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Thread: One for Paul & Vinnie
25/11/2007 17:16:00

Hi Paul - Vinnie,

After reading and using the forum for a number of weeks, I've noticed a lot of users (myself included) having similar problems using it.  -  We need a pull down HELP menu, were when we have problems trying to do something we can just click on the menu for the solution.


(1) How to attach a photo to a forum reply, when I tried, it was asking me for a URL address - I've heard of it but no idea what it is - I ended up sending a picture to one of my albums (after 24hrs still no sign of it) - why can't we just browse our pictures, click the one we want to send and Johns your uncle (I don't have an uncle Bob!)

(2) How to re-size pictures prior to sending them to your album or profile

OK these are just two examples, but I'm sure other club members have other problems (the forum is like a worldwide club)

There is a help (top/right) but clicking this takes you to an empty page !

Cheers - Ken

come on gang - list your problems - and instead of have the solutions scattered all over the place lets get them all together for new members ....

ps - only just found out how to stop getting a thousand e-mails when you answer a forum query - just remove the tick at the bottom of the editor.

Thread: Free Kit for joining online
25/11/2007 16:34:00

Your annoying me now Paul,

Quote: 'The December issue is very good' - been looking in Smiths for the last couple of weeks and still no sign of it ! - I know you get yours on prescription! - but didn't realised you got it that far ahead - would get a prescription myself, 'cept I don't need another airbrush (already have 2), waiting for a decent freebie (either a boat kit, band saw or lathe would be nice) to come along then I'll sign up.

Cheers - Ken

ps - sorry about that, slipped my list to Santa in there

Thread: Please Help
24/11/2007 14:37:00

Hi Hugh,

Have a look at my 'LeCaux' album, I've just loaded up a sheet showing 4 different wiring diragrams (may take a short while before it goes 'live' though) have a nosey for the one that suits your layout and check yours against it

I can't take the credit for the drawing though, found it on the web ages ago and stuck it in my Odds-N-Sods folder.

Cheers - Ken

Thread: Rubbing Stracke'ss
23/11/2007 18:21:00

Hi Paul,

Yeah - but SWMBO wasn't too happy - I used a bedroom window ! - but I did clean it before and after use. - Silicone - best filler/adhesive around, I've used so much of this I swear if you were to pick the house up and drop it - it would bounce!

 'Pacific Light' - has come to a stop for the time being, though I have finished the aerial bridge along with the small mast, fire monitors and railings that go on it, just no pictures as of yet - busy working on the house in preparation for selling (hopefully moving to warmer climates in Crete toward the end of 2oo8)

I have 2 weeks off over Christmas, and if SWMBO thinks I'm refitting the kitchen then, then somebody's going to be disappointed ! - I'm locking myself in the shed (with a bottle of Teachers) for the duration ....

Cheers - Ken

Thread: New member needs help
23/11/2007 16:14:00

Nice one Bob !

The choppers also a good idea, come in handy if there are any flying fish around !

A much easier way - give up fishing - and nip to Tesco's, hear they have some very good offers on at the moment in the fish department ....

Cheers - Ken

Thread: Rubbing Stracke'ss
23/11/2007 16:03:00

Hi Roger,

The way Paul mentions is ideal, I've used this method myself, plasterers also use this method to make coving.

A very good site for any kind of seal or strake is ....

they make rubber extrusions of all shapes and show how to make a non standard profiles from standard ones.

Cheers - Ken

Thread: New member needs help
22/11/2007 19:25:00

O.K. - I just can't resist this opportunity

.... to go from some sensible ideas to the down right ridiculous ....

(1)   How about a hot-air or helium filled balloon,  no way is that going to scare the fishies, totally silent, just remember to realise it up wind.

(2)   If you have large lungs - you could try the old pea-shooter !

(3)   Still working on this one ! (ps it involves a submarine and some sonar gear)

Cheers - Ken

Thread: KM Bismarck
21/11/2007 20:14:00

Nice one Tony,

Four years well spent - detailing looks superb. 

Either a very close shot or she's a big girl - what size is she ? - look forward to seeing more piccys in the future.

Cheers - Ken

Thread: Fishing bait boats
21/11/2007 18:26:00

Nice to see you back Paul,

Bob, Len and myself have been acting as secretaries and answering your mail.  I agree, you should give up the pole dancing - still you've got your LAP dancing to keep you amused !.

Cheers - Ken, and welcome back, you were missed by everyone here.

Thread: WC-2.jpg
20/11/2007 17:53:00

Hi Bob,

The Joss sticks, Len mentions, are quite good - I've seen these used in a tug boat.  The chap who owned it had a small round wooden disc with several small holes drilled into it.  along with a length of thin brass rod glued into the edge, the other end of this was bent into a U shape.  any number of joss sticks would be lighted, in the safety of the open air, then pushed into the holes and the assembly lowered into the funnel with the U shape hooking over the funnel top.  Quite effective with 3 sticks in.  I would also recommend lining the funnel with cooking foil as these sticks give off a fair bit of heat, not to mention ash - so some form of tray to catch this would also be wise.  Oh and don't be using good ones, you can pick these up in any of the £1.oo shops.

Cheers - Ken

p.s. What a waste of a good cigar !

Thread: New member needs help
19/11/2007 06:00:00

Hi  Dazz,

I've seen the ones you mentioned for sale, you could take their idea of a tipping rear bucket a step further.  They use a small elastic band to tip the bucket once the servo has released it, you could split this bucket into two - giving you two shots of dropping bait.  The bucket could be made from 2" plastic pipe cut horizontally, ends sealed with a little plastic card and hook for the band built into the card ends.

Also thought about your central drop zone - have to make sure your boat has stopped before dropping bait - if you were moving during the drop - bait could end up 'processed' by the prop !

Cheers - Ken

Thread: Springer Tug
18/11/2007 17:16:00

Cheers Len

They say a picture talks a thousand words - totally confused now - waiting for piccy !


Thread: Sea Commander
17/11/2007 20:35:00

Sorry Sam,

Not heard from Paul for a few days - not like him at all - he's usually first to put in a reply to any new questions - Hope he's O.K. - could actually be building !

Cheers - Kenny

Thread: Springer Tug
17/11/2007 20:27:00

Hi Len,

Your explanation sounds interesting, how does it fair in practise on your Springer ?. Even when going straight there would be a force on the rudder (both sides of the tongue) does this not slow the boat down.

As to the Springer 2"sq. (total 4 sq. inches) rudder rule - is your rudder allowed ?, using 2 plates bent into a forked tongue as you describe, you would end up with a surface area of 2"x2.5" (total 5 sq. inches)

Sorry to be a nit picker Len - but never the less it is an interesting rudder and one I'll keep in my ideas file.

Cheers - Kenny

17/11/2007 16:36:00

Hi Bob,

Fishtail rudder - not heard this name before,  I think they are talking about a 'Becker rudder'.  Where the last third of the blade moves in a greater arc than the front part,  this gives a curved look to the rudder when turning and should enable the boat to turn in its own length.

Have a look at my album 'Pacific Light', I have two of these fitted.

Go to page 8 of the album - this shows the component parts of the rudder and then to page 3 - were you'll see them fitted (photos 123/124/125).  They are not a direct swap for a standard rudder, as they need a bottom pivot and a secondary top pivot point.  The one's fitted here measure 100mm in height and are from 'Graupner' and cost £12 each.

Cheers - Kenny

Thread: Clubs table
17/11/2007 05:56:00

Hi Ted,

Not sure if I'm giving you the right information here, but I think the reason your local clubs are not listed is because they have not contacted the magazine/web site with their details - Vinnie would be the person in the know here. My own club (New Brighton) + our local one (Runcorn) are not listed either.

I also feel the wrong information is being shown in this list - what should be shown is the clubs name (in alphabetical order) and a direct link web page address. You could then look-up a clubs name, click the link and nip to their site to obtain the info required and come back here. The advantage is you can obtain the info anytime you want, without disturbing the contact person shown at 4.oo a.m. !

Finding a club in your area should be easy enough - just Google 'model boat clubs'

Thread: What do I do now?
08/11/2007 16:05:00

Hi Dave

Had a quick 'Google' - she a nice one - 4th or 5th one on Google's list gives some nice information including a profile of the hull along with some nice internal photos, deck layouts and the best part of this site are the virtual cameras, using your mouse, you can view each room....

Cheers ken

Thread: Picture upload
06/11/2007 17:59:00

Lenny the menace ! - doesn't seem right,

bet "The Fat Controller" is only 8 stone - and I don't have three legs !

Cheers - Ken

Thread: Cost nothing boats?
04/11/2007 17:33:00

Hi Len

You seem to be making a 'serial' of these races, so why not a play on words and have a 'cereal' race !

Where each boat is made from just 1 family size cereal box,  The printed side must face outwards (no painting allowed, only sealer) so's cheats can be spotted using 2 boxes !There should be enough card in 1 box to make a small boat.  Power could be any small electric motor powered by no more than 4.8v - No radio, straight runners only.

Cheers - Ken

Thread: Picture upload
04/11/2007 17:06:00

Hi Len

Just load your picture into 'Photoshop' or similar program,  Select 'Image Size' and set to 100w x 120h.  This will shrink the image and just re-save as a Jpeg. Opt out of the paint prog, find your new image, right click and select properties to confirm size.  If ok just upload.

I don't know why the instructions say 100 x 120, as if you look at all the other pictures, including Vinnies (photograph) they are only 50 x 60 !

Cheers Ken

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