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Thread: Featherstone Playday 4th August 2010
15/05/2010 15:30:14
Purston Park, where exactly is it?
It aint in Kent.
Thread: large r/c yacht
15/05/2010 15:26:30
Hi Roger,
Aircraft servo should be ok for the rudder, but for pulling in the sail you will need something stronger and a long servo arm, try Howes they advertise in the MB mag they do sail arm servos.
Thread: Model Boats Commemorative Issue
14/05/2010 17:50:00
So, just how many have they printed?40, 50?, been to whs and had to show staff a picture of it from MB mag, I am not going to be held to ransom by myhobbystore, if its in the shop I will buy it, if not then I will not.
Len, and im on the front cover, doesnt that get me a FREE copy?
Thread: Edmund Gardner
06/05/2010 16:22:35
Is that streched wire for handrails?,made from?.
Only you can straighten wire yourself.
Thread: 2.4 GHZ
05/05/2010 17:47:33
If you can see your model then Tx will work it.
Thread: Rookie needs advice re first sub kit
03/05/2010 17:22:00
Hi Simon,
I have a Revell Gato waiting to be converted to a static diver, but I am waiting for another more experienced model submariner to do his first.
If you just want a surface runner then all you are making is a boat, and you have already done that.
Have you tried over on the Other Forum?, its Mayhem over there.
Thread: Silicon Wire
27/04/2010 15:16:37
Hi Bob / must have a Bob or 2,
Having been brought up not to waste money, I have always been economic with money.
If you throw enough money at something it will eventually work, or in the case of Slo mo shun ?? Just how much does this Beast weigh Bob..
26/04/2010 17:12:03
I use Domestic flex cable off of old Appliances/Vacumes etc. Shock Horror !!.
Thread: Slo mo Shun
20/04/2010 16:55:56
Hi Bob,
Here is a target for you, get this thing on the plane before this thread reaches 700!!!
Thread: I am on the Front Cover !
20/04/2010 16:47:43
Image 1
This one is a bit clearer.

Edited By Len Ochiltree on 20/04/2010 16:48:59

20/04/2010 16:41:50
Thread: Travelling to UK End June-August
19/04/2010 18:02:03
So Ian where are you coming from as you have not filled in your Profile mate.
Thread: I am on the Front Cover !
19/04/2010 17:59:40
Put Chantry Clubs open day in the Search box at the top of page.
Photos 1 & 16 , 16 is my 1st Air Boat.
19/04/2010 17:50:41
If you go to the " Join a Club " section on the Left Hand side of the page its there.
Thread: Slo mo Shun
19/04/2010 17:47:34
Hi Bob,
Does your Bank Manager know you are spending all this dosh?.
Thread: Another billings slo-mo-shun
16/04/2010 17:29:44
Well done Bob and Phil with the home made planking devices.
What a pair of Plankers
Thread: Slo mo Shun
16/04/2010 17:25:13
Put a wing underneath as I suggested Bob.
Thread: I am on the Front Cover !
15/04/2010 18:07:44
I have just noticed that several members of the Dover Model Boat Association are on the front cover of the Aniversary Edition of Model Boats, the photo was taken at Chantrys Regatta at Blue Water in Kent.
I am the one wearing a blue MBA club tee shirt with my Membership Badge at my waist.
Fame at last!.
Len, Autographed copies £30.00  
Thread: material
13/04/2010 17:33:31
Hi Colin,
You dont say what size Hull, I being a bit tight use what ever I ca lay my hands on.
The Hull will be watertight so it rearly doesnt matter that much, 1/4" ply will do for the ribs and the Keel. Check out Skips, they are a great source of boat building supplies, its all going to be painted .
Where are you ?.

Edited By Len Ochiltree on 13/04/2010 17:34:35

Thread: Slo mo Shun
31/03/2010 16:31:49
You can make Props , Bob.
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