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Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
25/02/2021 22:13:11

most builders have found a supply of small resin mock bolts and washers down to a size of 1mm or 1.5 mm across head flats for these boats, as did i....but sadly after I had the boat professionally painted in 2 pac paint., and so didn't want to drill the cabin to take them which in real life hold down the engine access plates on the fore end of the cabin, as I thought that this might chip the paint away.

however I ran it by my friend Mick french tonight that I have a special fabric pen that "spits" out at a controlled size tiny blobs of acrylic waterproof paint, that is meant for fabric painting.

I asked him if I could "rivet" the plates for him after a preview, as the paint cover is a chrome steel cover.

I did it for him and he is highly delighted with the result, and so I have left them to harden and cure.

I have also put a small amount of rivet detailing on the aft end of the flying bridge plates, and also made the securing flanges to the side air intakes.

img_7973 (1).jpg






Edited By neil howard-pritchard on 25/02/2021 22:17:49

25/02/2021 19:54:47

the main mast has been uncloaked and the wind screen "glazed" with 1mm clear plastic sheet, and set in to the frame using 2 sided sticky tape.

then the outside of the "glazing" have been lined with black sticky backed plastic card.looks just right.

and finally i have started to get the fittings ready for detail painting and then sticking to the model. the main w/t door and the fore w/t hatches are ready to take the springs and locking handles ready for sticking to the cabin.





25/02/2021 15:20:00

thanks ray........that was a mates idea, which i used myself.

25/02/2021 11:04:06

thanks bob,

really appreciate your and all those members comments that helps when i suffer depression especially in these times, and it really does boost confidence.

and yes....the major paint work on both the Mersey and the Tyne are stavros's skills and magic..........i cant paint for numbers lol.

as for steamers, i know nothing about that, and tbh have never heard Stav mention the name Phil Button!

24/02/2021 23:21:58

the main mast had already been sprayed white, for the ladder arrangement at the rea

rd, and has been"baking" in a nice hot garage for two days, has now had the white area masked up, so that i can spray the rest, including the wind screen in satin black undercoat.

it has now been left to dry, and the satin top coat will be sprayed on tonorrow morning, once i have got up, lol.......that could be post meridian, as i feel a few beers coming on tonight,






Edited By neil howard-pritchard on 24/02/2021 23:32:15

24/02/2021 22:38:37

a little further on....
i have stuck the air intake grills into their recesses on the cabin port and starboard sides, painted alluminium, which were stuck into the recesses using waterproof double sided tape.this stuff is incredibly strong, micro thin and virtually bomb proof.
fitted the "glass" inserts into the window frames and glued them in from the inside with cyano.....the white one is just to show that the window "glass" was made from 1.5mm plasticard.
and then the inside of the rear watertight door was "glazed" in the same colour black but this time using black sticky backed plastic, in the old Blue Peter method. then i cut a piece of plastic for the centre peign rail, which will be stuck in to the door using waterproof two sided sticky tape tomorrow after being sprayed orange..






23/02/2021 16:38:02

Back to the mersey for a while...........may as well combine the two builds.......two for the price of one, lol.

The commencement of putting together the grown up aitfix model has begun.

I got hold of the window frames for the Mersey, and laid out two strips of masking tape, sticky side up.

I then seperated the "glass" from the frame one at a time, and put the "glass" on the top strip and the frame on the bottom strip, as quite a few of them are different shapes, and I only wanted to paint the "glass" black on the outside face.

I sprayed the. all a coat of filler primer, and then after an hour or so in a nice hot workshop I sprayed the "glass" black satin, and once it had dried after an hour or so [all depends these days how long my coyboy film lasts or has a break in sod all else to do lol] I then covered it up and sprayed the frames alluminium silver!

They will be put together tonight and then hopefully attached to the cabin of the Mersey!




Thread: GRAUPNER RAU IX Whaler
22/02/2021 13:38:22

i bought this untouched kit a few months ago on impulse. Built one in 1982 and it was both a lovely kit to build AND sail. however i gave it away to the son of a work collegue who had just lost his mum to cancer, and my mate and i thought it might take a little away in sailing it from the trauma of the situation

i didn't regret it, but always thought i might buy another, until Graupner discontinued it.

and it became very rare as an untouched model.everything is there, including a tube of very hard out of date glue, lol.

i paid quite a bit for it because of its rareity, and so dont want to sell it, but would if the right model came along swap it. i am limiting my scope at the moment to something allong the lines of a lifeboat or possibly something along the lines of a well built Louie Helloise sailing boat...but i would lke a swap that has no work to be done, but just ready for plonking in the water on a nice sunny day.

i realise that as i get older, i am not the best [ never was] at reading instructions[ even less so if much is in diagramme or German] and so probably will never get built.

as i said its nice and complete and just aching to be built.






Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
21/02/2021 22:56:57

Miracles do happen

As the weather has started to get warmer, and my 2 oil filled rads are keeping pace and in fact getting the workshop nice and warm, i have done some clearing out of some crap, giving me space to have the two lifeboats on one side, and the fittings for the Mersey in front and behind me so that i can work on it.

a little more clearing tomorrow and i could possibly be on the ball to start putting Mick French's Mersey together by the end of the week..a couple of months at most, and that will be ready to bring indoors and hopefully if lockdown is lifted a few days in cornwall for my daughter and i will be on the cards.




Thread: scale 1/12 and 1/16
16/02/2021 15:39:31

SORRY, Herman, but have only just seen this question this afternoon, 16/02/2021,

the length of the two model lifeboats is 44.7 inches . and are built at 1;12 scale.

Thread: Bowman
15/02/2021 14:35:16

mine is in one hell of a state after 61 years, but having been given to me all those years ago, i would like to have it restored by a book binder rather than buy one.........but they are truly a great read...well done Richard..........i'm sure you'll enjoy it.

15/02/2021 13:02:36

I myself would completely strip, clean and repaint the model in as near to original paint colours as possible........and by this take it to B n Q and have their paint department colour match the paint colours in their "yacht paint" paints, and brush paint the boat, as it would have been all those years bring back some authenticity to the model.

if you look on book sales on the internet for; SCALE MODEL SHIPS, THEIR ENGINES AND CONSTRUCTION by BERNARD REEVE and P W THOMAS published 1951, it gives a fantastic insite into how models were built during those pre and post war times.

i was given a 1st edition by my grand dad who taught me the first rudaments and steps into model boat building and painting in 1959 for my birthday, and i still use it now and then for traditional members.

you would find it fascinating reading AND invaluable help in restoring your boat using traditional methods, rather than using rattle cans from Halfords. ..and good luck.

Scale Ship Models their Engines and Construction By Bernard Reeve & P.W.Thomas | Used | 1593503960DPB | Old & Rare at World of Books

Scale Model Ships.Their Engines and Construction.1951.Bernard Reeve.Hardback.1st | eBay

Thread: Jackie White RIP (Model Slipway)
13/02/2021 16:55:02

I send my sincere heartfelt condolences to Lawrie and his family for this tragic and sad loss of his wife, in the most horrible of ways.

I lost my mother in law and sister in law too the same horrible illness some 20 and 30 years ago respectively, and those memories of their suffering still hang heavy upon us as a family.

God bless you and your family Lawrie at this sad time, and my prayers go with you all.

Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
13/02/2021 14:17:00

still absolutely freezing outside today, -5c with wind chill factor so am still doing little bits inside the warmth of my home. this afternoon i have detailed th capstain on /off switch and the foot bracket for the anchor retainer.

then i dug out an old spair chain locker lid and modified that to take the header chain for the fore deck.

once the weather gets warmer i'll be able to paint them ready for when i commence putting the lifeboat together, after i have built Mick French's Mersey for him.




Thread: Amati Grand Banks
13/02/2021 01:56:30
Posted by C V E 73 on 09/02/2021 20:57:13:

This build is well under way I would like to show my work on this site. The build can be seen on other sites comments on how post pictures please.

CVE 73

fellow member.............i am absolutely useless with computers but with Colins guidence post, even i have now managed to post nearly 1000 photos of my build blogs within the last two years!

you will soon get used to it, and i wish you happy posting, and even better, happy building.

Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
13/02/2021 01:07:46

the third piece of fitting........the Delta anchor and holding brackets.

TYNE class lifeboat progress goes awry!

although only a teeny weeny bit of the whole build of the lifeboat, but it has caused me to rethink and evaluate my modelling skills.

have you ever thought you would be saving time and using parts from another kit to substitute just plain common sense building.

its still sub zero outside with a bitter easterly wind straight from the Russian Steppes, and even the salt water model sailing lake at Fleetwood has frozen over, and my shed is as cold as a sharks heart, and so, now that the Atlantic is finished, and all parts for

Mick French's Mersey are all made and just waiting to be painted and fitted, i turned my attention to what more i could make in the warmth of my home.

one part was the structure for locating the Delta anchor on the starboard bow!......

ahhh i thought, [well I didn't really think, just blundered on] and started using a bit of off cut moulding from the Atlantic kit, but one end needed cutting and refitting.

As i blundered on, i came to a stage where i actually began to think.........this is so bloody awful and an absolute mess. And so i thought eventually...........why not just cut and make the item from plasticard,rather than a piece of rejected moulding, and total junk.....

And so i did...........and it took me less than half the time to make it than modify a bit of scrap crap!.sometimes........saving time using something actually costs you much more time, and you get nowhere in the end.







13/02/2021 00:54:11

THEN, after finishing the small rib Atlantic 21, i started to get boared and so went through the plans for my Tyne to see if there was anything that i hadn't made, that i could do indoors.

i came across two small "ish" items, but both equally important parts to make, that could be made indoors.

the first was a single small item, circular in construction, but vital to another item on the fore deck........

the foot start/stop switch for the capstain.

i made this from two "rounds" of circular polyurethane resin scrap pieces and a piece of 0.25mm plasticard glued together to make up the switch,

and then it was on to the 3rd piece.img_7868.jpg


13/02/2021 00:45:06

for the past 3 weeks i have been trying to work inside on a work board on a chair in front of the radiator, as it has been so bitterly cold outside in the easterly winds, that the heaters in my workshop just wouldn't keep pace with the outside minus temps.

and so my first job was the purchase of a model lifeboat that was a real collectors item, was an absolute snip at £30.00p and was a restoration job.

it took me 13 half days to work my magic on it and turn it from a wreck into my little thing of beauty.

this is an old LESRO kit of the Atlantic 21 lifeboat rib, which i named after Blackpool's trial lifeboat of 1975.

and here it is in all its small beauty in front of my 44" long Shannon class lifeboat.

i cannot believe how lucky i was to pick this up from a town in East Sussex, along with a converted model of the 16" long RNLI sold RTR Severn class lifeboat including a set of 2.4ghz radio, all all for £77.20p including next day courier service.......that i call is an absolute bargain.

the Atlantic 21 is just 22" long LOA.


Thread: Model No2 for New RC Modeller
07/02/2021 02:14:41

The boat you have bought, similar to my Liverpool class that i built some years ago, had a 7ah battery, and on conservative sailing, i could get a couple of hours from one.......the 3.4/4 ah battery i could get around 1 hour 30 that time i was exceedingly bored, lol.

Edited By neil howard-pritchard on 07/02/2021 02:15:45

06/02/2021 15:21:50
Posted by Stephen Garrad on 06/02/2021 14:16:44:

Thanks Neil for taking the trouble with your very comprehensive reply about what I need for the lifeboat. As I have very little experience with RC and even less understanding of it, it is good to hear from someone who has so much experience. The narrowboat I did was fairly straightforward, single prop & rudder, the lifeboat more complicated.

From what I read before & what you have told me it sounds as though you use straightforward tank steering as you do not mention mixers or rudder servo on the shopping list. Is that correct? I think I can see that on a very lightweight, fast boat it would be more difficult to control with tank steering but on a slower, bigger, heavier boat it wouldn't be so difficult. Is that right? If so a 2 channel transmitter with one esc on the left stick & the other on the right?.

Fuses, no problem, I've got holders left over from our real narrowboat.

Battery, I can make up a cardboard dummy or two if I can get the sizes to see what will fit in.

We are planning to use the boat as we do the model narrowboat on the canal behind our house & also at Saul Junction on the Gloucester & Sharpness canal, about a mile away. In the summer there's a group of chaps meet on Friday afternoons to run their models. I will go and speak to them when all this covid bother is over. I presume they are a local club. We're not planning to go on salt water so your second post wont be a problem though it seems to have stirred some interest.

Thanks again for your help Neil, I've a way to go before we are afloat but I'm really enjoying it so far.


sorry steven, forgot and, no tank steering for me......all my boats are fitted with a servo to the rudder.

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