like to announce that

my friends Ann Metcalf and Dave Metcalf have just announced that their new kit which Dave has been working on for some time is now ready for sale.

it is made at 1;12 scale,. and here are 4 pictures of the prototype model Liverpool that Dave completed a couple or so months ago and sent to me.
she is beautiful, and long worth waiting for.

the price is £540.00p plus £10.00 p n p, and contact Dave Metcalf on for more details or to order.

a liverpool.jpg

daves liverpool 1.jpg

daves liverpool 3.jpg

daves liverpool.jpg

Thread: red empress
15/12/2020 18:40:05

"getting of wisdom is never easy and its a long apprenticeship"

i have been building model boats for 61 years of my 69 year life.................and i am still learning from others...........all part of the hobby.

13/12/2020 22:00:37

yes, looking at the top hamper, and especially the brass used for the stanchions, rails mast and other odds n sods.........she was definitely top heavy......

if you are going to keep the top as us, i would suggest an extra inch to 1.5 inches in the depth of the hull, and put heavy ballast in to t.......i mean heavy as in lead shot, or flashing cut into small pieces so that it sits low in the hull, thus lowering the c of g.......if you use "lighter" ballast, such as sand or even resin you need more of it to take down to waterline and because of this it raises the point where batteries and such have to sit higher on it and thus defeating the object by raising the c of g again.

13/12/2020 15:05:07

there is no way it should have done that if it were sailing down to its water line, or you had made the superstructure out of heavy material.

did you have ballast in the boat...........the only model i have ever known to be that tender is the Billing Calypso which did have a habit of turning upside down in a wind.............but your tug has low free board and a reasonably deep draught for good sailing properties...............something must have been inherently wrong for it to pop over.

an old now deceased friend once built a "DOG" class tug similar......................and it sailed in even the roughest of waters.

Thread: Propeller shaft lubrication
12/12/2020 17:23:23
Posted by Malcolm Frary on 12/12/2020 09:59:43:

Ask any group of 10 model boaters what they use for shaft lube and you will get at least 10 different answers. If they have working boats, they will all be correct. Much depends on the nature of the model, and the nature of the water being sailed in.

Edited By Malcolm Frary on 12/12/2020 10:02:22

Well not to disappoint you's the 11th.....

i was given a tin of graphite powder from a printer by a friend some years ago, and he told me to mix it with Vaseline until the Vaseline is black with it, and then pack it into a syringe, and squirt it into the prop tube till full, and them inserting the shaft, twisting it so that the whole tube is full around the shaft, catching all that is pumped back out into the Vaseline tub so as not to waste any........i have used this method for the past 25 years, never had a leak and even being left over winter, never ever had a seized shaft EITHER. ......

Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
11/12/2020 20:03:53

I have to say, that for a "modern" fast afloat lifeboat I am and have really enjoyed building this Tyne, that I bought second hand from ebay.

And although I paid a little over the odds because half of the fittings set didn't pertain to the Tyne, it has given me a great deal of pleasure building the scratch parts for the boat,

's Mersey, as I seem to be building a little of each boat at a time, and progress is slow on both boats.But TBH my workshop is so full of model boat parts and other crap, that I don't know where to turn with the two boats I am now building.......the Tyne andMick French

However adding the rack and air bags tonight has spurred me on!, and even though to is only a small part of the overall makeup of the boat, it has inspired me to make a decision.

However I have sold both of my old classic Watson lifeboats to an elderly gentleman with connections to Cromer in Norfolk where these two boats were based pre and post war and will be taking them to him whilst on business in January.

This will relieve some working space on the breakfast room table, and I am going to bring my Tyne in to place where my Shannon and motor sailor are now, once the Watsons are gone.

Thus giving space for working on the Mersey in my workshop, and getting that finished first, which will then come inside and sit where the Tyne is taking up temporary mooring rights.

I will also after Christmas begin to get rid of a lot of rubbish in the garage that is just hogging space.

Sorted!!! but in the meantime, I might just take all my tools back out in the garage, clean and tidy the house ready for the festive period and prepare for hopefully a new better year to come in 2021.

And so, this might be the last photos of my Tyne [and Mersey] until the new year.

Enjoy it as I do looking at it.

as Arnie said..........I'LL BE BACK!




Thread: Coast Guard Picket Boat
11/12/2020 17:15:50

thanks John.....she is gorgeous.......just hope i can do mine justice.

great photos. thanks.

and all the best to you too.........i know where i would rather be at this time of the year, and its not a cold wet dank north west england. lol. take care and stay safe.

Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
11/12/2020 14:45:44

i ruined two halves of two lifeboat men moulds [seen above] yesterday through lack of concentration and a stupid mistake, so using my original masters i laid the figures into the good side of the moulds that weren't damaged, and using lego to make new casting boxes around them i relayed two new halves this morning. they are now on the radiators to help cure a little faster.


whilst waiting put low tac masking tape on the aft cabin top, marked out the positions og the legs for both the hand safety rail and the airbag cradle.

drilled through and sited the two parts.

once sited, i removed them, trimmed the legs to the same length and replaced.

will paint before fixing permanently.





Thread: Dioramas
10/12/2020 23:44:27

that is stunning work Richard,,,,...............very impressive and amazing imaginational work.

just love this sort of thing. there used to be a man on Ships nostalgia who built dioramas of shipping and docks....whom i admired greatly, and although i like my models to work, i have great fascination and admiration for people people who have such talents.

Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
10/12/2020 13:40:31

very, but being 2 pac, it is as hard as nails, but i am going to put low tac masking tape onto it to mark and then drill with a new bit.....the masking tape, for those that want to know will help stop the drill bit skimming across the paint.

at the moment though i am casting some of my lifeboat figures for a customer.


10/12/2020 12:15:33

detailing on the airbags done.

that can, once the milliput has hardened and cured be painted up and fitted to the cabin top.


09/12/2020 22:47:35

and so...........i thought before i started mixing a couple of lumps of milliput i would attempt to carve a piece of foam.

that turned into a disaster, even with new sharp scalpel blades.....

so i reverted to plan A......use milliput.

took a box and a half to make the two bags but once hard, tomorrow i will carve the creases into the bags, and then sand down.

job done.





09/12/2020 22:43:01

Onwards and upwards...

tonight i made the beds that are going to put my airbags on.

I presume the actual bags were just strapped to the frames, on top of the aft cabin.

however I thought this impractical as i am going to make the airbags out of either milliput or hi density foam as used in insulating and plugs for grp, etc.

I will experiment with the foam first and if unsuccessful, use the milliput

so I made two plates from 1mm plasticard, cut into the edges the holes that would have been on the airbag casings, and then wound thin twine around the frame and the plates.

These will be the base to put the bags on to.






Thread: Coast Guard Picket Boat
08/12/2020 22:40:28

thanks mate..........your boat looks absolutely stunning, and i am looking forward to starting my build next year after my lifeboats are finished.

i built Johns ST200 some time back and it was a real nice change from lifeboats, and when i saw this on the front of the model boats mag a couple of weeks ago, i thought it would be a good addition to my fleet. thanks for posting the it even more.

by the way, your forum name brings back memories of a lovely day i, my mate Sully [Pete sullivan] and two lady friends spent yabbie hunting in a rocky stream that ran through his dads farm in Lismore NSW in summer 1977.

we found a few, and after keeping them in a bucket for a couple of hours, let them all scamper away again under the nearest rocks they could find...........halcyon days and fond memories,

take care, and stay safe.your picture has given me much encouragement. thanks. neil.

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