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Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
02/10/2020 17:25:34

and these are some of the fittings I have made, two at a time, sometimes such as the hatches, six at a time, lol.





02/10/2020 17:22:29

I haven't been idle whilst my Tyne class lifeboat has been in Wales awaiting some coats of paint,....not in the slightest.

I was asked by my friend Stavros if I could look at the fittings he had been given with a model Mersey that he was going to paint for a mutual friend Mick French, and also one that Mick had given him [of the same class of lifeboat, a Mersey] for painting his boat for him, and if any needed replacing could I "do something about them".

well, to be honest, but not too harsh, the white metal fittings for one boat were ok, but the "scratch built" fittings for the other, were on the very edge of being unusual because of lack of detailing on them, and built as stand off scale at the best, at worst, a waste bin calls for them.

and so, I have been left making new sets of fittings, plus all stanchion soldering for both boats...…….plus rebuilding the aft end of both cabins to correct specification.

it is, honestly, as easy to make two sets of fittings and working parts, as it is just to make one set...….

so below are some photos of what I have been doing since I stopped the build on the Tyne...….may as well be doing something, as sat idle doing nothing and getting bored. lol.




Thread: making rudders
02/10/2020 16:47:37

steven, have a look at my build thread here, page 1/2 where I show the building of my purpose shaped rudders for a lifeboat.

I have used this method of fabricating rudders of all shapes and sizes of different types of models, trawlers, tugs lifeboats and warships over the years and they are cheap to make, and never fail can make any rudder to your own needs, and easier than spending time soldering......easy to maintain too.

Thread: 1/32 Mountfleet Models Sir Lancelot
23/09/2020 01:04:42

i think you'll find that your armed trawler is 1;32 scale, not 1;48th.

but they make great sailing models,

I have built the St Nectan, much modified, and she sailed beautifully.

Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
15/09/2020 18:31:01

model boats have been swapped ready for work done on a friends boat in return for mine being sprayed. I shall not get mine back now until November when my friend comes up to Blackpool for a mid week break.

however I will be doing some casting of fittings for them so will pop on from time to time, but will not be putting a progress report on of the model I am working on in reply to mine being painted...……..

see no point as they are different types of lifeboat, and I'll get confused, never mind anyone else. lol.

08/09/2020 16:14:58

That's when i get the painted boat back Bob, then I have to built all the bits on to it get the lights in, inner cabin built and then motors and all electronics inside, lol...….

i just have to be patient lol.

08/09/2020 15:51:25

WELL, the time is finally here,

my baby is ready, arrangements have been made, and I am meeting my mate Dave Stavros Jones on Sunday at New Brighton boating lake,

we will be exchanging a Mersey from Dave, for my Tyne model, so that I can do some work for him, and he is going to lavish my lifeboat with numerous coats of primer, rubbing down and 2 pack top coats of red, blue and orange!

and so the next time I see her will probably be in November.

looking forward to that day as she will look totally different to what she looks like now as I say goodbye.






05/09/2020 20:33:36

as I am building a model of our own lifeboat at Fleetwood I want to try and get the model as close as can be to our old boat.

one of the little quirks is a cut out in the top of the superstructure on the port site...…..

I don't know what purpose it serves, as all I can see is a DF aerial set into it, and yet all other aerials on the boat are just set onto the roof of the cabin.

I have also noticed that this same cut out is on some of the class but not on others as far as I can see.

I cut out the top, filed it to shape including the curved corner on the rear straight, but 90 degree angle on the forward "wall"





05/09/2020 15:55:44

the main mast for the TYNE is now structurally complete with the brackets fitted to support the top ends to the hydraulic rams that raise and lower the mast.

however,. I will NOT be motorising it as a special effect....too much hassle for the small WOW!! effect that it might bring...……….lights will be good enough for my lack of electrical capacity, lol.

the mast can now be separated from the main cabin and painted and eventually wired up for the lighting.

the cabin and hull are ready for going to Dave Stavros Jones when he is available to meet, and I will get on with some casting of fittings for my boat's fittings.





Thread: FREE Bespoke Model of WWII HMS Diamond
05/09/2020 15:50:47

I am amazed that no one as yet has jumped at the chance...……… is a lovely looking model, and well detailed.

Not my kind of model, as unfortunately where I sail on Fleetwood's salt water lake, which is as rough as the proverbial dogs bum it would be sunk in minutes...……….

but c'mon people, a wonderful offer and a chance to own a lovely model whilse making a decent contribution to the RNLI.

Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
04/09/2020 21:09:18

just my computer screen Bob...……..nothing MI6 or anything like that lol.

03/09/2020 22:17:58




03/09/2020 22:15:57

The TYNE folding mast has come on a bit since the last set of photos of the basic radar trap.

I'll just show the progress in photos except to say that the main mast was constructed using brass tod, plastic tubing preformed plaststruct square section moulding, and the pieste' résistance was an inspiration of Neil Huyton which was the cross bar for the DF arial.It was made from Neil's idea of a star servo arm. The holes I will fill with plasticine [ it paints very well and doesn't need sanding flat like filler.And the receiving aerials will be cut to length before gluing in place. The mast will, once I fit the brackets for the hydraulic rams, be completely folding.img_6281.jpg



02/09/2020 14:46:59
Posted by gecon on 02/09/2020 07:15:28:

Beautifull work Niel,

I thought I was 'scratch building' until I started following your thread/s. Soon realised I was only just 'scratching ' at the surface.

I'm a bit like Ashley, after about an hour of 'scratching' I wonder if I should try to find an easier way and scratch my head agian! Usually end up restarting what I first thought of.

Regards, George

thank you for your kind words, I had a good teacher 61 years ago and apart from an interest in classic cars and motorcycles, I have inly ever had this one hobby in all those years......other things just don't interest me,

and TBH in those 61 years I have spent a lifetime honing my skills and developing that level of patience to get it right in the end.

02/09/2020 00:02:46

radar platform, light platform and mast are on their way to being fabricated.....these will be finished tomorrow






01/09/2020 17:20:17

the main mast including the "backbone" for the main mast have all been soldered together now.

on with the radar platform and the main mast light platform tonight.




01/09/2020 12:01:47

ohhh yes, Ashley, I also use golf teas as air/fog horns...…...

problem is i'm not a golfer and so have to go hunting on the golf course after dark with a torch for them when needed, lol.....only way I can avoid getting hit by golf balls lol.

31/08/2020 21:22:36
today, I set too, cutting the tubing and solid pieces for the main mast on the tyne.two and a half hours cutting and filing to length and just 15 minutes to silver solder all parts together.I'll finish it tomorrow by fitting the brackets and lugs to take the rams for folding down, and then on to the radar and light platforms

img_6261.jpgEdited By neil howard-pritchard on 31/08/2020 21:24:54

Edited By neil howard-pritchard on 31/08/2020 21:39:48

30/08/2020 15:07:43

the lengths one goes to for photos to build...…...and all things go tits up.

on Friday, I went to Glasson Dock to see if the Tyne lifeboat had gone in to the water yet...….errr NO!

Last night a picture appeared on Lifeboat Enthusiasts, showing that she had gone back into the basin either Friday afternoon or Saturday [ yesterday].I have asked permission of the poster if I can put it on here, and waiting for a reply.

so this morning to get some deck level and possibly even inside cabin photos of her.

pulled up at the spot where the photo of her was taken yesterday...…….the old girl had done a disappearing act,,,,,,,or were my eyes and brain deceiving me and I hadn't seen the photo last night. got around to the marina, parked up and started walking to the marina office when a guy said to me pointing to the Mersey emblem on my fleece...………"one like that went through the locks and out to sea about 90 minutes ago"...….

jeese….. I couldn't believe it, 18 bloody months i'd wanted to photograph her deck went to the docks marina office to ask where she had gone.

"Lytham" was the answer.."to the museum" they said.

so, I thought...…..trip down to the creek at Lytham...….she might be tied up against one of the berths...….

drove down to Lytham and the "creek" was all locked up behind steel gates.

the RNLI Lifeboat station I thought, there's a small jetty there, she might be berthed up against that!...…..of along a visitor packed prom and parked up close to the station, where [I thought] fortuitously the main doors to the station were open, and I thought I would ask. one guy was busying himself detaching the charging leads to the D TYPE as I started to chat, and he said can't talk now mate...…….as I realised they were on a shout.[hope you guys got there in time and I didn't hinder you too much].

so I went up on the prom and looked out towards the estuary entrance to find the Voluntary Worker being tied up to a river mooring.

thwarted again...….will I ever get photos of her fore cabin aft section and interior!...…..what a waste of motoring time and diesel.

so all I managed to get was her mooring up at the mouth of the Ribble, in a few distant shots.

the quality of photos isn't the best, but she was about half a mile from where I stood, with only a little cannon point and shoot camera



29/08/2020 16:45:48
Posted by Bob Abell on 29/08/2020 11:42:10:

Very nice Neil

I like your attention to detail


thank you bob..….

the plates are now sporting the new brackets. these were made from slices of the plastic oval tube that comes as a weight in the bottom of a roller blind............the exact size to locate the life ring.

like they say on Blue peter...…'s a life ring I made earlier.





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