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Thread: Liverpool class Lifeboat, a Metcalf models kit.
06/12/2021 23:16:21

and to finish off this evening i have weighted down 2 stringers for the bulwarks and they will be fitted tomorrow.


06/12/2021 21:51:31

ALL 18 holes have now been gut out of the belting on the Liverpool class boat, and just need cleaning up with files.

now you can see just WHY they could not be moulded in to the hull as a production hull.

whilst the cross bearers and th pins holding the bilge keels have been strengthened and waterproofed






Edited By neil howard-pritchard on 06/12/2021 21:56:04

05/12/2021 22:12:52

now, back to the lifeboat for a day........

was going to do more than i did tonight to my Liverpool, and brought it indoors to fit the cross members for the deck suports whilst i watched the Saudi grand prix......

however it was so exciting that the only times i got to glue them in one at a time were when the race was red flagged twice and 5 safety what would have been a 20 minute job took me 2.5 hours, lol...

then i drilled and then removed the "lump" of grp and filler from the beltong to make just one of the cut outs in the belting that the later Liverpool twin screws had.

that went much easier than i thought, and so will cut out and file smooth the remaining 17 holes tomorrow.





04/12/2021 21:43:12

just have to get my oher daughters jewelry box made now, and then i can get full steam ahead with y lifeboat

04/12/2021 21:41:18

yes indeed Richard.......i didn't know arificial ones existed........but have bought 24 of them for her numerous little houses as well as this one.....we'll all feel safer.

and the little lifeboat house is finished and ready for Christmas day.



04/12/2021 00:48:32

thank you guys,,,,,,,,,,,and thanks for the link Colin............a fantastic idea...........not thought of that. cheers,


just bought a pack of 12 for 8 quid off ebay........that will do al;l of her houses so far lol. 


Edited By neil howard-pritchard on 04/12/2021 00:55:44

03/12/2021 10:23:42
Posted by ashley needham on 03/12/2021 08:17:26:

To err is to be human, Neil.

(not sure if that strictly applies to making model boats, but sounds good..)


calling me human is the nicest thing anyone has called me in ages, Ashley.........thank you, lol.

in the mean time i desided to remove myself from my own problem that i made for myself and make a "folly" for one of my 2 daughters..........the other is gettin a home made jewelry box as a side pressy o the money i give them for Christmas........[how do you buy for 22 and 24 year old daughers.........i havent a clew lol]

so my elder daughter is getting this............she collects he little houses that glow in the dark when you put Tea light candles in them.

so i have made her one......unique in that it is modelled on the old 1900's front facia of Fleetwood lifeboat station, demolished in 1976.



got to have the sloping roof panels on and hen painted........

hope she likes it.

02/12/2021 23:31:28
Posted by Richard Simpson on 02/12/2021 19:03:34:

????? is where the Chief Engineer gets to insert a little good old English colloquial emphasis!

thought as much, laugh

02/12/2021 13:54:18
Posted by Richard Simpson on 30/11/2021 13:09:53:

As we used to say in the Engine Room, when all else fails, RTFM!


that is very good advice Richard, lol.


i can work out what rtm mean.........READ THE ????? MANUAL.................but can't for the life of me think what the F stands for..........laughteeth 2smilesmile dembarrassedblush

Edited By neil howard-pritchard on 02/12/2021 13:55:17

30/11/2021 11:19:15

that was a monumental one Richard, arrogance shone out on that one.......strictly to instructions now.

29/11/2021 20:29:36

NOW!!!................. thats better!




29/11/2021 17:11:42

And my apologies go out to Dave Metcalf and Ann Metcalf for what i have, or in this case, NOT DONE...........and that was the cardinal sinof what most men do.........they DON'T READ THE EFFING INSTRUCTIONS..
ALL that work on making the deck support framing was just stupidity on my part, and all deck supports and lazer cut and marked ARE SUPPLIED in the kit.
Had i read the istructions i would have found them, and this has just shown what a stupid tw*t i am.
so now i will go back to the drawing board, read the instuctions, follow them, and build the boat correctly, and if the parts i have already fitted internally, i will just have to bite the bullit and make adjustments.
Sorry Dave and Ann.......and i wont deviate so much in future...............
what a pillock i am.




Edited By neil howard-pritchard on 29/11/2021 17:15:16

29/11/2021 16:41:28

Todays' job is to drill, pin and fit the bilge keels and grab handles to the bilges should the none self righting boat turn over.

The two keels are 45mm apart at the outer edges, and so rather than bend a steel rule around the curve and hope for any acuracy use a piece of paper as a measuring template and mark two points on it.

As the keels are 45mm distance at the outer edges, I roughly calculated that the edges glued to the hull would be 40mm centre to centre.

As such the two lines made by marking 40mm on paper and transferred to the hull will be the lines the keels are fixed too.




29/11/2021 01:49:17

the deck frame has now been fabricated to sit the deck on to...........just a couple of other little bits to fabricate before i glue it in to place.




img_0868 (1).jpg


28/11/2021 14:59:07

When I designed the original prototype, of Davids' kit 17 years ago, Dave and I chatted about the production, and we decided to make it as simple as possible for the kit to be put together, and that is why the boat has a continuous unmollested belting, which the first two or three twin screw Liverpools had, following on from all of the single screw Liverpools!. i'e. no holes in the aft half of the boat.

However, I have decided to put the cut outs into my model, as the boat I am building it as had those nine cut outs. a run of 8 together and then a single one each side at the stern quarter.

to make sure I had a solid piece of belting to work with, I have back filled the sunken section of the grp moulding with p38 filler.

I am now waiting for the filler to cure and then will begin to drill and ream out the rectangles in the belting, which I have marked out ready.

But before that yesterday I drilled, pinned and glued in the rudder base pintle and that is also ready for fairing in to the grp hull, which I forgot to do whilst back filling the hull.

I have also marked out the deck level and have put two stringers [ supplied ] in hot water in the bath to soak ready for dry fitting into the hull.






28/11/2021 14:52:04
Posted by Chris Fellows on 27/11/2021 21:13:18:

They are small motors Neil! What are they?


i have absolutely no idea Chris othere than when i bought them on ebay some years ago they were described as Swiss and used in some old works computor system that was going for scrap.

i have tried to stall them running on a 12v battery, and just cannot between my quiet as well...............they dont make a sound. think i paid 3 quid for the pair.

27/11/2021 19:18:52

Liverpool class lifeboat.

next job was to fit some sort of housing for the motors.

the shafts and tubes come in at such a low level angle to the bilge line of the hull that very little incline was needed for the motors i had chosen, and as the motors were small but powerful very little lining up of shaft to motor was needed either, but just to be safe i put double HUCO couplings on them to make sure no drag or resistance from motor /battery to propellor was incurred. The motors will be fixed in place using my favourite method for slow moving motors.........copios wodges of Blutac......the walmer the motors get, the better the blutac sticks to them...........and i have never ever had a failure with this method.

I also made a plate to fit over the prop tubes to sit my receiver and receiver batteries on, to keep away from any water ingress during the arduous voyage!






25/11/2021 23:00:09

I have over the past couple of months been developing a small kit that i want to relese sometime in the spring and have neglected the build of other boats, but as the basics of that are now ready to be moulded i have got the lifeboat out.

first job was to fit the propellor tubes, shafts, "P" Supports and barings.

time must be taken on these, with paramount time taken on alighnment and getting the shafts running freely, and this is what i did. The tubes were set initionally with 2 part epoxy resin from the outside and as it was going off, i blended it into the gaps with a fnger dipped in cold water to give a smooth finish, and avoiding a lot of sanding down once set.

the insides was fixed in place using P40 reinforced polyester filler with grp glass strands, making a watertight and permanent fitting.

finally the ends of the tubes inside the hull will be supported from flexing should they need it, by two small wooden supports.

and just in time for me to think about the next stage, my two windscreen washer pumps arived...........i bought 3 metres of silicon tubing for these pumps as and when i am ready to fit them.

these are precautionary measures for when i use the model for the Windermere Challenge next summer in aid of the RNLI.

If the boat does leak from anywhere if the water gets rough, at least i'll be able to pump it out quickly.

and then i dug two very nicely engineered Swis 12 pole 12 - 18 volt motors that have a maximum speed of 3500 rpm at 200mah stall speed. i fitted double [to begin ] couplings ready for seating in the hull.










22/11/2021 13:48:08

thanks guys................but work has stopped for the day.......

went to the hospital today for a diabetic eye check just precautionary because now over 70........and they gave me eye drops so they could take deep photos of the back of my eyes.......stung like hell,

given me a headache and even TV is blurry......

i'd chop my fingers off if i tried, will resume tomorrow, .......hopefully will be able to see straight then. lol.

But as a precaution, as this boat will be used on the windermere charity sail, i have just ordered 2 windscreen washer pumps to go into the hull to expel any water quickly if any should get past my multi-precautionary seels to stop ingress.

21/11/2021 22:34:16

today, after clearing a lot of crap from my workshop ][ still a bit to go, and find places for the usefull bits i openned a big box that i received just under a year ago, and took out a folder.

it was a set of instructions. something i havent read in years, not since building a Mountfleet models St Nectan steam trawler nearly 15 years ago, lol.

They were instructions for the Metcalf Models Liverpool class lifeboat that i am going to build as the Blackpool lifeboat RNLB Edgar George Orlando and Eva Child on station from June 1970 to June 1975.

so, if anyone is thinking of buying and building one theirselves.....just tag along for the ride.





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