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Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
12/08/2020 15:48:52

I don't go to shows to take home dust catchers Ashley...…….

my models catch enough as it is...…….just go to shows for the pure pleasure I get seeing others looking at my boats and vise versa.

11/08/2020 19:14:24

however my old skills of tech drawing came in handy as I drew the drawings in both orthographic and isometric projections for Alistair to work from, so I can say I had at least some input into the model produced.

11/08/2020 19:11:28

i agree totally in most cases Colin...…….

but with my arthritic fingers there isn't a snowballs chance in hell that I would ever have been able to make that...…….maybe 20 years ago, yes...…….

but not now, and as a major part of the boat, I wanted it just right.

11/08/2020 00:25:04

and last night I started adding a few fittings to the cabins that will need to be painted in situ when the cabins are painted.

every little bit helps.




10/08/2020 23:05:26

if I put it to you that the printer used was/is used in making both resin and titanium parts for a certain 90 MILLION EURO jet fighter, then you'll know the quality of the printer...……..

it sort of puts the quality into perspective...……..but keep it quiet, you never know who is reading this.

its not what you know, its who you know.

10/08/2020 18:45:47

I want to thank a good friend of mine and who I know through my contacts with the RNLI.

He spoke to me at last year's RNLI Lifeboat day at Fleetwood and whilst chatting about making a model of our past Tyne lifeboat if there was anything I needed 3D printing he said he could see what he could do....

I asked him a couple of months ago if he could 3D print the grating that appears at the rear of the fore cabin of the Tyne that is the flying bridge.

today I picked the finished item up from him [ two in fact for he printed two, and is sending me the programme for printing more via email], and I was just gobsmacked at the amazing items...….they are superb, and I could never ever have done them sticking bits of plastic together....

what do you guys and gals think...…….I am overawed by them.

thank you so very very very much my friend...…..they are amazing. cheers, Neil.

(post edited at Neil's request following a direct approach to the person he originally named. If you want to follow up a personal contact named by a poster on here it is best to do do via the poster unless it is quite clear that a direct approach would be welcomed - Colin)




Edited By Colin Bishop on 12/08/2020 18:13:58

10/08/2020 16:31:05

on my boat they'll all be out on deck or on the flying bridge control on a SAR one inside this trip lol.

Edited By neil howard-pritchard on 10/08/2020 16:32:15

10/08/2020 00:44:17

img_6014.jpgI rectified the problem, after getting back from Nottingham, and a quest to get a model lifeboat down to an elderly man in Cornwall who agreed to buy it just a week before lockdown in march...……...a mammoth task which had failed 3 times before during lockdown, but she started her journey this morning at 07.30 hours, lol.

anyway, back to the problem of chairs two tall.

i cut off the mid section of the moulded pedestals and got rid of the mid sections between the orange rings, and made some shorter shafts from plastic tubing.....

all is well now and the crew can rest assured that they wont be banging their heads on the head lining and roof space, lol.



09/08/2020 18:15:46

thanks for the votes of confidence guys but I really have cocked up big time on this one , to my annoyance...…..oh well...…..back to the work shop.

08/08/2020 23:00:20

the seats and pedestals have been put together according to the old RNLI plans that I have, measurements scaled up….

but I think either my enlarged measurements or the measurements mentioned on the plans have gone somewhat awry as all six chairs stand far too high in the cabin, so I think a large adjustment will need to be done...

…...but that is for another day,

the old girl would have to have a convertible canvas roof like my old MGB to facilitate the crew inside...……..errr ummmm. back to the drawing board,




07/08/2020 16:31:04

just done some casting of all the little fittings for the Tyne lifeboat...

but in my haste to get them done, as they were flowing well...…..I forgot the put the brass rods for the rudder stocks into the moulds before casting the blades......

and so doing exactly what I said not to do, I am going to drill them and glue the stocks into the blades on the first moulds and use as the masters.....I'll fit my rudders that I made from plasticard on my Tyne.

but nothing really to show other than rubber moulds full of resin for the next hour or so.

the picture of the scales shows that the mix of this resin is absolutely critical weight wise with a totally accurate 50/50 mix............if either weight out by more than 3% and the resin just wont cure and you left with either a sticky mess or a rubbery model that is like playdough.






06/08/2020 21:11:49

the moulds for the remaining parts to make up the bulk of the small fittings will add to those that can be supplied by macs mouldings to the Tyne and possibly some Mersey class lifeboat.

next job is to cast some in resin and see how they go.






Thread: Any lifeboat experts out there?
06/08/2020 01:04:42

when the navigation lights are being used.....all lights in transit would be on in limited vision, including dusk/night/fog and foul weather...…….and if on a "shout" the blue flashing also.

Thread: Clearing out sale
05/08/2020 00:44:37

is white your tipple Dave...….if you can force red down the neck, try mcguiggans black lable black or red lable….made in one of the finest of wine valleys in Australia...….the Barossa valley...….it is very smooth and fruity.....a lovely wine.

Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
04/08/2020 20:30:17

cheers bob...….you are most welcome my friend.

thought it would help with a bigger model to demonstrate.

04/08/2020 19:13:28

and this is the full set of pictures.








and this is a finished item if the model shown in the pics. the arms are moulded exactly the same way as the body and added later in what positions needed on the boat.


04/08/2020 19:08:27

wait for a finished mould matey with the original items in.

however...…...the plasticine holds the models in place so that you can lay the rubber up to, to make the first half of the mould.

then you leave the model half embedded in the rubber half that you have poured into the box, and peel away the plasticine and put it aside to use next time.

you leave the half moulded rubber in the box with the model half embedded in it. rub Vaseline over the exposed rubber around the model embedded in it, and then pour the second half into the moulid box covering the model and the already set and cured 1st half rubber.

have a look at one of the lifeboat men both outside and inside the mould for a visual explanation.

so in the pictures below the man would have been sat in a box originally with plasticine covering half his body from head to toe whilst sat on his back and the plasticine moulded along the body length imagine in this shot, that the rubber is in fact plasticine.




and the view above shows the cut outs to where the resin is poured into.

Thread: warwick model boat show, 2020
04/08/2020 16:57:12

it looks like there might not be a show for modellers this year.

however I would rather not go to a show and live, than possibly go to a show, and not see another birthday with my two beautiful daughters.


Thread: warwick international model boat show.
04/08/2020 16:55:50

it looks like there might not be a show for modellers this year.

however I would rather not go to a show and live, than possibly go to a show, and not see another birthday with my two beautiful daughters.


Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
04/08/2020 16:40:03

c'mon, Bob...….…….a man who can build such a beautiful model as the Great Eastern...…..

you can put simple silicon rubber moulds together...…..if I can do it, anyone can.

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