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Thread: Hobbyking UK
01/07/2016 14:04:35

And we haven't actually Brexited yet. I wonder if petrol prices will go up next week.

Thread: Model Shipbuilding Boar
01/07/2016 08:27:36

I found this very disturbing - but mainly because of the hairy string used for rigging!

Thread: Guardsman by Vic Smeed
30/06/2016 22:47:35

Hi Tony,

She looks absolutely delightful! Well done- a little cracker- and a fine testament to Vic Smeed's designing skills.

All the best,


Thread: Vic Smeed's Silver Mist
29/06/2016 11:48:34

Looks very neat Bob- I'm a convert!


27/06/2016 20:23:34

Hi Bob,

It looks nice and technical and why not? Is there much backlash in those gears and chain linkage?


Thread: Moonbeam
27/06/2016 17:21:02


Always interesting to see how you tackle things, lovely job on those chainplates- and what bad luck about the rudder. You seem a very measured man but even so- I wonder if the air was bit blue in the workshop that day! It would have been in mine- often is!


Thread: Vic Smeed's Silver Mist
27/06/2016 17:11:24

Hi Bob,

What advantage does this system have over a normal arm and linkage arrangement? Seems to me there's more to go wrong.


23/06/2016 17:53:54

Hi Bob,

On mine, I made the deck right back to the pencil hatching removable and made the aft part a grating, aft of a companionway- all removable in one piece. That way you get a bigger opening but still have a reasonable sized structure on deck. It helps with access to the rudder head.


Thread: Guardsman by Vic Smeed
22/06/2016 19:13:53

She looks very nice Tony- extremely neat work. It'll be good to see some shots of her on the water.

I'm not sure it matters which way you take a photograph- I can't think of any reason why it would.

All the best,


PS- no need to justify how long it has taken- your boat, your hobby! I have been building one of mine for fifteen years!

Thread: Vic Smeed's Silver Mist
11/06/2016 17:30:54

Hi Bob,

It's how I do windows- but I use a Dremel in a router table. Having just got a Proxxon saw table, which is brilliant, I'm highly tempted by their micro shaper, as it's great fun to make little mouldings with miniature router bits. The Dremel table isn't very stiff.

Are you going to stain this ply or overlay it with veneer or thin sheet? I have used 1/16th mahogany from SLEC over liteply which makes a nice stable lamination, and the thin sheet is easier to apply than veneer- if you can even find mahogany veneer. I'll be interested to see how you proceed.


Thread: Vic Smeed's Model Boat Designs
11/06/2016 17:23:08

I'm with you all the way Dave. I was fairly aghast when I looked back at my hurried post - it was just haste and fat thumbs, honest!

I have just berated the editor of my national paper for writing 'bored of' instead of 'bored with'- haven't heard back, and I expect they are also thinking I should get a life. I'll have one of those tee shirts- and check my posts more thoroughly in future.



11/06/2016 15:22:37

Thanks for pointing out my grammatical typos Dave. I normally check and re-check my infrequent posts for correctness but was being hassled by the current Mrs Gardner to get cracking as we were about to go out. It's nice to know we have someone keeping an eye on it all.wink

I was once researching the Cock tugs and unthinkingly put in a search for Black Cock- there was such a tug! Yikes!!! Not recommended.


11/06/2016 10:06:48

I like Coline too- it's reminiscent of Jame's pottinger's Ravenna, if memory serves well.

Thread: Vic Smeed's Silver Mist
10/06/2016 09:04:44

Hello Bob,

I can see why you might want to go with this idea if the whole lower cabin was to be removable but I thought you were moving towards having acess in the upper deck only, as actually shown in your last photo, which would be the best option, in my opinion. In that case a more elegant solution would be to glue the the shaped wings to the deck and perhaps reinforce them with a quadrant or rectangular strip glued inside them at deck level. You could even pin them with thin brass rod and put an elegant capping piece over the top. Vic Smeed describes them as a 'foot strip or spurn water'.

I'm not quite sure how you would achieve your deck planking with your double gusset. It might look a bit odd if it was painted and the deck underneath planked. Just my thoughts.


07/06/2016 17:30:59

Hi Bob,

I have dug out the three months of Model maker mags containing the Silver Mist articles. Vic suggested the use of 'the Triang Radioslave radio/motor equipment or other lightweight radio control with separate motor.' I was surprised to note that there was such lightweight equipment in 1958.

On the plan there is an isometric drawing of the wheelehouse and upper deck- it's on the right hand side below the materials list. It's how I made the access on mine but I note from subsequent photos in the articles that Vic also made a section of the aft deck removable too- as one piece with the wheelhouse and upper deck, back to B4 on the plan.

If I were doing it again, I'd make a section the width of the wheelhouse removable from B2 to B5- maybe in two sections- basically what Ray has done if you look back at his photos. I don't think you'd ever get those shaped wings to behave themselves if they weren't glued down! Hope some of this makes sense- I know what I mean.wink


07/06/2016 15:11:11

Hi Bob,

It did have radio control and if I dig out the relevant mags I could tell you what he suggested. I'll see what I can do. It may even be on the plan.

I'm wondering why you don't make that whole cabin base a permanent fixture and have the deck above with the wheelehouse as a removable piece. That way the cabin wings could be fixed to the deck. I used a small mahogany quadrant inside the wings to give more gluing area- at your size you could pin them and put a capping on top. It would make the openings higher above the water level for rough crossings.

I'll get back to you over the radio if someone doesn't beat me to it.


06/06/2016 10:13:28

Hi Bob,

With regard to access I made the wheelhouse and part of the deck forward of that removable- but I wish I'd made a hatch in the aft deck as well, as acess has been a bit of a problem - especially when I wanted to change motor and drive system. Just thought I'd mention it as now is the time to decide! I expect you have already made a decision.

It looks as though you will have loads of deck planking to play around with.



Edited By Ian Gardner on 06/06/2016 10:14:12

Thread: Can anyone identify this glass fibre hull please?
05/06/2016 16:56:29

That's good. I must apologise- your dimensions were there all the time, just me who couldn't see for looking!


Thread: Moonbeam
05/06/2016 10:34:50

Shows the value of persistence and lateral thinking!


Thread: On board camera
05/06/2016 10:27:32

Thank you Mattias,

The launch area is very handy. In our local club we use plywood launching cradles as we are mostly gents of middle to advancing years.

Thanks also for your suggestions about cameras etc.


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