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Thread: Satyr.jpg
01/01/2008 19:31:00

Thanks Paul,

We were trying to keep it a secrect ! - and we wern't holding hands, its just the camera angle, and were keeping to that story .....


Thread: Stabalit
01/01/2008 19:22:00

Hi Peter,

Here's a few more adhesives for your list ....


Cut & pasted this from my files, don't know if it will reproduce on the forum - fingers crossed

Sorry - didn't work.  All spacing was lost and became one continuous line.

Thread: Great Eastern
01/01/2008 13:01:00

I've heard this one explained before, on the radio, Peter

You do see them - its just they are almost fully grown before leaving the nest ...


01/01/2008 09:47:00

Morning Bob - Happy New Year

You managed to jump in there whilst I was typing the previous reply.

No - I can't accept that as the answer - All of the Isle of Man ferries (except the cats) carry lifeboats and are regarded as BOATS.

I can see this debate going for a while...

Cheers - Ken

01/01/2008 09:40:00

Happy New Year Peter,

Its like the old question, which came first the chicken or the egg. 

I've always assumed it was a question of size.  had a quick search of the web and found a few answers to start you of with - take your pick !

When Paul & Bob get over their hangovers we'll get nearer to the answer ...

Web Answers ....

It's a question of size. You can put a boat on a ship, but you can't put a ship on a boat

Why not look it up in a dictionary ? I found these definitions. Ship: "a large boat for travelling on water, esp. across the sea." Boat: "a small vehicle for travelling on water".

A boat is defined as a vessel with a single unbroken deck above the water line. Hence a submarine or small trawler is a "boat" whereas a large cross-channel ferry is a "ship".

Not sure about some of these. Many of the 'small ships' from Dunkirk would fit on some of the things described as 'boats' at the Boat Show these days. My own 7m 'boat' is a 'ship' and is registered as such on the Small Ships' Register (SSR). BUT she was moved on a river boat a few years ago. So a ship CAN go on a boat!

With regard to motorized craft, a ship is a large vessel intended for oceangoing or at least deep-water transport, and a boat is anything else.

Cheers - Ken

Thread: How great this site could be!
31/12/2007 19:36:00

HI Paul,

Just had a quick look at the site - opened a month or so before ours, and yes it does have a lot of people participating in such a short time.  But I did find the scrolling of the pages jerky using my mouse wheel, that I just could not center a section for reading without a lot of hassle.  It annoyed me so much that I wont be going back - that said its probably down to the huge amount of responses put up.

Cheers - Ken

Thread: Posting photos on a thread item
31/12/2007 19:12:00

Hi Paul,

I was going to congratulate you on your success in posting a piccy and posting the info for us all to use when the occasion arises - but how on 'eck do you use it ?

I've altered all the settings as shown.  Clicked on the small picture icon in the editor and I still get a request for URL: what on earth do you type here?  - would be so much easier for the editor to display a directory window, where we can just select a folder and click the picture required !

and while I'm having an end of the year moan - where's Vinnie been all week ? - He must have got one hell of a load of prezzies if its taken all week to open, lucky divot !

Cheers - Ken

Thread: Plans for a tug hull
28/12/2007 21:10:00

Hi Antonie,

Have a look at Clydebank model boat club, they have plans for a couple of small tug boats, free to download, which if too small you could enlarge on a copier.

Good Luck - Kenny

Thread: Great Eastern
27/12/2007 09:07:00

Hi Bob,

Ok, point taken, you like the hard route.  Are you going to make the paddles, as the commercial ones I've seen are Graupners and these look to be a little on the small side and quite expensive.


27/12/2007 08:46:00

Hi Bob,

Just had a quick look at the album, coming along nicely, and read your comment on having the paddles freewheeling - that is a brilliant idea.  Makes the installation so much easier,  you could now have the two paddles connected by a single, straight through axle,  no motors/gearboxes/Esc's/batteries etc - and the saving on cash/brain strain and maintenance would be substantial.

With regards to motor for the 3" prop,  I'm using Power 1ooo motors in my Pacific Light and intend using one in my Imara.  Big and slow revving.  You may even already have one of these, as they are used by the aero boys, in the guise of starter motors for their nitro engines (cheaper to buy as a starter). The downside is you have to fit the suppressor inside! - plenty of room.

Cheers - Ken

Keep up the great work... 

Thread: Runcorn club
25/12/2007 10:08:00

Merry Christmas Paul - Your up nice and early - couldn't sleep hey ... too excited !


Thread: GE-Keel
24/12/2007 22:52:00

My sentiment entirely Len - Get on with the build .... of course were watching Bob

Hope you and your family have a good Holiday (ok, you can have the day off - but just the one !)

Cheers - Ken

Thread: Christmas Cheer
24/12/2007 16:39:00

Merry Christmas Vinnie,

and to all the staff who work so hard in the background to bring us our favourite magazine and website.

May I also take this opportunity to wish all our members a fantastic Christmas and may your New Year be even better.

Cheers everyone - Kenny

time to crack open the golden - Hic !

and find a stocking without any holes in it....

Thread: Why ban IC Engines?
22/12/2007 20:23:00

Hi Paul, Vinnie,

No - don't wait a couple of days - wait about 10 !, until about 02:00 - 03:00 everyone will then know how to solve every problem - won't make any sense though - butt wheel slove 'em - Hic ....

Just a thought, how can everyone be busy with Christmas - that's what we have wives for, wives do Christmas, we just tell them what they've forgotten !

Now if that doesn't stir up a hornets nest, i don't know what will !

Cheers - Ken

22/12/2007 16:44:00

Hi Paul,

These dogooders and health & safety "door handle heads"  will, I have no doubt, kill this country off.  I read of a guys company car had failed a health & safety check - Why ? - because it didn't have a No Smoking sticker displayed! - this is a clipboard carrying office nut, since when has he been a qualified motor mechanic.  Seems to me that if the car had been leaking break fluid it would still be safe to drive so long as the sticker was displayed.

Also read, some 5-6 weeks ago, a fire brigade had received some new recliner chairs, sadly they were not allowed to use them until they had all been on a 2 day course on the correct way to use them !

So whats next ? - An army patrol just about to attack, and up pops jobsworth health & safety, "sorry, you can't use those bullets, you may hurt someone" !

We should get the army to line these nuts up against a wall and shoot the lot of them (not forgetting to use soft, rubber bullets of course !) Health & Safety - rule 23, paragraph 5. section 3.

please note, whilst writing this, I am sat in my computer chair, seat belt fastened and using a soft flexible keyboard....  Damn! - just broke another nail.   Hello, is that claims direct...

Cheers - Ken

22/12/2007 12:56:00

Hi Paul,

I start your debate.

Regards to I/C engines: Noise pollution is not acceptable by most local councils now days, having received many complaints from local residents near to lakes.  These few people who have complained are the same people, who on a Sunday morning get out their I/C powered mowers and leaf blowers and make one hell of a racket, but the councils do not ban these  (probably because most councillors have one!).  Secondly, yes they are fast, and not suitable for use on a lot of lakes (New Brighton & Hoylake being just two).

Steam engines in boats - beautiful to watch - can not see these being banned, though they do carry a boiler safety certificate, which has to be tested at regular periods.

As for your civil rights,  I don't think you or I have any, unless you belong to a minority group then the councils will go out of their way to make sure you keep them.

Sorry Paul - boat on a string - has already been banned on the grounds of health and safety - someone might trip over the string !

Cheers - Ken

Thread: Kitchen stern.JPG
21/12/2007 20:53:00

Hi Paul,

Remember seeing this little tug whilst working on the docks.  You don't get to see many out of the water and up on the dock side.

Thread: Motor reversing
21/12/2007 16:12:00

Nice one Paul

Yes, just got my issue this morning and spotted the article, a much simplified version using two flat plate rudders.  But this is not what I had seen previously, which showed the two servos with their connecting rods and sliding board.

Not long now Vin, just four more sleeps, don't forget the stocking !

Cheers - Ken 

Vinnie, just noticed in the info bar an error ! - heavens forbid - where it shows how many post, photos etc we've each sent in - give mine a knock will you - still stuck on 38 photos and I've sent in over 80. Its one way of checking photos have gone live.

Thread: Great Eastern
20/12/2007 16:01:00

Hi Bob, Paul

Its true ... they don't need checking, see I'm on your side Vinnie, they just take the scenic route through hyper spaces black-hole ! they must have to stay in the phantom zone until the escape committee come up with a cunning plan ....

Also see there are now a couple of members with their bits on display !


Thread: Motor reversing
19/12/2007 19:22:00

Paul, Len,

I've got rid of (passed on) my old mag issues,  I'll swear I've seen this rudder set-up in one of them, do you remember seeing it.  If you do, could you point Jerry towards the issue.

Cheers - Ken

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