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Thread: Anybody able to assist with info?
06/12/2007 17:19:00


I'm assuming you have already visited Mountfleets web site, they give 9 close up pictures with the advert.

Also try  where the builder gives a text and picture guide to his build, there is also a forum.  (sorry about the address starting on page 6 - just select page 1 from the menu)

Hope this may be of some help

Cheers - Kenny

Thread: Brushless Motors
05/12/2007 17:10:00

Hi Folks,

Looking through Graupners catalogue came across their section of brush-less motors, beautiful piece of kit,  Have to admit I've never read up on these before and my question is - why do they have three electrical connections ? -  

Cheers - Kenny

Thread: Viewing Gallery Pictures
04/12/2007 19:00:00

Hi Vinnie,

Point taken - but - (you knew that was coming!) you already have the platform up and running.  Load up any of the articles and a picture is shown.  Beneath the picture there is a list eg. pic1 pic2 pic3 and running your mouse over these displays the next picture instantly !

Would it not be possible for a gallery to load up in a similar manner, first picture in the gallery displayed followed by the list.  Just a thought and not a moan !

Cheers - Ken

Thread: Boat electrics
03/12/2007 18:32:00

Hi Ducky,

I agree, the last one was the most useful with the mixer as it also increases the turning circle.

I'm not into static models, nice though they are,  One problem with using matches is they float! - and with the hulls being 4 matches thick gives a hull thickness of almost 1 centimetre - that takes a lot of ballast to bring it down.  Pacific Light will almost certainly be a two man lift into the water - still it will sail in quite rough waters due to its weight.

Cheers - Kenny 

Thread: Runcorn club
02/12/2007 20:42:00

Butter ! - I couldn't very well say we'll "drippin" him up - could I !

"Send your lawn away to be cut" - don't be daft - we just move !

(rich) Ken ....

Thread: Epic Centre Shows 2008
02/12/2007 18:03:00

Spotted a couple of show dates for your diaries whilst surfing .... fell off, got soaked !

March 15 & 16 (2oo8)    Epic Centre - McGarva Way,  Ellesmere Port

This is the trade show for all the people out there with money to spare (go on - treat yourself - your worth it)

August 23 & 24 (2oo8)     Epic Centre - McGarva Way,  Ellesmere Port

This is the modellers show,  where local, and not so local clubs, display their latest builds - get you ideas here for your next build - and if you make your mind up as to which one you want - then get it there and then as there will be good support from the usual traders (just in case you forgot something in March!)

There is plenty of parking space available in the park over the road.  (but on the Saturday you will need to get there early - otherwise the ladies will be doing their shopping!)

See you there - Kenny  

Thread: Runcorn club
02/12/2007 17:03:00

Come on Paul,

We've only just mentioned names,  the buttering-up,  comes later .....


Thread: Please Help
02/12/2007 15:19:00

Hi Brian,

Sorry, can't help with a crane kit/plans, but can give a little info on your lights if you have the 'Hobby' catalogue have a look at page 95.   They do a set of 10 x 3v grain of wheat bulbs pre-wired to a battery box for just £5.40 (code 002W)

The battery box is a bit naff - cut it off - and your left with 10 clear bulbs on 20" wire tails! - long enough to go inside any mast without joins - most lamps will have just 4"- 8" tails.

They also do a cheap fibre optic set with 50 points of light for just £8.99 - (code FOP2) again 3v, ideal if you want to illuminate instruments inside a wheelhouse.

Their web site is not very user friendly - you need to know the product codes and there are no pictures,  but you can pickup their catalogue at Smiths or any good newsagents.

Cheers - Kenny

ps - forgot to mention - there is another site/catalogue with a similar name "Hobbies" not sure if these also sell the light sets.

Thread: Runcorn club
02/12/2007 14:38:00

Talking about auspicious media moguls, finally got my Dec issue of Model Boats yesterday and glancing through to Range Finder by Dave Wooley - I noticed his picture for the first time - and blow I've just realised who he is - he's the president of the New Brighton Model Boat Club ! (well, until the end of this year, as Dave is retiring from the post after several years) - I really must take more notice of who's writing these articles I enjoy reading so much .... so thats two moguls we know!

Cheers Kenny

02/12/2007 08:39:00

Couldn't sleep this morning, up at 03:20 !! (never realised there were two in the same day) and had a nose around the club sites and discovered Runcorn SMBC has gone up market with a brand new web site.  Although not fully operational at the moment it is coming along very nicely - the webmaster has done them proud.  Not many photographs yet, but the quality is superb.

Makes you want to join the club now !

Well done Runcorn and congratulations to the web master for all his/her work.

Cheers - Kenny

Thread: Free airbrush
01/12/2007 17:40:00

I agree Vinnie - it is a great magazine - and one I've been getting each month for the last three years (along with the other one!).  But, if MB are giving things away, one may as well have it.  The point is I already have the one MB is offering along with a fine detail one (both from Ebay, both under a fiver each including the postage).  I wont go without my monthly fix and I'm happy to keep nipping to Smiths each month.   Will hang on until MB chuck something my way that I need.

Best feature of MB - the builds - though I don't build war, rag&stick, galleons or speed - I do enjoy reading the builds of them.

Cheers - Ken

01/12/2007 06:00:00

White Rabbit ... 

OK - Time for my two penny worth ....

I've read the ad' several times and if you read it from the top down (the correct way to read!) it reads as follows ...

     Detailed description of the airbrush ....     blah   blah

     Subscriber benefits ....     blah   blah

underneath all this is a flashing logo - Web Exclusive - advertising an extra 10 per cent off if you order on line.

It then states this offer ends 16th.Nov

This is were it gets confusing - to me - is it the airbrush that ends or the extra 10 per cent off or both offers that ends on the 16th. ?

Model Boats should realise the majority of its readers are MEN, who by their nature can't multi-task (just ask any woman!) - fancy asking us to think about two offers !

The mystery will continue until Monday when Vinnie gets his big stick out !

Cheers - Ken

Thread: Viewing Gallery Pictures
30/11/2007 19:08:00
You can't whack a good moan now and then ...  does you the world of good !
30/11/2007 13:31:00

Hi Vinnie,

An odd few minutes to spare and had a scan through the gallery pictures, some really nice boats in there - well done everyone - but never realised until now how slow this is !.

Select a gallery, click the first picture and the web page loads up with your chosen piccy displayed, click next, and the web page loads up again with the next one.  Now my computer is not in the top 10 for speed and my broadband only runs at 8.3meg - my question is why does the whole web page have to load in with each picture - why can't just the new picture load - the web page is the same for each and does not change - this would make the viewing much quicker (essential at my age !).  I'm sure members just look at one or two pictures then get bored.

One more point Vin, have you seen that other web site from Marine something ! - your onto a winner with this site - they vet every forum reply, which can take up to a day before it appears ....

Cheers - Ken

ps - Yes I know we moan - but their friendly moans

Thread: Boat electrics
30/11/2007 13:01:00

Thanks Ducky

Printed three of them out for future reference - graphics on the last one don't view or print out by the way (the mixer setup one) shame really as its the most useful one.

One additional point, Westbourne have 2 web sites - and .com - the diagrams appear on the .com site

Cheers - Ken

Thread: Model slipway Aziz tug kit
29/11/2007 17:36:00

Hi Laurence,

I'm probably not the person to advise here as I've never built a kit before, but nip over to Slipways website - its great - there are about 6 different builds and a couple of kit reviews for the Aziz there, which should help you immensely.   This tug was on my short list for a build but ended up with the Imara and Boston Typhoon - and before Paul has a go at me - yes I know they are not suitable models for a first kit, but how much harder can it be than sticking 60,ooo matches together.

Good luck with your choice and enjoy the build.

Cheers Ken

ps Google the web and grab as many pictures and save them into a folder for reference and ideas whilst your building ....

Thread: LeCaux-02.jpg
27/11/2007 06:02:00

Hi pfmtugs,

She was, but took a lot of ballast - 12vbat along with 3ft x 6ins of lead flashing !

On water photos were of her launch day, taken on 27/11/05 at Hoylake, bitterly cold and managed an hours sail before losing all feelings in my hands.  Got home, cleaned her up and started looking for the next one - lose interest after the launch ! - the building is what I enjoy ....

Glad you like her

Cheers - Ken

Thread: LeCaux-07.jpg
26/11/2007 17:19:00

Hi Bob,

No - She resides in Piddle-on-the-weir now, no I'm not joking, it's on the river Avon

She was at the show the year before keeping Loyal Matchmaker company,  This year I had the still unfinished Pacific Light on display there.

Cheers - Ken

Thread: One for Paul & Vinnie
25/11/2007 20:22:00

Hi Paul,

I don't have a problem with re-sizing pictures but a lot of users do.  I use Photoshop and you just go to image and type in the size you want, inches-mm-pixels, and away you go.  Where I had a problem was in answering Hughs query on electrics,  I'd typed in a short reply and tried to add a picture of a wiring diagram, but when I clicked on the insert picture icon, I was faced with a request for a URL ? - try it.  gave up in the end and posted the diagram in my LeCaux album (just checked and its still not appeared) and it doesn't help with us all using different programs.

Cheers - Ken

Thread: Free Kit for joining online
25/11/2007 18:07:00

Cheers Paul - wish my house was that big !

No neither do I - ever since we got that damned central heating the presents have been a little on the small size !

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