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Thread: 1940's Customs Launch
18/01/2008 14:10:00

 Hi Charles,

                  thanks for the photo, yes this is the vessel. after looking at the wheel house front access ladder and skylight.   these are the only parts i remembered building for my model.   it was the aft section that threw me, i could not remember what was placed there.  again thanks for the help. i can now send off for the drawings and start again and hopefully finish this one.


ps added evening time.  just ordered the drawing from the hobbyshop. any hints and tips about your build would be great.  will start my boat sometime in the summer. have to finish the lads boat first.

17/01/2008 21:44:00

 hi dave,

              the only thing i can remember about this vessel was it was approx 12inch long, once built.   also after some time went by, model boats plans advertised the plan again, with the option of purchasing a vac formed hull.   i have looked at the photo of the badger on the hobby  site and would say this is not the one.   i guess one day i will find it, thanks to all for helping me try and find this plan.

   it's times like this i wished we had made a copy and put somewhere safe for a later day.


 ps added 18th ,  just looked at the hobbystore and i think the guardsman is the actual model i have been looking for.  it's the only model that has plans and a vac hull of that era 1930's.   thanks to all for help in this search.          

17/01/2008 16:17:00


  thank's for the photo link,  i have a stong feeling that this might be the boat i was looking for.  i have noticed a description in the plans section of this website. but they don't show a picture of it.  might i ask if you have a link to a larger photo, just to confirm this is the actual vessel.   i do know that there were no commercial kits for this vessel and it was constructed via the bread and butter method. 

    now i have to get back and continue with my lads pusher tug, nice and easy for me to build.


Thread: star system on plans
21/11/2007 17:11:00

 hi robert, just snowed here last night. about 4 inch's and more forcast for later today in to evening. another 4-6inchs of wet snow.  i can cope with the cold over here but not the height of summer when your in to the high 30's with humidex readings of 40+.

  you could trying looking on lens web site and see if there are any river patrol boats there.  i have now decided to go with the springer tug plans. very simple and lots of different versions to build. 

as for hockey i've not realy got in to it.  i've only ever got to see one live game ( 7years ago) yes that was the senators.


21/11/2007 03:10:00

 thanks for the link Len, have downloaded the basic plan. during my trawling of the site. i came upon the forum and links to a lot of real pusher tug photo's and that weird steering mechanism.   three links and three rudders.

  my problem is i've lost where i was looking and tried in vain for over an hour trying to get back to the forum pages. may i ask if you might direct me back there.  this tug is just the ticket for the pond i have in mind.  i could have lots of fun and the young lad with this set up. some butty boats to shove around.


ps found the forum link and spent sometime looking over the many variations of this tug, even the clyde puffer.  i was gob smacked at what there is.  i'am now chomping at the bit and ready to get going. many thanks for this info. 

  reguarding fish tail rudder. i came across pictures of a three rudder configuration another with a square section braized on the tail edge of a standard rudder and finally a kort nozzle.  so which would be the system recommended by yourself. or would you publish exactly what this fish tail rudder is.

20/11/2007 13:57:00

 hi robert, sorry to say i'am from england and married a canuck. then she dragged me back to canada. been here for 7 years now.   living on the outskirts of ottawa. the weather has started to change. snow forcast for tomorrow and the temps begining to go down.   the -40's are comming in january as per norm.

have looked at the kits from modelslipway, yes there are two i would go for but due to cost are out of my reach.  have to look at scratch build from plans.

all the best David

20/11/2007 04:00:00

 whilst looking through the list of available drawings advertised within Myhobbystore, i came across the multi star system for some models. may i ask what are these for. presumably 1star is for a beginner and four advanced.  or is it 1star for average looking and 4 for lots of details.

 as i have had no luck in finding the model that i wanted to build, might i ask if anyone could advise me on a first model to build.   be it tug or fishing boat of the british type. also on the large size as the boat pond here in ottawa is rather open and choppy at the best of times.

many thanks Dave

Thread: 1940's Customs Launch
15/11/2007 20:20:00
 thanks for the link, have looked at this but not the one i'am looking for.  the vessel in question was scottish in origin. just noticed the name cumbrae within the hobbystore plans but no picture shown.
15/11/2007 01:41:00

   can anyone help in my search for a drawing for the above model. in the early 80's my father got hold of a copy of model boat with the free drawing of this vessel.  after purchase of balsa, we set to in making this boat.  the hull was made and the deck planking/ ply deck was fitted.  for some reason or other the boat was never completed and eventually ended up in the scrap pile.

  now that i have my own son and wish to start model boat making, i looked at prices for kits here in canada and found out quickly that they cost far more than i can afford. so i came back to the thought of this 1940's customs launch.  it's within my basic knowlege of boat building.  i have looked in all the plans publications online and also magazines, alas it seems to have gone.

if i remember correctly it was the shape of a clinker fishing vessel, forward mast with access hatch to below deck area .  single basic wheelhouse, similar shape as a clyde puffer.  the name cumbrae comes to mind but i could be wrong on that.

many thanks David Balmer

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