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Thread: Etherow Model Boat Club
08/04/2020 19:05:35

Can't believe how far you've got with your build with only the Odds & Bob's ( excuse the pun) you have found round the house!.

Don't forget the club had a challenge one year to build boats out of cardboard and there are a couple of them still sailing made of cornflake boxes and they even matched up the writing on the boxes!.

Well done my Mate.

Edited By Ducky on 08/04/2020 19:06:28

Thread: Vic Smeed's Silver Mist
18/04/2017 19:42:35

Edited By Ducky on 18/04/2017 19:46:08

Thread: Vintage Gentleman's Cruiser
25/05/2015 17:10:10

Hi Bob

Liferaft looking good, was nice to see you and the Lady Joyce at the lake today!.


Thread: Disaster waiting to happen!
27/04/2015 18:39:04

Bob, this situation has been going on for weeks now, the fact that there have been signs put up in the past couple of days seems to me to say that the authorities are on the job and if you are still concerned why not ring the emergency number provided and have a word with them for your piece of mind.I won't be getting involved in this again and will let the authorities and nature take it's course.


27/04/2015 17:25:28

I didn't say you were being a busy body Bob, I said the warden knew about the situation and let him get on with his job and not try to tell him is job which he has been doing for the last 20 odd years.


Thread: Vintage Gentleman's Cruiser
15/03/2015 08:06:50

The planking is looking really nice, Bob,.

Now it does look like a gentleman's cruiser.


25/02/2015 18:42:52

Hi Bob,

Looking good, when you say you'r going to tidy the boat up, are you going to paint the hull, just to let you know I've got plenty of Frog tape for the line between the white and red, good stuff and no bleeding through the colours, let me know if you want some?.


22/02/2015 21:39:58

Looking great Bob, like those rear doors, in fact like it all!.


17/01/2015 15:24:31

Hi Bob

Like the Lino motor bases, the bilges would look nice with a coat of varnish to bring the colour out there?

The rudder set up looks good as well, no Becker rudders though?.


01/01/2015 20:24:21

That was quick Bob, when I left at 3-30 today there was no sign of any wheels at the front, do you actually stop for food and drink?.

Are the wheels at the front going to be remove-Abell as per the GE keel fixing?.


30/12/2014 20:33:49


Perhaps a word with your brother Geoff about the quick release axle system on his bike would give you some ideas for your wheel system, on for transport and off for sailing, thus no drag?.

I'm sure you could work your magic on your lathe for this!.


24/12/2014 19:16:16

That's got to be Bob with Dave, I know because I took the picture at Etherow, and it broke my camera, (only kidding)



Edited By Ducky on 24/12/2014 19:17:21

24/12/2014 19:09:21

Merry Christmas to you Geoff!.


24/12/2014 18:19:07

Looking good, nice and smooth, Bob

Amazing what a coat of primer will do!.


20/12/2014 18:31:34

I think the committee have it all under control Paul, that's why my first efforts were thrown out, someone had offered one out of their garage that set it all off in the first place. that's why it's now got to be a " proper job" as they say in Cornwall.


20/12/2014 18:02:30

The Commodore knew about it Bob, but then the insurance stated it had to be a proper commercial model or wouldn't be legal, so the proper job is in the pipe line and should be avail-abell by the time you need it Bob.

Have I lost my position as first mate now, there again Mr Jarvis is a lot younger than I!.


15/12/2014 18:14:19


Your build is coming along very well, and I can assure everyone that it looks better in the flesh so to speak after seeing it this afternoon, and had a nice chat with Bob on his next stage of the build.

Nice Job my mate, though I don't comment much here, like most people follow your build with interest.


Thread: New project
18/07/2013 20:59:59

Bob, I was under the impression that the weights were to be bolted either side of the keel, there again I only got a brief glimpse of the plans. Just a thought after Paul mentioned bolting the two halves together?.


09/07/2013 14:48:26

What will wifey say when she discovers the newel post missing off the stairs, or did you get the wood from somewhere else?.


08/07/2013 10:11:13

Got some for you Bob, not enough but got my ears on for some more!.


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