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Thread: Liverpool class lifeboat and tractor/carriage build
25/09/2021 19:42:46
Posted by Richard Simpson on 25/09/2021 16:35:16:

Absolutely superb, and I know you will do it justice. I'm looking forward to watching you build this one.

i thought you might Richard, and so am i...........plenty of timber to stain and varnish, which i love on a boat.

another few days in the workshop to clear out and then i'll start on her. she's safely stowed away until io have space for her.

25/09/2021 14:45:16

now that i have finished my Tyne Class lifeboat, i have gone back to the previous build of the new Metcalf Models Liverpool lifeboat kit.

i have completed the tractor and trailer to carry the lifeboat once finished, and i have always loved the old classics, especially when they carry a set of Ocre coloured sails.

i knew that the Liverpools carried a set in the early days of their design and i knew that i had some pictures of one tucked away somewhere.

i had already decided to have a good clear out of junk from my work shop before i started my next model, and whilst on the first part of the binge the other day i found the magazine containing photos of the restoration of a mk 1 single engined Liverpool with a full seyt of sails.

the mk one and mk 2 Liverpools wee slightly different in that the mk 2 liverpool was slightly different in beam width in that she has twin engines and twin prop shaft tunnels, and a slightly wider cockpit, but AND a big but, she did carry sails.

And so, as a self confessed NONE RIVET COUNTER builder i have decided to fit the same sail rig as the older mk 1 Liverpool........purely and simply because she will look b****y lovely.

my daughter, who is at UNI in York who got an A in her A level fabrics and design has kindly agreed o make the set for me if i make the paper templates for her on her sowing machine [ i value my fingers too much to do that.......bad enough with a scalpal], and now that i have the preliminaries sorted, and once the workshop is clean and tidy, i can get started.

hopefully, my model will look like a minature of this beautiful old lady.

liverpool sails1.jpg


liverpool sails (2).jpg

liverpool sails (4).jpg



Edited By neil howard-pritchard on 25/09/2021 14:58:46

Thread: How Big is your Club Lake?
21/09/2021 16:28:45

i cannot tell you how awesome that was.........still makes the hairs on my arms lift.

21/09/2021 16:26:10
Posted by ashley needham on 20/09/2021 17:33:45:

Blast! Fancy not even allowing Bluebird to have a run!


its far worse  than that Ashley.


there is a big court case about to go about the Bluebird in fact. after the wreck was raised, there was littereally half a boat including jet engine left, and Gina Campbell bequeathed it to the Ruskin museum.

it was then decided by someone that she should be restored and a chap in the north east of England was chosen. he wasn't paid and funded the resto on his own funding.

the restoration took many years, and i and daughter went up to Loch Fad, on the isle of Bute to watch her do her trials in 2018...........first time Bliebird had run sinse her fatal accident in 1967'

she was then put into storage until a time when she could be placed on water at the RUSKIN Museum at a Coniston water berth.

However the powers that be, even though having a lifesize replica in the museum in Coniston want to place the living breathing original but restored Bluebird inside the museum, and NEVER run her again, although she would be restricted to a maximum of 100 mph on special days on Coniston.

the restorer refuses to allow this as he is owed so much for restoring the boat.

thje Ruskin has said that if this isn't negotiable they plan on having the Bluebird by court order to be CUT IN HALF and retain the original half that was recovered, and the restorer keeping the front half............that being the worst scenario for the beautiful old girl.........

madness is the only word for this empasse!!!

i and my daughter were there to watch this incredible sight, and some idiot wants to chop it in two.


(2) Bluebird K7 completing her First return journey in Loch Fad 08.08.2018 - YouTube

Edited By neil howard-pritchard on 21/09/2021 16:35:10

20/09/2021 16:23:03

sorry Ashley but even Coniston, home of the Bluebird is restricted to 8 miles an hour these days, one of the reasons why the saga of the Bluebird only being able to run in Scotland for its only trials after restoration has scuppered that at present.

in fact ALL the waters in the Lake district have a blanket ban of 4 - 8 mph on them depending on which lake.

and the water police are very strict too.

Thread: Wide-A-Wake
19/09/2021 19:24:51

and would love to hear and see it sail ....a magnificent build!

19/09/2021 19:23:09
Posted by Richard Simpson on 17/09/2021 17:26:45:

Yesterday was a success day with the engine finally running on steam. The control servos worked well and were both set up so that the speed control servo goes from stop to full and the reversing servo was set up so the shuttle valve is in the perfect position ahead and astern.

Today the boiler ABC unit had to be removed as some modifications are going to be made so I thought I would progress other bits and pieces. First up was to lag the steam and exhaust pipes. I used rough string as I don't want it to look too 'pretty' but more well used and it came out looking as I wanted. It will be weathered with a wash when i go over everything. Then I had a play with finishing the control levers into the cockpit. The two levers were bent through 90 deg at the ends and cut to length before finally fixing them in place. Just for now two lengths of brass tube were slipped over the ends to see how they look. Everything seems to work well with the operator working the two levers as the engine is controlled. The rods will be finished off with some decent wooden handles but I must admit I was very pleased with how the figure 'controls' the engine.





Edited By Richard Simpson on 17/09/2021 17:27:00

absolutely superb Richard...........a crew does make a model, i decided a few years ago. yours look the business.

Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
16/09/2021 14:11:24

"The point is you tried and you enhanced everyone's understanding of the RNLI and their activities."


that is what it is all about, Richard.......just raising the profile of the RNLI to fresh water sailers who might never go to sea, but at least they know what the charity is all about.

it still amazes me to this day that not only world wide but in our own country, there are still people that think the institution is run from government with government funded assetts and hand outs.


as for the boats making it.......when i organised it on lock ness in 2011 not one of the boats actually made boat was grosly underpowered and burned its motors out within 3 miles........18 to go............another started sinking and had to be hauled aboard the lifeboat shadowing the boats, and the 3rd boat was so slow going against a head wind that kicked up from dead calm the night before that it would have taken  2 days to do it, lol..........and one crew member didn't make it through family, so a friend jumped in with 2 days to go...........but i was getting hourly reports and the lads had a lot of even in 2011, between our sponsorship, the RNLI stalls on the day, and donations tha came in afterwards after the story was printed in Lancashire life AND  the Scottish Times due to a good friend at the BBC Scotland, the total all together was just short of £4000.00. for all our efforts.

Not bad for 4 hooligans and a great group of helpers......

Edited By neil howard-pritchard on 16/09/2021 14:21:07

15/09/2021 23:25:58

hi, Richard,

the windermere sail.......

it was planned to go in 2020, but because of covid it was cancelled both last year and this year, but was re planned for the same time next year.

it is a sail from the south end of Windermere from South Windermere Sailing Club and caravan park, beginning at 10.00 hours on Saturday 25th June 2022, and we will sail as a convoy of 4 model lifeboats to the mid stop off for lunch at the Windermere Steam Boat museum, where the museum and Windermere model boat club are putting on a bit of a show with possibility of a couple of manufacturers joining.

the museum will also hopefully be putting on a gathering for the evening with possibility weather permitting of a BBQ......BYOG [australian for bring your own grog]

After lunch stop and swapping batteries, we sail on to the northern end and finish our sail at Waterhead Pier, Ambleside.

We will be accomanied by Windermere branch of the RNLI as a safety boat, and we shall be sat in a small cruiser owned by a friend of Steve Benett, the organiser.

Also in attendance will be David Vernon, a keen model lifeboater, who also owns an ex RNLI "D" Class lifeboat which he restored, which will act as a fast rescue boat for any of our models that get into dificulty, and also to keep other boats on the lake from getting too close to our models whilst sailing.

there will hopefully RNLI lifeboat guild ladies selling RNLI artifacts at different points on the lake so led to believe, and Steve has set up a "just giving" page to donate to the RNLI.

AND sadly when i organised a similar sail up Loch Ness 12 years ago i received a letter anonimously saying it was a farce and we would spend more money than we make in sponsorship on travelling, hotels etc thn is donated.

LET ME ASSURE PEOPLE..........ALL sponsorship money will go to the RNLI..........all our out of pocket expenses will be paid from our own pockets!........NO expenses will be taken from RNLI Donations.

More info will be given just after New Year

15/09/2021 22:13:33

Another chapter over! Was worth waiting an extra year for.

Its always nice to see your labours come to fruition and finish a model of an historic lifeboat, and one you have sailed on and steered in both daylight and the dark by lit buoys.

She returned to her ancestral home this morning, Fleetwood RNLI Lifeboat station, where she as the real boat spent all of her working life, the first 8 years of her life at Fleetwood under the "custodianship" of her first coxs'n, my friend Iain Fairclough to have her pictures taken as a finished model.

It's a model I always wanted to build, and am truly glad I have done so!

I just hope she shows her capabilities on Windermere next summer.

I hope you like the photos of her.

My next build will be the Liverpool class lifeboat, a full kit which is sold by Metcalf Models, and one I designed for him 17 years ago.













14/09/2021 20:08:09

so no longer is she a nameless or numberless virgin...........she has a personna


14/09/2021 14:41:12

I received my lettering for my Tyne from Mike Davies this morning so shall put it all on this evening,

and then hopefully if the weather is good tomorrow am going to take it for a photo shoot to a special place in my heart.

Thread: Todays Boating
13/09/2021 21:06:22
Posted by redpmg on 13/09/2021 17:29:55:

Supposedly a Van Der Decken who could not round the Cape - Cape of Storms or Cape Horn - (not sure which one) - presumably the Cape of Storms as the Dutch East Indiamen regularly did so . He was supposed to have cursed The Lord and because of it was then doomed to sail around the Cape forever .

Seem to remember reading somewhere a young English King to be sighted the Dutchman once in a Storm..........

Edited By redpmg on 13/09/2021 17:31:02

thanks for the infi redpmg ..............had always wondered what the story was. very interesting.

13/09/2021 17:01:19

what was/is the story behind the fable of the Flying Dutchmam, apart from what i was told as a young boy that it sailed the ocean as a ghost ship.

Thread: Wide-A-Wake
11/09/2021 19:21:18

ingenious solution and perfection in carrying out the "repair"

done it a few times with BSA cylinder heads, brown paper and hermitite red, but never anything that small. superb resolution Richard.

Thread: 9 11
11/09/2021 19:10:54

i was sat on my mobile library on Caryl Road St Annes listening to Classic FM, wondering why i had had no customers on a busy stop, when a news flash came on the radio, saying what had happenned.

the horror of it and the thoughts that were ging through my mind i left a notice on the lamp post saying due to unfolding circumstances i had closed for the day, rang St Annes library and told them i was going off line, and drove home.

i found it so horrifying i have never watched the news reports since, as the images are vivid enough in my mind to last a lifetime anyway...horrible people.

Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
11/09/2021 12:15:44
Posted by Richard Simpson on 10/09/2021 22:33:15:

Much as I admire the craftsmanship that has gone into this one and the beautiful standard you have achieved with it I am more looking forward to seeing what you do with the Liverpool Class!

To be totally honest Richard, so am I.


I have a vested interest in the LIVERPOOL class boat, as I designed the kit for Dave 17 years ago, and after a few small modifications to it from dave such as lazer cut parts instead of my original wood working joints and such which make it even easier to build, it was/is my favourite of all the models I have ever built, not with standing the first kit I designed which Dave still sells regularly, the lifeboat Ann Letitia Russell.  If I can reach the same standard as my original prototype shown below, I'll be a happy man, as she sails beautifully as a model. And that model was built, starting 18 years ago!





I have a soft spot for the Tyne I have just about finished as in the mid 1980's I was doing some crew training on the boat, but never took it further as my new [now ex] wife at the time decided she wanted to move out of town which stopped me from becoming a crew member due to response time from home to station [5 minutes at the time] but she was a beautiful steady and powerfull boat in her day.


Edited By neil howard-pritchard on 11/09/2021 12:24:07

10/09/2021 20:10:39

Mike Davies has produced and posted all my decals for the model Tyne, and they look superb as usual and should be with me tomorrow or monday.

This is excellent as within the last few minutes I have finished adding all the detailed fittings that were small items that probably wouldn't have been missed by anyone but myself, but I would have known. The Flying Bridge binnoculas, the 4 protective buffers,EPIRBS for the two liferingsand the lifelines from aft cabin to front pulpit stanchions.

The only thing I haven't fitted, which will be if I ever get it in the water are 6 x 12v LED's for the cabin deck lights and the cabin top spot lites.

Not included in the set from Dave are the bow and stern depth markers but this caused no problems as I just dug out my black and white BECC stick on lettering, AND letter by letter and line by line I fabricated these in accordance with photos of 47-038.

I am going to publish a full set of the photos of the boat, once they have been put onto the boat [as I still have to find the RNLI house flags for the hull and cabin, but I'll just put one photo on tonight.

Safe to say every thing has now been fitted,permanently even the rear flying bridge grating to the cabin so it can be lifted off as one piece, and this was attached in different glues [2 part epoxy and superglue in different areas] and I am quite satisfied with the old girl.

Pitty it wasn't finished a year ago is all I can say! BUT hopefully I'll have some fun with it on Windermere, and I can clear my workshop ready for bulding my Liverpool class lifeboat that David Metcalf sent me just before Christmas 2020.

Hopefully I will be able to get on with that beauty uninterupted and have ready as a back up boat for the Tyne next June for the Windermere charity sail.

Roll on 2022!!!

img_0423 (1).jpg

05/09/2021 19:06:10

from the models you build, Colin, you certainly have the patience, far more than i can muster these days for some of the stuff i build.but thanks for the kind words.......much appreciated.

04/09/2021 20:42:07

it is, Richard.........i learned far more respect for the stuff, and the guys who were making the warps from the single steel strands that went into making a warp......forgotten it all now apart from what i use for model making.........but the guys were fascinating to chat to...........if they werem't making warps, they were down in the floor below making bee hive lobster pots. the cain was soaked in a long steel tank for weeks and then they would hand make these pots........which would take a day each to do.

once asked them if they used any tool we have lad is our hands and they would beat the cane down into place with the back hand..........i also asked how long they had been at Cosalt...the older man said since i left school at 13.........he was 72, and he said, and my apprentice left when he was 14 and been here since...........he's 42.......a long bloody apprentice as he had a wry smile on his face.........that was 1971

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