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Thread: Grand Banks Cruiser build
15/06/2009 07:50:52
Great fun Peter. Is that a still lake or moving water you are sailing on?

Thread: weathering
07/06/2009 17:07:22
Welcome Timbo,

I think you will find on here and other specialist Model Boat sites that weathering of models in now done to a very high standard. It is not so easy on period ships, which tend to be static models, as any weathering can just look like a badly finished model. there are exceptions of course..

Thread: The "Real" death of English Cricket
06/06/2009 08:10:27
Now I know that Peter Fitness and others down there in Aus have not stopped laughing yet, but after a day in which the British Governments cabinet became made up of more non elected people than elected, making a mockery of the word, democracy, English Cricket really did die.

Beaten by a team that only has 6 grass pitches in it's country and sports 6000 mainly amateur players, the might of England were humled by the Dutch (or is it Netherlands....I never know the difference!!). The Dutch were magnificent, played like their lives depended on it, a credit to their country and their flag. England on the otherhad were woeful. There should be a shirt burning ceremony this morning at Lords, followed by a Memorial Service for a game that has truely and finally died...............................
Thread: North West Model Shipwrights
06/06/2009 08:03:52

Hope you have agreat day. My father and I were both members, 20 odd years ago and a superb little organisation it is.. 
Thread: Where is George Turner Models
04/06/2009 08:24:59
Got a very quick reply from Adrian and a very nice fellow he seems too. His shop looks superb. Unfortunately the figures he has are too modern for what I need, but at least HE tried....Still no answer from Turner, so I have deleted his site from my favourites..A real Shame..
Thread: Website Editorial
03/06/2009 12:27:46
Have agood holiday Colin.......
Thread: Where is George Turner Models
03/06/2009 09:49:47
Cheers Barry,

Email sent. I still have not heard from George Turner!! 
Thread: Grand Banks Cruiser build
03/06/2009 09:46:16
She just looks so right on the water. Congratulations Peter..
Thread: Tugboat Craig
03/06/2009 09:44:55

Only once did I make a complete model using plastic card and I totally lost interest in it, long before it was finished.......Never again...As for a glowing cooker range.....well now there is a thought!!

01/06/2009 07:49:32
1mm ply, carefully cut out. A coat of sanding sealer and gloss black. This will be followed by matt varnish to dull it down. The rest of the worktop is done with a product I hardly ever use.....plastic card..
31/05/2009 15:14:14
Onto some detail for a change. I have started to build the main superstructure, planked the bulkheads in the galley, made up a workbench and started the stove, which will be finished when I know what type it would be. Also made up a kitchen wall unit, which has to be painted white.




Edited By Barry Foote on 31/05/2009 15:15:18

Thread: Where is George Turner Models
31/05/2009 07:55:13
Well at least we know he is still alive and kicking!! A shame though as his system is costing him customers......I have had no reply to emails to both addresses, which, if I had not used him before, would put me off..
Thread: Weather Photos
30/05/2009 08:15:20
Beautiful Peter....Now what have I got?.    Oh yes two pictures, one of the sunset back in 98 and one of the dawn in Autumn 2004.
Thread: Where is George Turner Models
29/05/2009 07:24:31
Just sent an email to both addresses shown for George Turner, so watch this space.....
Thread: Tugboat Craig
28/05/2009 21:52:51
Oh my......Confusion reigns.........Not having much knowledge of electronics all that means absolutely nothing to me, although I do understand the principle that the prop will slow the motor down so a gearing will increase it's speed...
Thread: Dhow Construction Blog
27/05/2009 08:55:52
Love it. Great start
Thread: Tugboat Craig
27/05/2009 08:54:05
Thanks Peter, sound sa great idea, but I only have asmall lathe attachment for wood, so looks like I will have to get a gearbox. I think I will try ACTion Electronics......Mind you if I do that Dave will persuade me to part with big money....that said, his gear is great..
Thread: Glandular seals
26/05/2009 08:34:59
Would good old PTFE tape, (plumbers tape), not do the job??
Thread: Tugboat Craig
26/05/2009 08:32:52
Yabbie 1,

Great to know you are still checking in. I really am enjoying this build, it rreally tests the brain and skill levels. I will do as you suggest and get a gear reduction for the motor. 

In the mean time, I will try to make some progress on the superstructure..... 
25/05/2009 20:04:35
Thanks sammyk,

Unfortunately as i have limited access to water, my builds tend to sail a couple of times and then end up in a case, so i think I will go with it. If I am fortunate enough to find a good sailing water, I can always change it.. 
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