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Thread: Free airbrush
01/12/2007 16:58:00

If your email facility was working perhaps Vinnie or i could send you the phrase.

But i can't ,and i am sorry if i have upset anyone.

I was only calling myself a fool basically.

You ask how offensive it was,then make up your mind and judge me by throwing insults, without even knowing the facts.

01/12/2007 11:26:00

Model Boats should realise the majority of its readers are MEN, who by their nature can't multi-task (just ask any woman!) - fancy asking us to think about two offers !

Nice one Ken.

Just reading the latest threads my missus happened to be looking over my shoulder and reading too.

She of course agrees with you and is still laughing downstairs.

At least the free offer isn't a CD with tracks from a band who you have never heard of.

Badger have always made quality gear,i used their airbrushes years ago when i customised motorcycle petrol tanks and crash helmets.

30/11/2007 23:10:00

Sorry for the language.


30/11/2007 22:49:00

Yes i do know today's date,and no i wasn't trying to make a point.

Hoping the offer had been extended,but there you go.

*Language Moderated.

30/11/2007 22:42:00

Sorry to make a fuss over nothing.

Do you know if any other offers are coming up soon Vinnie?

As I'm definitely going to subscribe to the magazine before Christmas.

30/11/2007 22:27:00
Not that its any of my business,of course.
30/11/2007 22:23:00
So shouldn't the offer be taken off then Vinnie?

30/11/2007 22:14:00

Just wondered if the offer of a free airbrush is still offered with a new subscription?

As on the subscription page it does state ends on the 16Th Nov.

Does anyone know?

deus exsisto vobis

The Reverand

Thread: One Last Look
29/11/2007 19:29:00

Great article,really enjoyed reading it.

Technology has come a long way and its great in some ways,but still nice to see the workmanship in the older r/c gear.

Thread: Boat electrics
29/11/2007 19:00:00

Thanks Paul

I'm glad you put your name in my son,as i thought it a bit rude calling you Mr Fat.



Thread: Servo Travel
29/11/2007 12:04:00

Tony what i didn't mention about this R/C set it also has reversible servo too.


Thread: Boat electrics
28/11/2007 18:54:00
Excellent Mr Fat.
Thread: Servo Travel
28/11/2007 13:49:00

Hi tony

The futaba 4 channel 4ex 40mhz has adjustable servo travel.

Thread: Boat electrics
28/11/2007 13:42:00

Hi David,

First of all you will need the radio control ,most come as a kit with servo's and receiver included.

I would recommend this as its all in the box ready to fit.You have to work out how many functions you want the boat to have,if its simply going to move forward and reverse,and turn then usually a 2 channel system will do.

This is very important decision as even though a 2 channel may be OK for this model you may want to add more functions on the next one,so it pays really to spend a little more and get a 4 or even a 6 channel system.

Also a suitable motor,and battery to suit

You will have to purchase a speed controller(although some modelers make them themselves)this unit plugs directly into your receiver and to the motor,which give you forward and reverse.

Wiring the motor,recever and servo's is very easy as most have corresponding plugs and sockets.

Thread: new england manager
27/11/2007 12:14:00

Pull up a chair... general chat about anything.

no clues needed

Seems pretty clear to me.

why answer the thread then,nobody forced you.


26/11/2007 19:57:00

Sorry but i thought this soapbox section was for other topics away from model boats.

Will i get a strike against me now for thinking of anything else but model boats.

Thread: New member needs help
25/11/2007 21:46:00

I put a photo on.

Your not going to your club tonight then Bob?

Thread: Help with battery pack please
25/11/2007 21:13:00

I have a Futaba 4EX transmitter does anyone know what battery pack i need for it.

using 8 aa's at the moment


Thread: new england manager
25/11/2007 20:59:00

Do you think the new coach/manager should be English?

i mean you can't have foreign players in the team can you?

Martin O'Neil is my guess,and choice.

Although the special one would be ideal if he was English.

Thread: New member needs help
25/11/2007 20:44:00

Im on fire now,just got the bait dumper working.
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