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Thread: Model No2 for New RC Modeller
06/02/2021 15:17:35
Posted by Tim Rowe on 06/02/2021 09:42:33:

I am curious Neil.

Why can't you mount your receivers above the waterline?

On 2.4ghz I am careful not to sail behind big boats or obstructions but otherwise I have no problems and sail in harbours and open waters.

Tim R

on the old classic lifeboats there is prescious little room because of the configuration of the usual well decks and the detail within the cabin........the only place a receiver can sometines go is in the forward area of the cabin roof, but then again the 2,4 has a tendancy not to penetrate grp cabins, and also depending on the possition of the receiver and where one is standing, transmission signals won't penetrate or even bounce off salt water.

this was the first sail of one of mine fitted with brand new 4 channel 2.4ghz, and you can see the boat intermittantly stop and start on the wasn't me. i brought the boat in and then enquired on mayhem, and someone told me to stick the receiver above waterline.......only place i could was the fore partt of the aft change at i sold all three sets and bought second hand 40mhz.

Mary Stanford, a model lifeboat - YouTube

06/02/2021 00:39:35

Could i just add to my previous message..........determin what sort of water you are sailing on eventually with your lifeboat.

if it is salt water.......forget about 2.4ghz wont work. when i built those 3 classic lifeboats in my picture, i bought 3 brand new sets of high quality 2,4ghz radio sets, each costing close to £100 each, i sail on salt water predominantly at fleetwood and lythan st annes and new brighton..........sadly because both my models and the kits have all their radio gear including receivers below the water lines due to the sunken well decks.........2,4 ghz radio transmissions will not penetrate salt water.......that is why submariners [model sailors] pay premiums for 40 mhz radio sets.

i myself sold my 3 brand new sets and reverted back to 40mhz on my lifeboats...........just an observation and only my opinion.........but if you speak to any model submariner, they will tell you they use 40 meg when sailing salt or clorinated water.

05/02/2021 19:32:52

hi Stephen,

i have just noticed your question about running a Rother class lifeboat and what engines to use.

i have built many lifeboats in my last 25 years of classic lifeboat building.

i have designed 6 different lifeboat kits over that period of time, five of them being smaller classic lifeboats around and a little longer than the Rother.

so i'll list what i run them all on....and being a cheapskate i buy the cheapest i can on ebay.

i also run them on 12v X 3.4 or 7 amp hour Yuasa type batteries,depending on which fit in the boat.

2 x low revving 12v motors such as these motors on ebay....

Dc Motor Johnson 12 V/552 | eBay

2 x shaft couplings to suit the diameter of the motor output shaft and the propellor shaft. plenty on ebay either plastic or metal, similar to these.

model boat universal shaft coupling | eBay

2 x electronic Electronic Speed Controllers, best on the market are ACTION esc's and can be bought from Componant shop. they should have forward'reverse function and MUST be rated at 40 amp. contact iain, the company owner to discuss with him what esc is available.

Action Electronics | Component-Shop

2 x spade fuse holders [same as used in motor vehicles] these go in line on the red/positive lead from the esc's to the positive battery lead to protect the esc from too much power being taken by the motors should the propellor stall for some reason.....string or weed or plastic bags wrapped round the propellor.esc's are expensive, 20 amp fuses are not.


1 x 7ah battery,

NP7-12 12v 7Ah 20HR GENUINE Yuasa Lead Acid Rechargeable Battery NP6-12 | eBay


RMAAOSwLCdgGUXz">Power-Sonic 12V 3.4Ah Rechargeable Battery Caravan Solar Alarm Leisure PS1230 | eBay

my views are my personal choice, and is what i used on my fifferent classic lifeboats.

but this is an idea of what you need to get your model on the lake. 002 (copy).jpg



Edited By neil howard-pritchard on 05/02/2021 19:37:01

Thread: Just for fun
03/02/2021 18:03:34

am i getting old or my youth i could tell jokes without repeating in the college bar for an hour or more.....

now adays i can't remember a single one...........mind you its probably as well with all this PC SWANNING AROUND, LOL.

Thread: Steel hull
25/01/2021 16:43:15

if you are going down the road of making your plating from heavy grade paper or thinner card......this tool is invaluable...i used it on my 1;48 scale trawlers and their plates and ran the tool on the inside of the paper plate which embosses a rivet head equally spaced and equal in size to the outside of the card.

used it many times when building trawlers and tugs.

the easiest way i ever found to put rivets onto card.


2Pcs Sewing Spacer Wheel Tools Tracing Wheel Leather Punching Hole Maker Paper | eBay

Edited By neil howard-pritchard on 25/01/2021 16:44:43

Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
23/01/2021 14:07:43

just weighed them Chris........they weigh in at 400 grams each...quite chunky beasts.

22/01/2021 23:48:56

my motors for my Tyne lifeboat came today from China.......... 8 days from ordering to receiving.........what superb service.

and what great beafy and nice looking motors they are.

they should get the boat on the plane and get me out of trouble on Windermere.

they are Johnson rs775's, brushed 11 pole motors with a maximum rev count of 19,000 rpm.............but don't imagine i will ever use that amount of power.......and a lot less thirsty tham 850simg_7634.jpg

Edited By neil howard-pritchard on 22/01/2021 23:49:48

15/01/2021 17:40:38

you mean the "pillows" on the aft cabin, Bob.

they are the anti capsize air bags lol..

as for all the other junk in the room........what my two daughters cant be bothered taking up to their bedrooms....but at least they make the room easier and quicker to warm up, lol.

and a very happy and brave new year to you and all modelers out there, and especially on here too.

all the best for hopefully a better new year.

14/01/2021 19:05:47

the weather has been too cold in my workshop even with my radiators on full power to keep the place warm, and so for the past couple of weeks converting some old lifeboat figures into 3 new uniformed protective suits.

they are almost finished and when done will make up my full set of 8 lifeboat figures in different poses.....

its kept me busy and happy during lockdown, and tomorrow i pick up a new ceramic heater for the workshop, so outside modelling can resume, especially as from next week, Britain is going to be in the grip of a long spell of minus figures and snow.

The beast from the east is returning apparently.

below, my 3 new figures with one of the originals on the left.




Thread: MV Oldenburg 1/48th scale
07/01/2021 14:32:55

coming on beautifully Ray..........looks superb.

Thread: 2021 Builds during lockdowns
05/01/2021 01:54:54

lovely models Colin and Colin.

its lovely to see unusual and interesting different models being built. i still have my lifeboat to build and my friends lifeboat to finish........but then i am stumped.

i have been given a kit of the new Metcalf Models Liverpool class lifeboat which i designed 16 years ago, and would dearly love to build that.

however a friend has developed lines for a very unusual tug which i want to build and fit a Cheddar Gemini steam plant in to. that another friend gave to me some time ago as long as i put it into a working model and sail it, and as he was staff coxs'n on the lifeboat i did some crew training on years ago with intent of joining before i stupidly married and moved out of town, i think i owe him that one.................and i really am looking forward to building.

so maybe that model first...........something unusual, but can't say what, until my friend has built his model at a larger scale.

but, i think 2021 will keep me busy and out of trouble, lol.

Thread: what are these!?
29/12/2020 18:26:16

thanks for replying Richard.......i have put it away on the window sill at the mo, as i am doing some casting of figures will measure up in the nxt day ot so, depending on how the casting goes, but very comprehensive read, and i am going to have to read each part numerous times to get my head around it all in sequence.......but thank you very much....appreciate it.

Thread: Paul Freshney R.I.P
27/12/2020 17:21:12

sadly, and indeed they are.

my thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends, and especially yourself Colin, who worked with him for many years.

Thread: what are these!?
26/12/2020 23:44:31

thanks the tube with the rubber pipes is the condenser, and the lever on the side is the speed steam controller. got that now..

i'll await your further info........theres no rush though as i have numerous projects to take me through the year but i would like to connect it all and steam it in the garden on its brass bed in the summer just to get used to it and the technique of steaming,,

the engine is so free and turns beautifully by hand, with the reverse link working well to.....easy to turn in my fingers.

i eventually want to put the plant into this lifeboat.........and yes it was a lifeboat, given an ON Number when built and classed as a lifeboat, it was the only tug boat ever to carry the designation as a lifeboat, and was based at Padstow in Cornwall, and from 1907 used to tow the pulling and sailing lifeboat out to casualties.

she was called RNLB Hellen Peele.

201610291939590.helen peele.jpg

Edited By neil howard-pritchard on 26/12/2020 23:47:17

26/12/2020 17:48:39

i was given this extremely lovely [ for a person with no knowledge of such things] steam plant by a dear friend of mine and a retired staff coxs'n of Fleetwoods RNLI Lifeboat, with the condition that i was to put it into a model boat and get it sailing.

Because of covid and other things, the boiler/engine has sat on my window sill as an ornament for the last 18 months, but i have finally worked out that i am going to build a very special lifeboat for it to go into.

However, i have a problem.

1] i haven't a clue as to how it all goes together or what certain parts are.

i know what this bit is, and where it goes,


and i know what these two bits are..



and i know what the tank is as i just opened the valve and got a sniff of some nice butane,


but what is this bit that slots into the burner hole at the end of the boiler



and what is this bit that stands vertical on its own base with the pipes'


2] what is the lever with the servo type holes drilled in to it for on the side of the engine at present in a horizontal position, and at present turns a full 360....what does it do?

3] how does it all go together?

4] is it a Cheddar boiler and engine?

5] and how does which bit go where?

6] and finally, what length of narrow beamed "axe" type bow boat would it be able to push along, if linked to a gear box propelling 2 x 4 blade propellers.


thank you all you steam buffs for any info you can give.








Edited By neil howard-pritchard on 26/12/2020 17:53:13

Thread: NEW LIFEBOAT KIT from David Metcalf Models
23/12/2020 21:53:12

Richard......she was sold earlier this year for a ridiculously low price of about £8000 , and the new owner has taken her down the east coast,,,,,,some say to hull, others say she has gone further down, whilst others say she is heading for ST Katherines dock in London where she is going to be a trip boat yet again. i just hope the new owner doesn't do anything to her beautiful cockpit and forward cuddy..........

23/12/2020 15:28:59

my new kit arrived two days ago from my friend Dave Metcalf, and after my excitement eased at actually receiving one so soon i delved into the box.

just unwrapped my new toy............ and am almost is A B S O L U T E L Y BEAUTIFUL..........fantastic, brilliant.

the box is full of goodies......hull cabin, inner cabin bulkhead and floor,

box of fittings, box with rigging cord and other wooden and brass parts,

a pack of wooden laser cut parts,

a pack of wooden printed parts,

a pack of plastic cnc cut parts,

a pack of I presume, timber and other longish parts in a protective bubble tube, with two propeller shafts and tubes included.

full set of Dave's very full instructions, written by a modeler for modelers,

three sheets of plans,

And a sheet of timber printed dolls house paper, that has been used to great effect when varnished on the cabin for the last 25 years on the Ann Letitia Russell.

but as yet, i haven't found a partidge OR a pear tree........but still looking as every thing else is in there!







Thread: Fittings For 1/12 RNLI Arun
22/12/2020 01:43:31

MARK, i made the actual moulds for the Clyde class lifeboat some years ago and they are accurate for one of the 3 boats only.......70-002 Grace Paterson Ritchie. the other two boats 70-001 Charles H Barrett and 70 - 003 City of Bristol were both slightly different to GPR and to each other...........but the hull cabin, flying bridge, fore companion way were grp mouldings.

However, i gave them to metcalf mouldings, who passed them on to Models by Design, who eventually sold them to Mountfleet Models.

i did make a full set of rubber moulds for moulding resin fittings and for personal reasons sold all of those moulds for fittings to Adrian Gosling at Speedline models for 2 pints of diet coke..

i would suggest you contact Adrian and ask him if he still has those fittings moulds and if so, run a set off for you.

hope this helps you.but beware.they need an incedible amount of ballast, and very large motors to power them,

Thread: MOD police launch
22/12/2020 01:25:21

i do believe that this is the same boat that you have ordered........

a nice little build log from a guy on a model forum. might be worth you looking through and reading it for some information and help.

you will have to join the forum but it would be worth it to see the build progress.

Police/Pilot Boat (

Thread: Sarik Styrene Hulls
21/12/2020 02:08:09

i noticed your comment about the price i paid for it of £221 quid...............

in 1980 [ think it was that year as i bought IT] off the same model shop my first radio set, a futaba 6 channel 27mhz set,

And i paid just £180 quid for the model, [so an increase of 41 quid in 40 years ain't too bad an inflation rate]........ and a £120 for the radio set.........cant remember though how much i paid for the decaperm that i put into the RAU. LOL.

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