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Thread: Making Simple Model Steam Engines
01/10/2008 10:09:00


Yes it is a bit 'iffy'. I built the Mirander steam launch and the author suggested that this form of speed control could be used, but I didn't find it very controllable. I think you would need a motor controlled taper shut-off valve


30/09/2008 14:39:00

Hi Trevor

Like you I have a small lathe, a 7x10,  and a small  mill, both of Far Eastern origin.

I am still working on a burner for the boiler. My first attempt just did not produce enough heat. I eventually used the blow lamp that I normally use for plumbing jobs! That really got things going, so I am now trying to design a blow lamp type burner.

I am currently building a water feed pump because my boiler is quite small and would quickly run out of water. There is an electrode set into the boiler to detect the water level and I have built an electronic circuit based on Brian Greeves' article in MB August 2007 "Automatic Boiler Pump Control Unit" but with some modifications to allow the motor to run for a pre-set time after it is switched ON. I will add the circuit too my gallery some time.

Steam engines make interesting projects, but sometime I want to make a slide-valve engine. They are more elegant than the simple oscillator.

This forum is a usefull way of keeping in touch and passing on ideas.

Best regards


Thread: Warship
18/08/2008 19:23:00
Thanks Kevin, I will have a look.
Thread: Gas jets
12/08/2008 19:22:00

I have just seen the latest issue of Model Boats - September - and note that Peter Arnot has an article on his vapourising burners. It is presented as an update on his earlier article.

Eddie Price 

Thread: Model yacht masts
12/08/2008 19:17:00

Thanks for the tip Eric. Perhaps next time. For my racing sparrow I ended up melting lead in a tin can over my camping gaz stove. I must say pouring lead shot into a fibre glass mould sounds much less hazardous.

Eddie Price 

Thread: Making Simple Model Steam Engines
11/08/2008 09:00:00


No, I haven't tried a throtle control. I don't know if it is really necessary since steam engines are fairly slow anyway, a few hundred revs per min. That just reminds me, there are details of an engine and launch in Model Boats, some years back, (I have just checked and it was published in 1983 - The Mirander, the plans for which are available from The plan identification is MM1348 and the matching engine is MM1349. I tried to build the engine but was not successful - it was my first attempt, and I could not get the parts to align. There is what looks to be a better design of engine on the same site - MM1371)  But the point was that there was no throttle control, and the author simply suggested that this could be achieved with careful movement of the stop/forward/reverse lever from the stop position to fully open.


10/08/2008 10:02:00

Hi Carl. This is the twin oscillator that I have built for my Clyde Puffer:


It is my own design based on information gleaned from Tubal Cain, Stan Bray and photographs of commercial designs.

It has a 10 mm bore and a 12 mm stroke. I do have a set of drawings but I could not guarantee them since I tend to change things as I progress and I don't always record the changes. You could try this site Again I have used info from here in designing my engines.

You obviously need a lathe and preferably a small milling machine. I find the engine is the easiest bit. It is the boiler that presents the problems for me. It is always a challenge trying to produce enough heat to braze the various parts of the boiler together. I am getting better at it, but it has been fraught with difficulties. This is my latest boiler:


It is 75 mm diam and 90 mm long, and is based on a design from Model Boats.

If you are still keen on building your own steam plant, then I would be pleased to help.

Eddie Price

09/08/2008 08:11:00

I have Stan Bray's and Tubal Cain's books, but I tend to use them for ideas and then design my own engines, usually twin oscillators. I must admit I have never tried to copy one of their design exactly so have not noted the errors, but it must be very annoying to have followed their instructions only to find the parts don't fit.

I have been looking for a simple slide valve engine for some time and note above that Malcolm Beak has a design for one. Malcolm, you may have noted in a thread on Madelboatsmayhem that I am also interested in gas regulators. If you read this would there be any chance of you being able to send me details of your slide valve engine?

I am currently building a steam plant for a Clyde Puffer.

Eddie Price 

Thread: Gas jets
07/08/2008 21:03:00

Well I have just managed to heat my boiler with the gas burner. It is still just a lashup, but I wanted to get an idea of how long it would take to get steam - 15 mins seem a long time. The chaps from Monahan Steam on Modelboatsmayhem were quoting just over 6 mins from cold to 70 psi. I had 250 ml of water in my boiler, and I have still to insulate it. But playing around with the gas pressure does produce a wide variation in flame, so perhaps I need more gas pressure.

I am still waiting for a pressure gauge. I place an order over a week ago. It is a big company who regularly advertise in Model Boats, but they are so slow to deliver. 

Has anyone any experience of regulating gas valves based on the boiler pressure?

All for now, there is a program on tv I want to see.

Eddie P 

31/07/2008 19:50:00

Hi Fred

I have received the dxf files, Thanks. I may have a problem. My first attempt at reading the file came up with an error, but let me try again. I will get back to via e-mail if I have problems. Yes the AT instead of @ is to stop Spammers collected e-mail addresses with software that searches web sites such as Forums  looking for the @ symbol, which is usually associated with e-mail addresses. The trials and tribulations of the computer age!

With regards pressure, I think I may have intended to say it was for the boiler testing.

Eddie P 

30/07/2008 08:22:00

Hi Fred

Thanks for the info on gauges. I will contact them. As for clubs, I live in mid Wales and we don't have any. I suppose Hereford ME club is my nearest.

Yes my regulator is by Malcolm Beak who I have discovered has a download section on '' where he has placed info on his regulator and also automatic water pump systems, but there is a catch - paddleducks does not allow 'newbies' to download. You have to contribute first! and it is just finding time for all these forums. I have had a reply from something on modelboatsmayhem, so I am off to look at that next.

I use an early version of Autosketch for all my drawings. It will read dxf files, so yes if you could e-mail me a dxf file I would be interested in having a look.

Eddie P

ps. my e-mail is 

29/07/2008 18:01:00

Yes that looks nice. Where did you get your gauge from. I have been looking for one without much success.  I don't know about gas tank pressures, but I do need one for testing my boiler. I suppose a max of 150 lbs. would be suitable.

 I have found that paper on the pressure regulator now.'Gas Valve and Regulator' by Malcolm Beak, but I don't know where he published it. At the time I contacted him directly and he sent me a copy of the original. It is dated 1997. He uses a standard commercial screw top gas canister, and his valve and regulator fits onto the canister. The regulator uses a rubber diaphragm which bears down onto the end of a valve from a car inner tube. The car valve is on one side of the diaphragm and a screw adjusted sprung metal bush on the other side. The gas enters the regulator through the car valve, and the spring by pressing down on the valve controls the amount of gas leaving the canister. It seems to work.

Eddie P 

29/07/2008 14:12:00

Thanks Fred

I have just looked them up with Google ( I suppose I should say 'I Googled them'. I can't get used to this idea of creating new verbs ) It looks quite an interesting organisation, with a lot of model engineering books and stuff.

 I will try them for Peter Arnott's articles


Thread: Warship
29/07/2008 14:02:00

Hi Ashley. I have been having a look at the thread on modelboatsmayhem forum, which lead me on to other links, one of which had a number of photographs of the boat 'just out of the box'. The moulding looks quite 'rough', and in fact the particular kit had a fault in the hull. There was also a link to a video on YouTube. It was like a racing boat.

I also found links to the Trumpeter 1/200 kit of the Sovremenny. This looks much more professional, and does at least involve some real model building. Apparently White Ensign Desing do a set of PE parts for such things as the radar aerials, ladders and rails. So I think I might spend a bit more and get the Trumpeter kit


28/07/2008 10:18:00

Thanks Ashley. I must look up the other thread. I was wondering how they managed to keep the cost of the r/c down - of course, no crystal.


Thread: Gas jets
28/07/2008 10:09:00

Hello Fred

Thanks for the tips Fred.

I think I will make myself a gas tank following Martin's design. I had a look at your boiler. That is quite something. I see you have managed to get the right-angled burner to work. I will probably stick with my pencil burner as I will have quite a lot of room in the Clyde Puffer that I intend to put it in. The use of a heat shunt does seem a bit hit-and-miss. Martin seems to suggest that on a cold day you attach it, while on a hot day you disconnect it, based on the reading of the pressure gauge. I must admit I would prefer something more controllable. Perhaps the pressure regulator would provide this control. I need to go back to the original article and see what the author (can't remember the name) has to say. Has Peter Arnott published his vaporising burner info?

Eddie Price

27/07/2008 16:22:00

Thanks Fred

You bet. I am afraid I did not manage with Martin's design. I was obviously doing something wrong, because Martin has some superb designs, which obviously work. 

I have been wondering about the gas container. I am not really up with the rules for steam, but I note that most setups, Martin's included use custom-made tanks, rather than the commercial gas cylinder. Obviously for attaching a heat shunt then the custom-made tank is necessary, but are standard gas cylinders permitted?

I did see a design for a pressure regulator for a standard gas cylinder, which I have made. It seems to work, but I don't have a pressure gauge so have no way of knowing whether the pressure holds steady, but of course it does not cope with the loss of pressure which results from the gas cooling, and losing pressure as it is released. It is okay if the cylinder is over pressurised as a result of being in the sun.

Eddie Price 

27/07/2008 10:06:00

This is the final version of the pencil jet burner:


It produces a nice flame. There is a tinge of yellow, but I don't think it will be a serious problem. These are the component parts:


The design is partly based on the appearance of the small commercial gas torches and the information found here The No 5 jet in its holder is on the right; this slides into another holder which allows the jet to be positioned back and forth to optimise the flame; next is the burner tube with a length approx 8x its diameter according to the info in the above reference, there is a venturie in the end where the jet is positioned formed with a 90 deg countersink; finally there is a flare tube, which 'holds' the gas as it emerges from the array of holes and produces the pencil flame.

This is another view of the jet holder and the end of the burner tube:


Just need to put all the parts together now. Will keep you posted

Eddie Price

Thread: Warship
21/07/2008 19:20:00

All of my boats to date (well 6) have been scratch built, and now I fancy a warship, but I don't think I would have the patience to make all the detailed fittings. Has anyone bought one of the ready to run boats of the type advertised by Howes. 'All in the box' for £20 seems incredible. It even includes the Nicads. I would expect to replace the motor, in fact fit 2 as I suspect there is only one. Anyone tried one of these boats?

Eddie Price 

Thread: Gas jets
21/07/2008 08:53:00

I am having second thoughts about the right angled arrangement. Very difficult to get a good flame and when I do, and I direct the flame into the fire tube it goes out.

I have been experimenting with a pencil jet. I have one of the small gas torches that are advertised for budding chefs to make their creme brule!. The torch normally produces a roarer type hot flame, but by adjusting the air flow it will produce a very nice quiet blue pencil flame. This is my experimental lash-up.


A bit of yellow at the end of the flame, but not a serious problem. I am using a No.3 gas jet. This is the end view of the burner


The outer tube is 10 mm in diameter, the inner hole is 2 mm diam and there is a rind of 1 mm holes, which are linked back to the central hole via a grove machined into the body of the tube. I just need to put the jet and burner together, and I should have a nice burner.

Eddie Price

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