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Thread: help needed
29/03/2009 09:40:07

As the proud owner of P94 number 1, I can tell you it is an amazing piece of kit. Don't hesitate, just buy one........

Thread: Bob's boards?
29/03/2009 09:36:04
This thread brings back memories.....I put a bobs board in my old Talacre, built 23 years ago. After years of neglect and no use, and I do mean years, maybe 15......I got the boat out, brushed the dust, wiped the connections and into life she sparang. The board still works as good as the day it was put in. A great piece of kit....I would love another one..

Thread: Tugboat Craig
25/03/2009 08:37:55
Okay a few early photos. Now don't cringe Yabbie 1...
24/03/2009 08:05:10
Good morning Yabbie 1. Your design and article were excellent and inspired me to have ago at scratch building a hull for an RC model. It is good to know we have "The man" available to answer questions. By the way, I am sorry but I used the medieveil way of marking out the frames, using a compass point, I just found it easier....sorry.


Watch this space ... 
23/03/2009 08:18:31
Hi Chaps,

I have just started building the Craig. I have the frames cut out and the base board marked up ready to take the frames. This is the first fibreglassing I will have ever done. 
I have built several working models, so just ask away.


I am not quite sure, Inuderstand your question. Getting the lines right for a good fit is a matter of trial and error. try using a card template, cutting it down till you are happy with the profile and transfer this to the wood. 
Thread: How many people still scratch build?
23/03/2009 08:03:21
I think Scratch building is something we really have to aspire too and involves a lot of confidence. I am currently building the Craig ffrom a Model Boats plan and in doing so will move into an area I have never done before; fibreglassing a hull.
Thread: Loft Find of Model Boats & Planes - Any Advice?
11/03/2009 15:11:38
Hi Jason.

Where are you based. I could be interested in the Berlin, but I live in Spain, so you would have to be close to one of my relatives if in UK.

Thread: Contemplation
28/11/2007 16:21:00
Just love that figure Bob. A lovely model.
Thread: Blandford Dec 06 022.jpg
26/11/2007 11:22:00
Bob, You have passed the test!!!!Glad to see you are keeping a check on things....Barry
26/11/2007 07:06:00
Thanks Bob. I will do it now.
Thread: Amerigo Vespucci 004 (Small).jpg
25/11/2007 19:54:00
Based on the Panart model but after that....well much of the original went in the dustbin.
Thread: Blandford Dec 06 022.jpg
25/11/2007 19:50:00

Sorry Bob, but that is me being a bit backwards when it comes to resizing and uploading of pictures.


Thread: WC-2.jpg
19/11/2007 21:55:00

Sorry Bob my mistake. Not used to thes Forums.....Ignore my last comment pleasel,


19/11/2007 21:09:00
Sorry Paul, I think you sent this to Barry instead of Bob. If you want to see my Talacre she appears with my other models at the Model Boats website. Barry Foote
19/11/2007 07:43:00


You keep going. I have a smoking stack in my Talacre made with a an old and empty tin of airfix paint with wires passing through it into which is placed a thin oil which smokes when a current passes through it. It doesnt give out much smoke though so am working on a different method on my next one, the Lady T steam tug. Bye for now.

Thread: latest - long way to go!
18/11/2007 13:55:00
A beautifully made model,
Thread: Diving at Wagga Wagga
18/11/2007 13:46:00
Thread: smoke.JPG
18/11/2007 13:43:00
And I thought my Talacre was old at 20 years. Looks good.
Thread: WC-2.jpg
18/11/2007 13:39:00
Now this I like. Looks great on the water
Thread: Ayton Cross
18/11/2007 10:08:00
I have just ordered a hull and plans set from Mobile Marine Models and found Bryan Ward to be so enthusiastic and helpful. For any one out there thinking of starting in model boating, give him a ring. He is a genuine chap who will go out of his way to help you.
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