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Thread: DSCN3211.JPG
06/07/2008 18:20:00

Ashley .... Yes we do !

Thread: Electric boat experts here please!
01/07/2008 18:21:00

Difference in price ? - simple, new technology (well newish) and a limited market.

New stuff, doesn't matter what it is, is always more expensive when it first comes out, but soon drops

I bought a Sony digital camera 3 years back, cost £230, you can now pick up a much better version for just £70

With regards the ESC,  I use Mtronics 25amp Vipers (£36) - bear in mind you can move your ESC from one boat to another, after all, you can only sail one at a time -  Its also wise to buy a little bigger than you need as you don't know yet what your next model will be !


Thread: importing goods
30/06/2008 20:37:00

Hi Neil,

One currently on Ebay - at £62.oo (reserve not met) collection from Middlesex, 2days 23hrs to go.

10" table saw with upratted motor.

May be worth keeping an eye on.


Thread: Electric boat experts here please!
30/06/2008 20:22:00

Hi Brian,

In theory it seems ok, worrying though about being stranded in the lake.  Personal I would put the ESC to one side (in case you build a racer type which only has forward) swallow my pride (I've done a lot of that!) get the old wallet out and buy another.

You didn't mention where you got your bargain from,  wasn't Ebay was it ? as most of these are from China/Hong Kong  with a massive rating and are forward only, fine for the old racer.

Cheers - Ken

Thread: Hull Finishing
30/06/2008 20:02:00

Hi Ray,

If thats your first model, can't wait to see your next one !

You may have a problem with finding a suitable varnish though.  I build my boats from matches and like you, will not paint them.  However I've not had much luck in finding a waterproof clear matt varnish,  all the ones I've tried say they are clear but are not, they are transparent !, when opened and stirred they have a brown colouring to them (something to do with sunlight protection) when applied to a dark wood they look great, but not when applied to a light coloured wood.

I now use Humbrol aerosol satin varnish (i don't think they make a matt version) which is clear.  just apply several coats, rubbing down between,  when satisfied with the thickness just rub down again with the finest wet-n-dry to give you the look your after.

As Ashley says, it depends whether you intend getting her wet, if not you can use the acrylics.  Either way stay away from anything that is quick drying, they dry too quickly, do not soak into the wood and can leave brush marks.

Cheers and good luck - Ken

Thread: Registered user benefits
30/06/2008 05:42:00

Let me guess the prize ....

£10 & skys the limit  -  that'll be a balloon then with the winner supplying their own hot air !

Ken on the side

Thread: importing goods
30/06/2008 05:26:00

Hi Neil,

Sorry, don't know of any cheap importers, but have you tried contacting the company that's selling it in the U.S. (assuming its not DeWalt) and seeing what they charge for delivery.

Cheers - Ken

Thread: Members TOP 20
25/06/2008 21:22:00

Don't worry Paul,

Doesn't matter what position your at - you'll always be top cat here along with Robert the 3rd,  besides your still No2 on the all time table.

I've searched the site and I'll be damned if I can find these 350 odd photos Vinnie's posted, where's he hiding them ? 

25/06/2008 05:42:00

Does it actually mean anything Bob, or just gobbledegook, could be just a spelling mistake or maybe Vinnies a verbofrenic (afraid of verbs), again maybe Vinnies just trying to introduce us to his version of Esperanto (whose alphabet only has 3 letters, making it easy to learn!) and take over the world ?


Thread: Boat Shows 2008
21/06/2008 08:00:00

Hi Dan,

Much obliged,  any photos would be welcome.  Photos of the ship I have show almost everything except the lifeboat, the ones which do show it are too far off to see any detailing.

Cheers - Ken

Thread: Radio control antenna
17/06/2008 18:10:00

Hi John,

Try Maplins, they are on the web and also have shops dotted around the country (assuming your in Britain!).  Do make sure though that you get the same length as your broken one.

Cheers - Ken

Thread: Boat Shows 2008
17/06/2008 18:04:00

Hi Dan,

Cheeky of me to ask, but you could just the kind of guy I'm looking for !

I'm building a model of Pacific Buccaneer, similar to the one your on, and I'm having problems with the lifeboat - I have a aerial line drawing on the plan but no side elevation drawings. I've searched the net and can not find any photos showing details of the lifeboat.

Any chance of you taking a couple of photos and posting them ?

Cheers - Ken

Thread: propellers
15/06/2008 21:10:00

No Jake - ask for the long answer !

I want yo see how long it takes Paul to write ...

Thread: dazndeb 014.JPG
15/06/2008 21:02:00

HI Ed,

Model looks great, with regards to the engine, what you need to ask yourself is where are you going to sail her ?.  If you are intending to sail on model boating / park lakes, be aware that almost all councils and quite a few clubs have banned the use of I.C. engines because of noise and pollution.  You may be lucky and find a club near to you that has IC days, failing that your only other option is offshore or the use of a private lake.  Except for the racing guys most modellers have moved over to electric. 

Cheers - Ken

Thread: Pocaltair
12/06/2008 05:27:00

Hi Bob,

Yes, I remember now, 19 was the truckers track.

I use to work for the Post Office in those days and had to be legal with the FM kits and licenced, else I could have lost my job seeing it was th PO that issued the licences !.  Had 3 sets then, a base unit at home, a mobile fitted in the car and a handheld jobby for walkabout's.  We had a lot of fun in the "good old days" but sets became cheaper and virtually every kid on the block ended up with one, 9 out of 10 of which were idiots.  In the end almost all club members jacked them in.

My handle was still Manxman in those days and my good wife Manxmaid

Cheers - Ken 

11/06/2008 19:36:00

Hey Bob,

Whats with the "1-9 for a rig check", surely the calling channel was 14 ! or were you using the illegal AM sets ?

Thread: cooling system
09/06/2008 20:50:00

B&Q sell 6-8-10mm micro bore copper pipe for heating systems, check their web site

I have to admit though I've never seen cooling coils so thick,  I've only seen them in 3mm copper and 4/5mm aluminium - for the smaller pipe try your local car scrap yard.  Oil pressure gauges always used them on the older cars, just need a Little cleaning with hot water and washing up soap !

Cheers - Ken

ps - just checked B&Qs site and they are not listing 6mm - though they do sell it in the bigger stores, you may need to try a normal plumbers store.

Thread: Water Pumps & Smoke Genertators
09/06/2008 20:26:00

Hi Dan,

Pump will be fine, remember though, if you want the output to be variable you will need to wire it into your motor circuit, either directly or through a mixer !

Should look good though - Ken

07/06/2008 19:08:00

Hi Dan,

You don't need to chop a large hole out of your hull.

You just need to drill a small hole ! - large enough to fit a water scoop into (about 5-8mm).  If you place the scoop behind the prop this will force the water through the tube and out the exit.  The amount of water will vary with the speed.

The downside is you could end up with too much water and have it looking like a fire monitor.  One way to solve that is to fit a adjuster screw (available at pet stores that sell fish, these are used to control air flow and cost just a couple of bob for the plastic type).  You could also fit the scoop in front of the prop, this would greatly reduce the amount passing through.

Cheers - Ken

Thread: DSP0097.jpg
03/06/2008 18:03:00

Andreas - With building skills like yours, you don't need model shops - well done

Cheers - Ken

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