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Thread: The "Real" death of English Cricket
24/08/2009 08:34:25
.....Any one seen Peter lately??????
23/08/2009 18:58:09
Quite right Neil...........An amazing feeling, particularly after a 5-0 drubbing last time. All that said, well done to Ricky Ponting and his team. he really is one of the games great playrers and captain. He should retain his position and keep his head held high......
Well done England   
22/08/2009 15:50:35
Well Peter, I feel this thread should be renamed........the Real death of Australian Cricket.....
About to lose a series to a rather poor England team. Australia have 4 of the top 5 batsmen. 4 of the top 5 bowlers and still lose.........I think heads will roll.. 
Thread: Serious dilemma!
10/08/2009 08:48:11
If the Powers that be want to carry out this development then they will do so. An objection from a model boating club, simply will not "hold water", if you will excuse the pun!!!
Thread: The "Real" death of English Cricket
10/08/2009 08:45:40
I am still in shock at the site of English batsmen simply giving their wickets away, against what is at best a reasonably good attack.
I know the Australians are now bowling better, but when you look at some of the great attacks they have had, this one should not scare a decent team....
well done to Ricky Ponting and his team though.....Roll on The Oval........I think!! 
Thread: windermere model boat club
08/08/2009 18:44:01
Money talk and if I was able to say....."Mine for X millions", they would jump at it. If only I could.......I really would.. 
08/08/2009 08:05:17
Very sad and a disgrace. Those beautiful boats should be maintained. If I win the loot I am going to buy the museum and get it running as it should be....
Thread: Accidental damage
07/08/2009 12:42:40
Glad that common sense prevailed...
06/08/2009 09:16:39
If reason fails, the victim can report the matter tp the police,as a case of criminal damage. If as seems likely the perpetrator was reckless and as a result the damage occured then he is guilty of criminal damage. It does not have to be deliberate. The criminal courts can then deal with it. 
Drastic, maybe, but this idiot needs to know just how serious his actions are and a little word in his ear explaining the consequences of a criminal conviction should do the job nicely..
Thread: Summer 2009 Photographic Competition
04/08/2009 15:14:30
Having judged photo competitions before, I agree that the decision was difficult due to a very high standard. Well done to the deserved winners and to Colin and Paul for taking the time to run the competition.
Thread: Sir Lancelot
04/08/2009 07:34:37
Dave must be supplying MMB's motors....Not surprising really. As for the rest of dave's gear, it really is excellent and you couldn't meet a friendlier and more helpful chap. Mind you watch out for his sense of humour!!!!! 
03/08/2009 08:33:09
Ashley that motor is one of MMB's model 900
 High torque, low RPM 12 pole motor 
12 volt supply 
Approx. 3200 RPM on 12 volts 
Approx. 0.7 amps no load current. 
Approx. 1 to 2 amps under load (depending on prop size) 
03/08/2009 08:21:31
Superb as usual Bob...
Thread: Virus threat
02/08/2009 07:52:25
....and I got it last night but AVG got rid of it....
Thread: The "Real" death of English Cricket
02/08/2009 07:50:33
The thing with Johnson is unusual, but with his low action, it does not take much for the ball to come out wrong. Mind you it does not take much for it to start coming out right either and then we will be in trouble.........I just hope he does not get over the "yips" till the end of this tour!!
Thread: Subscriber Content
01/08/2009 20:05:58
Posted by Barry Foote on 01/08/2009 18:13:23:
As usual you put my mind at rest.......I feel better now!!! 

 ....either that or cold wine........

01/08/2009 18:13:23
As usual you put my mind at rest.......I feel better now!!! 
01/08/2009 16:41:00
I do fully understand what you say and indeed accept it without question. It is still sad that it has to come to this and I for one will leave the forum to the subscribers........Progress I assume.. 
Thread: Swine Flu
01/08/2009 12:55:17
I as a layman have no idea how dangerous this thing can be, but my father has just cancelled a trip out here to Spain, rather than run the risk of catching it in a crowded airport. He did seek advise before doing so.....and is in the high risk category due to his age...
Thread: The "Real" death of English Cricket
01/08/2009 12:51:35
With some luck the rain may save Australia this time!!!I have to say that neither side is as good as it was in 2005, but Australia have been woeful.....and very disappointing..
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