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Thread: Tugboat Craig
25/05/2009 09:25:41
Thanks fellas..


I am going to use either a 60mm or 63mm brass prop. The moter I am thinking of using is an old 540 electric, as I have one and am trying to keep costs to a minimum. I am told I will need a 2:1 gear reduction on it, but will have to give it some thought.

24/05/2009 18:52:11
Not much work done on the hull, apart from construction of a sub deck, as I have still not decided where to buy my prop and prop shaft from, so I got on with the stand, which has been finished with a little antique finishing oil. I also started a basic frame for the superstructure, but that is about it for now until I get hold of some more 1mm ply, shaft, prop and some figures...

Thread: Website Editorial
23/05/2009 08:14:34
A photo competition I can enter......Very good...(Iv'e organised the last two over on

Edited By Barry Foote on 23/05/2009 08:15:00

Thread: Cheapy ebay boat re-worked
21/05/2009 08:17:04
She looks okay to me! What have you got inside her?
Thread: My paint nightmares during the day
21/05/2009 08:14:41
Paint spots from spray tins are often caused by poor quality paint or nozzle, not shaking the paint for long enogh, or using a tin that has been used before leaving a slightly blocked nozzle where the paint does not flow freely..
Thread: Grand Banks Cruiser build
19/05/2009 06:51:23
Beautiful as usual Peter...
Thread: Modern Model Boat Steam-Engines
18/05/2009 08:09:30
Not really into steam until I read these articles. Beautifully written and photographed by someone who obviously knows what he is talking about. Congratulations Richard..
Thread: Colin Bishop's Models
18/05/2009 08:05:24
Beautiful models Colin.....Thanks for showing us..
Thread: How many people still scratch build?
12/05/2009 16:12:17
Erm...Excuse me but yours are pretty good too Peter...
Thread: Model Boats strikes again
12/05/2009 16:10:25
Good on you Colin......
12/05/2009 11:03:56
Opps Peter,

Time for Colin to step in. Hopefully just a coincidence as regular customers should be more important than new ones... 
Thread: Tugboat Craig
12/05/2009 11:01:35
Blimey I feel like I am galloping along now, having made up the card template for the deck. When I find the right wood, I will cut it out....Next running gear to look for.

Edited By Barry Foote on 12/05/2009 11:02:09

Thread: life boat covers
10/05/2009 18:47:38

If you mean the large hatch, I did it by painting the single ply tissue paper and when dry, positioning it over the hatch, pulling and pushing it to get a tight finish. Once in place this was then matt varnished and then finished with a weathering technique to age it. A final coat of varnish sealed it all in.

Hope this helps..

PS..I don't think dope on the tissue before painting will be of any use. Just paint it. You want a tissue of the thickness of single ply toilet or kitchen tissue to start with. 
Thread: Tugboat Craig
10/05/2009 10:57:48
A day to celebrate.....Applied first coat of primer, simply to highlight areas not quite up to the mark. I am delighted to say that it does not look too bad. There are one or two areas to apply a little more filler, mainly tiny holes in the glass fibre. I can now treat these areas and then prime it properly, before moving on to the next stage..

I knoe the primer ran, but I was more intent on getting the paint on rather than a good surface at this stage.
Thread: JDAW
05/05/2009 11:45:19
Just checked your gallery and it did upload....three times. Mind you nice to see pictures of Bury metro again, not been there for many years!!
Thread: Uploading to albums
05/05/2009 08:43:16
An odd problem this...I just uploaded two pictures with no problem at all.
Thread: How to get more
04/05/2009 08:27:21
Surely he can have lights and a working radar operating on another battery, with a seperate switch, so they are on all the time. No need for them to be radio controlled. As for the I have a headache!!
Thread: Grand Banks Cruiser build
04/05/2009 08:25:00
Beautiful as usual Peter..
Thread: Uploading to albums
03/05/2009 07:45:17
Just tried again Peter and failed.......I checked the image sixe which was just under 100 kbs so resized them to 39 kbs and bingo it worked. 

Colin, hang onto that report. I will try some more evn smaller ones over the next few days..

02/05/2009 17:36:21
...erm well they casn be a bit touchy!!
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