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Thread: Subscriber Content
01/08/2009 12:49:02
Personally, I think it is a very bad idea to offer any extras to subscribers only. Many of us cannot afford a subscription to the magazine, particularly those of us living abroad as the postage charges are prohibitive. We would then be penalised in a manor that would be discriminatory.
Thread: The "Real" death of English Cricket
19/07/2009 07:58:23
Peter........Peter.........Where are you?????It's gone very quiet over there!!!!!
Thread: All that wood!!
17/07/2009 21:00:03
That may be true ashley, but the satisfaction you get from building with wood is worth all the effort...
Thread: The "Real" death of English Cricket
17/07/2009 18:38:12
Yet another great day, particularly for the England supporters. The ball doing more than yesterday and 8 Aussie wickets in the day. Can they save the follow on? I reckon not, but with this game anything is possible......Keep your fingers and toes crossed Peter!!
17/07/2009 08:33:01
Now then, after another great days cricket at Lords, with the game swinging both ways, have we finally converted The Fat Controller to the worlds best sport??
Thread: All that wood!!
17/07/2009 08:28:33
Now all that wood is what modelling is about.....Back to the natural products of the world. Beautiful!!
Thread: Soldering suppressors to the motor
17/07/2009 08:20:12
Try roughing up the casing with a file where you want to solder to. This concentrates the heat somewhat and helps the solder stick.
Thread: The "Real" death of English Cricket
14/07/2009 18:48:37
Dr Bob,

Prescribe him some more of those tablets will you?????? 
14/07/2009 16:10:34
Posted by The Fat Controller on 14/07/2009 15:18:11:
Where do they run the sledges? is this some kind of summer bob sleigh sport?
Yes that's right......bob sleighing in the summer.......Now you just take your tablets and go for a nice lie down in a darkened room!!
Thread: Isle Of Man Steamship - 'Manxman'
14/07/2009 08:54:24
I have found this quote from the web site...

"Sadly on the 21st February 2008 the Manxman Steamship Company announced that due to the lack of a suitable berth for the ship in Merseyside due to the Peel redevelopment of the derelict docklands for their Wirral Waters and Liverpool Waters schemes. As a result it is unlikely that funding will be forthcoming for the ship and the project reluctantly has been concluded. As a result the ship will be scrapped and a historic part of Britain's maritime heritage will be lost forever."

A very sad state of affais. it appears that many people wanted to put their names to the campaign, but noone wanted to put their hands in their pockets or get off their backsides and actually do anything..

I made several trips on this old ship as a youngster.... 

Edited By Barry Foote on 14/07/2009 08:55:32

Thread: The "Real" death of English Cricket
14/07/2009 08:48:16
Tsk tsk Mr Milbourn......We have kept this very far!!

Mind you Dave......Love that sence of humour!! 

Soon be Thursday, but it looks like Flintoff is going to cry off again with a minor injury. He really may as well either just play the game working through the pain, as they used to do, or call it a day and retire.......No longer an English hero I am afraid!!!
12/07/2009 18:53:08
Here we go again. 2005 repeated. What a Test match. Austarlia gave us a lesson, but did not manage a win. Who has the advantage now.....England or Australia??

Brilliant....Roll on Lords.. 
11/07/2009 22:00:48
Well played Austalia. They really gave us a lesson today. Should be interesting tomorrow, fighting for a draw!!
Thread: Tugboat Craig
11/07/2009 21:58:22
Not much progress as I am still waiting for the prop shaft and prop to be delivered so thought I would make the Navigation Light.

This took quite a bit of thought and in the end, I made the light tube from paper with a wooden dowel rear end. The light holder was made from brass shim and brass rod. The positive wire was cut off the LED and I soldered a lenght of very thin coated wire, which allowed me to pass both positive and negative connections through the short piece of brass tubing, used for the stand. 

Once put together the light worked beautifully. I just have to put the front lens on and it is finished..
Thread: The "Real" death of English Cricket
10/07/2009 19:00:13
Advantage Aus.......A great days batting........Tomorrow will be the deciding day I think..
10/07/2009 10:03:57
A great start to the series. Superb batting from Ponting and Katich, but rather poor English bowling......Nicely poised so far and I hate to say it but the Welsh really have done a marvellous job of hosting their first Ashes Test..
Thread: Component Shop
09/07/2009 08:30:21

I have had a similar experience with SHG, but to their credit they tell me they have posted most of my order out, whilst waiting for the prop. They will not charge me extra postage and will not debit payment until I have the whole order........We will see!! 
Thread: The "Real" death of English Cricket
09/07/2009 08:26:53
Harmison, is great on home soil, but a big girls blouse away from home. He does not like being away from his family and it shows. On that basis he is no longer picked for away tours and so it would not be right just to pick him when it suits him.

Right, getting ready for the second day.... 
08/07/2009 19:40:14
Okay Peter,

 Well the end of the first day and a great day's cricket it was too. Plenty of runs, 7 wickets......Errors by both sides......Just about even I think given the wicket. If it keeps this up it could be asuperb series.....
Thread: large cooling coil.
03/07/2009 18:30:41
Come on amigo, let it drop.....We should all be friends........Friendly PM sent.

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