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Thread: Uploading to albums
02/05/2009 15:55:54
I just tried again with two small pictures and after an age, the screen turns white with this exact message:

  • Sorry - the website has an error and the page you requested cannot be displayed at this time. Please try again later.
           Sorry - the website has an error and the page you requested cannot be displayed at the moment. Please try again later. 

02/05/2009 08:49:00
Having problems uploading to a current album. It kept rejecting the upload after several minutes, so I tried one at a time and got two pictures to upload but it took several minutes each to do. After that I could not upload any more. All my pics. have been resized to less than 100kb. Is this just a temporary glitch? or something more sinister....
Thread: A sad end for a fine old lady.
01/05/2009 08:06:40
Very sad Colin,
I know it is the way of things to end at some stage, but just to be left to rot away does not seem right!!
Thread: life boat covers
01/05/2009 07:50:26
As for the canvass cover, I use single ply toilet paper, painted to the colour you want and left to dry. It can then be folded up and dropped in the bottom of the boat with a coat of matt varnish.....Works for me anyway!!
Sorry about the poor photo. I tried to upload some better ones, but the site said it had a problem.....I do have plenty if you want to see them!!

Edited By Barry Foote on 01/05/2009 08:03:43

Thread: Iron barque EARL GRANVILLE
01/05/2009 07:47:53
Absolutely amazing Bob. I have no idea how you do such amazing work at such a small scale!!!!
Thread: What motor?
01/05/2009 07:44:27
Contact Dave Milbourn at ACTtion Electronics, a nicer, more helful chap does not exist. Oh and he really knows his stuff too.
Thread: Billings Boats
01/05/2009 07:41:18
Writh Leader,

Billings are one of the oldest model boat manufacturers around. They are still going strong because their kits tend to be very good. There has on occasions been issues with the quality of materials, but not for some time. As long as you follow the above advise and  pick a kit that is within your level of experiance you will have no problems. Oh and their after sales service is very good too should you have missing parts or other problems. 

Edited By Barry Foote on 01/05/2009 07:41:55

Thread: Tugboat Craig
27/04/2009 22:11:21
Still sandinga way at this hull. Sore fingers but getting there slowly. Will pop some pictures on when the dust settles down a bit!!
21/04/2009 08:18:03
Yabbie 1,

Thanks for that. I have not tried using stopper for the reason you outline. That said, I think it will be needed in a couple of places a bit further down the line!! I will keep you posted 
20/04/2009 18:51:20
Quiet says the man........Sanding, sandinmg and more sanding.......Not quite a quarter of the way through it. I knew it would be difficult, but did not expect it to be this hard......It will not beat me. I am determined to have a super smooth hull, so back to it tomorrow!!

Thanks for looking in Yabbie 1. Keep watching.. 
11/04/2009 18:29:31
The fully glassed hull
11/04/2009 18:27:41
I have today finished the glassing so the whole thing has been put aside for a few days before I start the sanding into a smooth finish...I hope!!
07/04/2009 21:52:17
Thanks Colin........and you beat the other forum.......Must be getting better...
07/04/2009 16:36:49
I am supposed to give a final coat of resin with microballoons, but have no idea what they are, or why it is necessary to use them. Any ideas please??
07/04/2009 15:58:15
I have now glassed the inside to strengthen the hull. Sanded and filled where needed on the outside of the hull and put the first layer of fibreglass matting and resin on. Must nip out and trim it before it sets too hard. 

The second layer is to be done with a fine cloth, which should make finishing easier, I hope.

Thread: Name that ship
07/04/2009 08:16:44
Agreed Bob...
Thread: Tugboat Craig
06/04/2009 20:45:10
I have finished the internal glassing without problem. It was good to get some practice in before moving onto the outside. The hull is now hard enough to allow fairly easy sanding of the external planks, although I have found I needed some filling and resanding where the planks had not quite laid flat enough. Any way, I hope to get on with glassing the outside in the next day or two so will post some photos when I have done it..

03/04/2009 09:54:38
It is a cracking piece of kit to be sure...I managed to track down the polyester resin and various grades of cloth, all for 11 Euros, which has made me a happy man. I hope to start the fibreglassing this weekend. It is the first time I have done any so will concentrate on the inside first!!
02/04/2009 08:27:57
Thanks for that. It is nervewracking, having the original builder and plan maker watching your work. That said, it is also very rewarding.....Cheers.

Yes I am using balsa planks which are 3mm thick. The planks are cut, in varying widths from 10mm to 15 mm, using my trusty and new Proxxon table saw. Still got the stern to build up and quite a bit of finishing to do before glassing.
01/04/2009 18:28:01
Planking has been done now and the hull removed from its board. I just need to do some finisheing, a little filling, sanding and then onto the glassing!!!!!
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