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Thread: MBA Dover Have a go boats 003.jpg
27/05/2008 20:41:00

Would have thought the Nose would have gone to The Welly, as he only lived down the road in Admiral Street  didn't he ? 

Can't pull her away from the telly at the moment - her soaps on on !

She would have left about '63/'64

Soaps finished - No, not recognised

Mrs Sutton - Maths

Miss Clark - Needle work (not your second subject is it Vin ?)

Miss Ashcroft - Art

She also remembers a French teacher who was knocked down on a crossing in Aigburth road and died.

27/05/2008 20:18:00

Not sure of that one.  My wife went to Dingle Vale while I went to Granby Street, my brothers (lucky s*ds) went to Wellington Road. 

Just had a word with the boss and she tells me Shorefields was an amalgamation of Dingle Vale & Wellington road, but well after she left.  Shed any light on that Vin (Sir) ?

27/05/2008 20:03:00

Toxteth ! - Which one Vin ?

27/05/2008 19:00:00

True Vinnie - and as you say a lot of schools/colleges moved over to the white boards (have one myself in the workroom) but some now regret the change over, as the pens were forever running dry and so much dearer than the old chalk - and you can't throw the pens at the kids ! - (bet you've chucked a few end pieces of chalk !) for fear of injuring them and being sued ! - bring back the good? old days when a spade was a spade and not an earth removal tool !

Next time your out and about have a look for blackboard paint - B&Q used to sell it, small yellow tin with a picture of a blackboard on it, but think its now just matt black paint...

OK - change that, just done a web search and some firms ARE making a blackboard paint.  Found 4 selling it - 2 calling it chalk board paint and 2 call it just matt black - Dulux don't list it either. B&Qs site is down.


Didn't know you were a teacher Vinnie - teach anything interesting ?

27/05/2008 18:42:00

Hi Len,  No chance of my mug shot going up - don't want to scare the young ones away !

besides anyone I owe money to may recognise me ! 

Cheers - Anonymous !

27/05/2008 18:38:00

Can't buy "Blackboard" paint now days Paul ...

the politically correct brigade have banned "Blackboards" they are now known as "Chalk boards"  

Cheers - Ken

Thread: Decaperm 12v Motor
26/05/2008 08:58:00

Hi Dave,

Regards the Torpedo 850 motors,  I've just bought 2 x 800 Torpedo's for my Imara tug boat and they are suppressed INSIDE.

the 800s are lower revving versions of the 850. and do not require water cooling, however the faster 850 may do

Cheers - Ken

Thread: Where is the Wirral MBC water?
22/05/2008 18:45:00

Hi Bob,

It's in West Kirby - and a good drive !

M56 to the end

at the roundabout take the 3rd exit (there are road works here, so take care) on to Parkgate Rd

the road changes names often !

carry on along Chester High Road (same road)

and  into Heswall (same road but now changes to Telegraph road)

this now goes through Thurstaston

go straight on at the roundabout and up Column road (same road again !)

carry on until you see the monument on your left, you will then come to a turn off on your left called Village road, take this turning.

pass 3 side roads on your right and take the next turn off, this is Church road.

the road then splits into 2 - either will give you access to the park - you have arrived at your destination (with luck) !

Cheers - Ken

or ! - M53, Morton, Meols, Hoylake and West Kirby

Thread: MBA Dover Have a go boats 003.jpg
22/05/2008 17:35:00

How do you know what the top of Grecian 2ooo looks like Paul ? - unless you use it too !  

Thread: New to model boating
22/05/2008 17:30:00

Hi Bill,

I would think that after 30yrs the battery would be well past its usable date.  Do you know anyone close to hand who may lend you a spare for testing purposes and able to check the charger ? - if not looks like you'll have to invest in a new set. 

You can pick up a new set for about £30 (Zebra 2-channel ... I have one as a spare set) bear in mind these cheaper sets use normal 1.5v dry cells.  Spend a little extra and get a set that uses re-chargeable battery packs and also come with the charger.

Hi Vic,

Don't worry about copying bits from other boats - I do ! - If you see an item you like then fit a similar item to yours.  We all get ideas from other peoples models

Cheers - Ken

Thread: Rudderless boat
21/05/2008 21:44:00

Hi Jake,

The diagram does not show, but am I right in thinking the two micro switches are closed, and each is opened when operated by the servo ?


Thread: New boat builder...
05/05/2008 08:27:00

Hi Ron,

The web is a great place for buying almost everything,  the problem is you can't see or feel the quality before buying.  What looks good in a picture can turn out to be rubbish when you get your hands on it.  You need to see the item you want in a shop, then find it on the web.  Look around your local shops,  B&Q, model shop, £1 shops, markets and even charity shops, you can pick up some good quality tools and a bargain at the same time.  One example is craft knives, these are available in B&Q for £9, Ebay for £3+p&p, but are in the bargain shops for just £1.  If funds allow then buy the best quality you can afford, they will last much longer and serve you better.

Best advice I can offer, make a list of what you need now,  look at them in the shops (if the price is good then get them there and then) then just Google them on the web - remember to take into account the postage charge.

Cheers - Ken

Thread: New to model boating
05/05/2008 07:58:00

Hi Chris,

Have to agree with paul (except the two people he's talking about - got the descriptions the wrong way round !).   Don't worry about the age gap, you'll soon catch up.  The New Brighton Club, like most others have members of all ages, the reason you tend to see the senior members more is they are out in all weathers and not just for the sailing, its a social thing as well - Just talk to them, we all love to talk !

Cheers - Ken

ps. Welcome to the forum and enjoy the hobby

Thread: New boat builder...
03/05/2008 20:34:00

Hi Ronald,

PVA glue is fine, try to use a "weatherproof" type though, problem will be you are not allowing sufficient drying time. PVA glues will dry in about 2hrs but don't reach full hardness for 24hrs.

Bending planks: use steam - I assume you do not have a steaming tube so make fill the old electric kettle and hold each plank in the steam, move back & forth and rotate the plank for a bout  30 seconds. You should now find it will bend more easily. If bending is still a little difficult put it back in the steam.  DO NOT GLUE the planks yet.  try and fix in place using clamps of some sort - sml bulldog clips, pegs, elastic bands etc. and leave for a couple of hours to dry.  (If you use pins to fix them in place take care as they can split the plank)  Remove the clamps, glue and re-clamp.  Remember to build up each side evenly with say 3-4 planks each side.  Do not finish one side first, if you do you will build a warp into the hull.

WARNING:  Steam burns - so take care.

You could also use plank bending pliers, they have a flat bed on one side and a blade on the other.  The idea is to put a row of notches on one side of the plank, as you do so the plank bends.  I use this type to bend my matches.  There are also rollers and soldering iron type benders available.

Cheers - Ken

Thread: Threading Prop Shafts
01/05/2008 17:44:00

Hi Rev,

Have to agree with Tom, also remember not to cut too much thread. make sure no thread ends up inside the bearing as it will ruin it in a very short time.

Cheers - Ken

Thread: Going by
01/05/2008 05:50:00

Hi Bob,

Photos of her maiden voyage look great and she seems to sail well - a credit to you - well done.

didn't see any bottles lying around in the pictures, did you not crack one open ?

Cheers - Ken

Thread: ESC 110a
01/05/2008 05:44:00

Hi Steve,

Glad to hear you've sorted your problem with the ESCs & BECs

I Have 3 fitted into my latest model.  When using multiple ESCs/BECs the receiver must ONLY BE POWERED FROM 1 ESC/BEC - the power (positive) leads must be disconnected from the plugs of the others, leaving the signal and neg wires connected.

Do not cut the wires, use a small screw driver to un-hook the barbs and pull the wire out, bend back onto the cable and fix with a small piece of insulating tape - If you later decide to fit the ESC into an other boat the wire is easily refitted.

Cheers - Kenny

Thread: Multi motor
26/04/2008 09:54:00

I agree with Tony about ensuring the props are securely fixed.  I use both locknuts along with a drop or two of thread lock, such as Powerbond or Loctite.

Cheers - Ken

Thread: Help with motor control
20/04/2008 08:07:00

Hi Graham,

Not familiar with your particular transmitter, but can not see why you would have problems.  Assuming you have two control sticks both with horizontal and vertical movement (4 of your 6 channels).  Then just run each motor from each of the 2 vertical channels.  Each motor will require its own speed controller.  If you are intending to use the BEC feature, ensure you use only one and disable the other (usually requires the power cable to be removed from the plug - be sure to read the instructions that come with the ESC).

If you go to the Gallery - page 11 - and load my album "Le Caux" you will find a wiring diagram which should cover your needs.

Cheers - Ken

Thread: Trent Lifeboat - Whitby
05/04/2008 08:03:00

Hi Paul,

I have to agree with Len, (if you take the crew off - they actually look like models), it would be very difficult to distinguish the model from the real craft - a credit to your eyes and modelling skills.

Well done Paul - Ken

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