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Thread: North Wales Model Boat Rally
03/07/2009 07:40:05
So sorry to cause offence. It was not my intention to do so. My comment was actualy aimed at Dave's rather aggresive and unnecessary reply to The Fat Controller.

Once again, apologies for not making myself clear and causing upset..

02/07/2009 21:32:26
Sorry but some people just ask for it!!!
Thread: MARY CELESTE Complete at last (14 days)
28/06/2009 17:50:28
Another beautiful model Bob...
Thread: Model boats
25/06/2009 19:12:17
Great idea........Who do we have as PM........FLJ or Colin Bishop??Election time!!
Thread: Mary Celeste
24/06/2009 22:17:41

Pm sent... 
Thread: Varnishing and Painting
24/06/2009 22:15:52
I read it. and was so impressed, I could not find the words to type!!

Excellent advise i think... 
Thread: My Transition From Large To Miniature Models - 1970
24/06/2009 08:13:44
Brilliant Bob. I really do enjoy your work..
Thread: The "Real" death of English Cricket
24/06/2009 08:01:57
Well Peter, when in Scotland, you should do as they do...........Only 14 days to go now!!!
Thread: HMS Kelly
23/06/2009 08:48:26
That reminds me of the one and only "modern" war ship I ever built....Deans marine H:M: Kelly: I hated the model, but a beautiful ship.
Thread: The "Real" death of English Cricket
23/06/2009 08:46:44
I once went on a cricket tour of Scotland, finishing off at Leith in Edinburgh. The cricket they played was not up to much. We never lost a game (although every player in our team was either a pro or ex pro). That said, the Scots make the very best hosts and they kept drinking us under the table!!!1Happy days!!
Thread: Mary Celeste
23/06/2009 08:42:55
I totally agree with you about giving them room in the case, but that is a lot easier at that mini scale, not so easy when the model is over a yard long!!!

A beautiful job by the way. I would love to learn your skills and have a go at building in that size.

Thread: The "Real" death of English Cricket
22/06/2009 08:29:07
Scotland you say.....Well to avoid a tirade of abuse from our Scottish friends, lets just say, they don't have any grounds up to Test standard!!
As for the ENGLISH FA cup final being played in Wales, there was almost a revolution about it.
21/06/2009 06:27:57
Posted by neil howard-pritchard on 20/06/2009 23:14:12:
It's NOT  a game, barry
it's WAR. LOL.

So sorry, but was trying to avoid firing the first broadside.......

Ah well lets get on with it the....War is least until August..

As for that Swalec Stadium, we have to be politically correct these days and have a test match in Wales. Old Trafford, where I spent many happy days as a youngster, is simply not up to the job at the moment. It has been allowed to deteriorate considerably, but is now having a complete refit.... 
Thread: Tugboat Craig
20/06/2009 12:54:38
A few more pictures to bring us up to date.

I have started attaching the rubbing strakes, very slowly to avoid splitting the wood. Also completed some of the galley detail. As little of this area will be seen on the finished model, there is no need to go over the top on detailing.

Thread: The "Real" death of English Cricket
20/06/2009 08:02:14
What's all this about Pieterson not playing??'That is just a rumour we started down under to lull you chaps into a false sense of security. Can't wait now.....Let the banter and games begin!!
19/06/2009 07:57:17

 Posted by Andy Hustler on 18/06/2009 21:37:21:

Football a pansys game!!!!! they kick a bag of wind around a feild and when they put it in the net they all hug and kiss each other  Now Rugby thats a mans game never mind 80 million for a player let him play a proper game it would scare the life out of him !!!!!
Never forget the Triple Crown and Grand Slam .
One final comment

And I thought Ireland were the Triple Crown and Grand Slam winners!! 

Edited By Barry Foote on 19/06/2009 07:57:46

19/06/2009 07:55:49

Now that I am really looking forward to. Reckon your lot are favourites, but you never can tell. Modelling will have to take a back seat for that. 
Thread: looking for a boat
17/06/2009 14:34:33
Sorry Brian. I know of a very good static one, built by my father over 20 years ago. I think it is possible to convert, but am not too sure. The boat is based in the North Manchester area.
16/06/2009 20:56:31

Where are you based. Do you want a working model or a static built one?

Thread: Sir Lancelot
15/06/2009 07:59:15
She makes up into a great model. Original design was by the late Frank Hinchliffe, who started up Caldercraft Models..
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