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Thread: 158.jpg
02/11/2007 05:41:00

True - its like having a stalker!

I was at the Epic show last year with 'LeCaux' and 'Loyal Matchmaker' (they are also on Model Mayhem - search for Epic Show) and also this year with 'Pacific Light' - (there was someone from Model Boats taking piccys of her there) - which I hope to get finished over Christmas as free time is at a premium at the moment

Glad you like her so far...

Cheers Ken

Thread: 144.jpg
01/11/2007 05:07:00


31/10/2007 17:39:00

Hi Paul'

Don,t let the speed of the photos going on the gallery fool you - I've had the piccys on my computer since I started the build.  I also keep an Excel spreadsheet with hours worked, cost and diary.  Truth is I not been able to do any work on the boat for the last month (up to my eyes decorating)

Cheers - Ken

Thread: View of the rear stb side
30/10/2007 19:56:00
Nice one Paul - this photo really shows off some of the detailing. Cheers - Ken
Thread: Pacific Light - Gallery
29/10/2007 06:36:00

Morning Ernest,

just spotted your message - glad you like it - will be putting all of the build photos in when time allows.  People think its a cheap way to build, it isn't, by the time this girl gets her props wet, she will have cost over £500 ! - but most of that will have gone on the running gear.

Cheers Ken

Thread: Gallery Pictures
28/10/2007 16:24:00

Rivets .....

They are the little metal bits that hold a boat together - don't tell me your still using that old fashioned stuff - whats it called now - oh yes, glue - don' you have to wait for that stuff to dry - how boring !


28/10/2007 14:38:00

Hi Paul

What ? - you mean you don't put the correct number of rivets on your boats - tut-tut !

Well following me around for day is out - no working boat as yet, but if Vinnie wants a day out, (within 30-40 radius of Runcorn) I'll turn up with Pacific Light, but it would have to be at a weekend (I still have to work).  It'll be nice to put a face to the caricatures that everyone uses on the forum, don't you think so Paul - that is a caricature of you isn't it Vinnie ?

So if anyone has the time to spare chuck a date up when ever want.

Cheers Ken - back to the decorating for a few more hours

ps - No one makes a fool of themselves at a club, they are full of information which their members are only too eager to offload -

28/10/2007 10:49:00

Hi Paul

I actually live in Runcorn,  been down to their lake a few times to watch the sailing, but never sailed there myself.  The lake is quite good, except there is a lot of weed and twigs from the trees under the surface.  have seen few shattered props there and don't think my matchstick kortz knozzles would stand up very well - so I travel the 30 miles up to New Brighton.

Have now started a new album for my "Pacific Light", an offshore oil rig support vessel, based around "Pacific Buccaneer" (a play on words here, seeing its made from matches!) this album will end up as a diary of the build - she measures 48" x 11.5" estimate 60,ooo matches - First 10 piccys sent up today.


27/10/2007 20:40:00

I don't Paul - have not had a sail all year ! - made a BIG mistake last year and sold my "Le Caux" on ebay to finance my current build (Pacific Buccaneer) and when the chap that bought her picked her up he spotted the Loyal - and for weeks after pestered me (in a nice way - he was a great guy) to sell him the Loyal - I eventually gave in.  On the other hand it ment I could put more time into Pacific (over 900 hours to date) But building on this project has slowed down for now as I'm busy decorating a number of rooms in our house at the moment.

May start another album and put some piccy's of Pacific as she is so far.

Cheers - Ken

ps - have you ever wondered why I keep saying "Cheers" - like to have a drop of the golden whilst on the computer in the evening !

pps - almost forgot - New Brighton

Thread: Loyal Matchmaker 1
27/10/2007 20:23:00

Hi Paul - A little over 600 hours, most of which is taken up with sanding ! - when making them it feels like for every 3 matches you stick on, you sand 1 off - a good mask is essential.

Cheers - Ken

Thread: Loyal Matchmaker 2
27/10/2007 20:17:00

Hi Paul - Glad you like it - all curves are normal matches bent using your thumb nails.  Does hurt after a while though, so invested in a strip bender, the type used by "Normal" model makers! - waterproof PVA glue and clear varnish for waterproofing.

Cheers - Ken

Thread: Gallery Pictures
27/10/2007 13:19:00

Just logged back on after a few hours decorating ! and the albums have been sorted with some new ones - and hey! - there now there, don't know who's strings you pulled, cheers Vinnie.  

I did, by the way, load them via the upload pages and followed all the instructions.


27/10/2007 08:12:00

This question is for our Vinnie,

Regarding photos sent to our albums - I sent some photos (19) of my "Le Caux" and "Loyal Matchmaker" for insertion into my albums, but still no sign of them after two weeks.  I've had no notification that anything was wrong with them and my profile says I've sent them - Have they just got lost in space,  forgotten,  or do I need to re-send them.  I appreciate they need to be checked, but no new albums have appeared in the last two weeks and only a few new photies in the forum.

Cheers - Ken

Thread: New Flags
20/10/2007 07:42:00

Has anyone noticed when you come into the forum each day, any new threads since your last visit are marked with a yellow "new" flag.

On the index page I had two today, Beginners & Collectors Corner.  Had a quick look at the first one, went back to the index page to pick up the second - wait a minute ! where's the second flag gone - its vanished ! - Is this Vinnie playing his trick or treat joke on us for Halloween !

Cheers Ken

Thread: Something Technical
15/10/2007 21:20:00

Hi Peter

Its 4 months now since your post, any luck with the hull ?  Sorry I've never built one using this material (usually use matches) can't be much different.  Do you have a cross cut shredder ? if so brilliant,  get you plastic bucket out and fill with diluted solution of PVA glue (use a waterproof version) and shred 3-4 Sun news papers (its what they were printed for!) and plunge into your bucket.  Leave for a couplle of days, stirring now and then (best with your hands) and you should end up with a nice mulch.  strain and your ready to make your hull.

Grab hold of a block of polystyrene (visit you local skip) and fashion this into your hull shape, remembering to make it slightly smaller to take the thickness of the mache. Get hold of a roll of clingfilm and cover the plug with it,  now spread your gunge evenly over the plug about a 1/4" thick and allow to dry completly (best part of a week), keep testing for dryness by tapping with your knuckle - should make a good solid sound when fully dry.  Remove plug and you'll have a good solid hull, which will sand smooth. As to waterproofing 2-3 coats of normal oil based varnish will do, allowing each to dry prior to the next coat.

You can then paint over this with what ever colour paint you like (if using aerosols check spray on the inside first)

As I say, I've never used this material before but I've never had one of my matchstick boats fall apart on the lake ! - touch wood !

Cheers - Ken

Thread: Build the Bismarck - Hachette magazine-model
15/10/2007 20:31:00

HI Neal

I've been watching this build and it looks very good, loads of etched brass work to come and the detailing seems to be very good

Both Vinnie and Larry never mentioned two other build sites, these are :

this is and English site and is upto week 31  -  also try

this is a German site and upto week 58 (they are ahead of us with their issues)

I like watching Martins build on Mayhem - reminds me of my kids when they were younger and came home with models they had made in school - dripping with glue ! - sorry Martin.

Cheers - Ken

Thread: Cigarettes...not fags!
15/10/2007 19:52:00

I am NOT calling you "MadMal" !

Hi Mal,

I've not heard of this "Cigarette" sounds interesting.  I'm currently building a 48" Pacific Buccaneer.  We should get together when they are both finished, as mine is made from 55,ooo matches ! - should make a good team !.

Cough, Cough - Ken

Thread: Silent Power!
15/10/2007 19:42:00

Hi Graham,

I known its a little on the late side (only just joined the club) You mentioned the noise was being transfered by the prop shaft.  I had a similar problem with my Loyal, unbearable noise - all down to being too eager to get on the water and forgot to pack the propshaft with a light grease ! - cured the problem with mine.

Cheers - Ken

Thread: Twin props
14/10/2007 08:47:00

Hi Paul,

It's the cavitation that concerned me. Thinking of water being thrown upwards towards the hull and may be losing power, though I don't think I would lose much as the motors are big ones - Robbe Power 1000s -

 Cheers - Kenny

13/10/2007 09:23:00

Hi Folks

I need to syphon a little of your experience -

I am currently building "Pacific Buccaneer", my first twin prop vessle. I have my matching pair of props (left/right bladed) which will run in fixed Kortz nozzles.  I know they run in opposite directions, but which way do they turn? -  Looking from the stern, do they turn inwards towards the rudder or outwards, away from it? - Does it matter?  Is one way better than the other?

Cheers - Kenny

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