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Thread: Motor reversing
19/12/2007 19:15:00

Hi Jerry,

Been to Moreton and grabbed some pictures for you and put them in my gallery "Kens bits" along with a sketch showing how the two servos operate the rudder.  You will be able to see these when they appear !

An interesting note I discovered is not only can you reverse using this rudder but you can also control the forward speed and even bring the boat to a stop with the engine running ! - just by partially closing the rudder halves.

you will need to be quite good with a soldering iron as I've not found anyone yet selling them - though I'm sure someone must.  You need a brass rudder post, on this slide two brass tubes, one over the other, and the two halves are fixed to these.

Two servos operate the rudder. The steering servo (nearest to the rudder) is mounted onto a small board, this in turn is fitted between two brass channels and is able to move back and forth in the channel.

The second servo is mounted behind it, and its this servo that slides the other. As the steering servo is pushed forward the two halves of the rudder will close, effecting reverse

Hope this is some help - Ken

Now before you have a go at me Vinnie, I put these pictures up at 18:05 tonight.  It is now 19:00 and no sign of them so they are not instant.  Well I thought they were pictures but must have sent some Avatas by mistake ! or the I.T. boys are telling you porkies.

What we need here Vinnie, is for you to join the forum as a member, create an album and send a couple of pictures to it - you must however use your own, home computer and not a works one.  If yours go live instantly, let us know which computer your using and we can all buy one ! - you must not use your influence as moderator in this exercise.

Thread: Wiring Batteries
19/12/2007 18:18:00

I was going to ask the same question Len.

I think over the weekend I'll nip to Aldi's - they had some cheap (just love that word!) graghic tablets for sale.

Cheers - Ken

Thread: Motor reversing
18/12/2007 21:11:00

Nastsy !

Your supposed to treat her like one of your boats - love, caress, take out, new coat of paint (delete "of paint") spend money on her - and like your boats she'll reward you with hours of pleasure !  (this is Vinnie a & Mrs.Vinnie)

ps - lied about saying anything again - you talked me into this reply

18/12/2007 20:48:00

Cheers Vin.

The reason I mentioned it to Jerry was I put a new album up on Sunday with just 1 picture and it appeared today - I'm not moaning or anything, just trying to save a member a trip ... so there ... wont say anything again ... mums the word ... zip ...

Don't you ever take your wife out !

18/12/2007 20:10:00

Hi Jerry,

I'm working I'm Moreton tomorrow, I'll take camera with me and if I get a bit of spare time I'll nip over there and get some piccy's for you (to be honest, could do with a bit of a skive!).  The tugs not in very good condition but the owner is working on her now and again, done quite a bit on the insides.  Rudder has been welded in reverse to stop the vandals wrecking it, but you should be able to get the general idea.

Pictures may take a couple of days to go live, will put them in "Kens bits" gallery

Cheers - Ken

18/12/2007 18:00:00

Hi Jerry,

Pauls right, the easiest way is the rudder - no messing around with clutches and gear boxes -  I think they are called a "Kitchen" rudders, similar to a Kortz.  where the tube is split into two halves, these are able to turn the boat the same way as the kortz but both halves are able to turn inward, forcing the thrust of the propeller backward.

I don't know which area you live in, but if you live on the Wirral,  there is a small pusher tug on the dock side, at Victoria docks, with one of these fitted.

Cheers - Ken

ps - just had a quick Goggle, have a look at ....

Thread: Competitions
18/12/2007 17:43:00

Yea - its all that running back and forth that does it.

I had a similar problem the other week, when 5 young ladies came backing on my door demanding my attention, I told them straight - 1 of them would have to go home - then I woke up ! Damn.

I've just noticed the resemblance - doesn't our Vinnie look like Phil Collins !

I remember Vinnie saying how much he loved chocolate - was that him in the gorilla costume doing the Cadbury's advert - nice bit of drumming there Vin.


17/12/2007 21:37:00

Hi Paul,

I've heard on the grapevine the Dremel set has already been won - by some Simon Cowel bloke !


17/12/2007 17:19:00

Ay -  thats the kind of job I had in mind, the pays rubbish but oh, those holidays !

sorry Paul, counldn't let you have a whole thread to yourself ....

Cheers - Ken

Thread: Large floating platform - suggestions?
16/12/2007 21:02:00

Hi Richard,

Been watching this with interest and to me it seems to be getting a little on the heavy side (thats not a pun Paul) of a mammoth build.  I think we should get back to what you want - a platform for your experiments -

So start at the top and work your way down.

First job is the platform - what could be simpler than a slab of 4" thick polystyrene (you could use thicker) has anyone heard of poly sinking ? - no.  This however needs protecting, here we can cover it with ply or MDF (very cheap for 3mm)

Cut the bottom sheet 600mm x 1000mm, now cut 2 pieces of poly and glue these to the outside edges of the base so as to leave a 100mm gap in the middle (this is were your motor, battery and radio is going to fit)  you now need to cover the front and back - each with a single piece - followed by the 2 sides and the 2 insides. The deck goes on now, either in 1 or 2 pieces and remember the hatch.  Chuck the running gear in, paint and get experimenting !

If you want twin motor power then build the cockpits on the ends and fill the center with poly.  For extra strength cover the whole thing in fibreglass (but keep it away from the poly - it'll melt!) Paint with undercoat and a couple coats of household polyurethane paint (its a big platform)

You can buy 4" poly from B&Q (I prefer skips as they are open 24/7 and cheaper !)

I normally use "No More Nails" for gluing poly but here stay away from B&Q at £4 a tube its expensive - nip along to your local "Pound" shop, they even sell the applicator.

I've done a rough sketch and sent it to my new album "Kens Bits" but could take a few days to come through.

Cheers - Ken

ps - the downside to this is you won't win any prizes in a scale competition !

Thread: Wiring Batteries
16/12/2007 19:40:00

Yes, I've done that before with a wiring diagram Len.

The problem there,  is it can take a number of days before it goes live,  Updated my image picture this morning and its still not been replaced,  I'm a just shadow of my former self !


Thread: Monthly Issues
16/12/2007 10:52:00

I agree with you Peter, they are not good value for money, costing £687.12 for the kit and I'm not sure if this includes the radio and running gear (I seem to remember this was an extra option which had to be decided upon early in the build).

But not everyone has the option to lay out £700 for a kit in one go - buying it in instalments will allow many modellers to build and own a large model and learn a lot along the way.  As for the long build time, many modellers take in excess of 2 years or more to complete theirs, you only have to read the forums to confirm this.

Problems ! - they are to some builders, to others they are the enjoyable part of the build, trying to solve them. We would be lost without something to moan about.

Christmas time - again your right here, they are aimed at the Christmas shopper.  But we are to blame here. We read the blurp, watch the adverts and believing its all so simple without realising how limited our building skills are - they are not for beginners - but the ads make it seem all so easy.

Cheers - Ken

Thread: Wiring Batteries
16/12/2007 08:49:00

Hi Kevin,

Its simple enough and I've done a diagram for you, but because this editor is not very friendly, I can't attach it to this reply !  I've asked for help on this before but no one has come forward with how to do it.

So I will try to describe how to in text !

Have the 2 x 6v batteries in front of you and wire the POS+ of one battery to the NEG- of the other and thats it.  The remaining two outside terminals +- will now give 12v to your motor.  For the 6v simply take a lead from both terminals of one battery only +- will give you the 6v tap you require.

What you've done here is to wire the batteries in series - doubling the voltage but not the amperage - ie.  2 x 6v7a = 1 x 12v7a

Hope this helps without the diagram

Cheers - Kenny

Thread: Cost nothing boats?
15/12/2007 19:13:00

Hi Len,

Cut & Paste ? - Easy ....

Move your mouse pointer to the start of the text you wish to copy and press and hold the left mouse button,  now with the button still held down, move the mouse (as you move the text will highlight.  When you have highlighted the text required let go of the mouse button and press and hold the control key marked (Ctrl) while holding the ctrl key also press the "C" as if typing just the letter.

Now move into the window you want to copy the text into and click the left mouse button until the cursor appears - almost there - as before press and hold the Ctrl key and press the "V" key.  your chosen text should now be copied into the text editor.

You can also use the copy & paste options from the mouse menus.

(example - ps, I would have cut & pasted your comment on 9th dec here but I do not know how.)

Takes longer to write out than it is to use - give it a go

Cheers Kenny

Thread: Monthly Issues
14/12/2007 13:13:00

Hi Charles,

My partner at work is also subscribing to this kit.  His method is, as each batch of 4 issues arrive, has a quick check of the parts and then "files" them - he's not intending to start the build until he has all the issues.  When you think about it, its a great idea, as any problems or part changes would have been sorted out,  also you have other problems solved on forums by other builders.  (1 problem was how to seal the inside of the hull on Martins build (Mayhem).  While he's collecting the issues, he's working on another model.

Do you read German ? - if so you could order your issues from there, as they are well ahead of us (current issue 67).

The kit builds into what looks like a well worth the wait model.  for a look into the future have a look at one of the German sites.

Cheers - Ken

Thread: SD14 R/C Card & Wood
10/12/2007 18:31:00

Congratulations Carl,

A superb model,  hull construction is amazing.  Nice to see people using alternative and unusual building materials for a working boat.  Photos are great.

Cheers - Kenny

Thread: Brushless Motors
09/12/2007 20:48:00

Hi Tom,  Paul

Finally got the hang of it now - two wires working together as +/- and moving around all three - cheers Tom.

Already have the motors for Pacific Light (my currant) using Graupners Power 1000s - big babies - and expensive at £37 a throw - could have got them cheaper though as they are the ones fitted into starters for the nitro users. Some would say overkill, but she's a heavy beast and is going to need lots of power to push her through the water.

again thanks Tom, Paul

Cheers - Ken

09/12/2007 16:41:00

Hi Tom,

Your going to regret replying to this query ....

Basically its like a three cylinder car engine, the three wires being the equivalent to the ht leads each taking a positive pulse to each "cylinder" in turn.  Ok that part makes sense, but on a standard motor V+ enters via red and returns via black V- to the battery (a circuit) and on a car it returns via the chassis - but where do the three pulses return ? - the only way I can think of is a pulse enters the motor and returns via one of the other two in sequence again back to the battery,  makes sense to me but is probably wrong.

The motors look very good, small, reasonable cost and loads of torque for the size

Cheers - Ken

Thread: Paints
08/12/2007 18:17:00

Hi Adrian,

Sorry, can't help with a supplier, but can help with a conversion chart.  Have a look at the following site .... .... it has a conversion chart that covers Federal Standards, Humbrol, Tamiya, Xtracolor, Polly S, Gunze Sangyo, Model Master.

The site is one that should be in everyones Favorites folder, it also shows which paint numbers to mix for a particular colour.

Also there is a wealth of hints, particularly handy for those building dioramas, galleries etc.   -  A must look site.

Cheers - Kenny

Thread: Cost nothing boats?
06/12/2007 17:34:00

Hi Len,

Lazzy band motors are ok (used them donkey years ago in planes) - but stay away from the red bands the posties drop - they are very poor quality and deteriorate very quickly ( I know, I worked for them for more than 22 years)

Best option here is to visit your local model shop and buy (sorry - mentioned the "B" word there) elastic strip made for the job.  Then give each contestant say 1 metre each to make their motors (get the money from the treasurer)

Cheers - Kenny

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