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Thread: Vic Smeed's Model Boat Designs
06/11/2016 19:40:25

Hi Tony,

I have that 1957 Model Maker Manual too and was having a look through it at the designs you mentioned. I suspect thay are all Vic's as all the articles in the book are attributed to other authors except those, and VS compiled the book- but still not really enough to definitely say they were his. One of the articles mentions the MM design which I believe was his and he uses his 'royal we' quite a bit too. I reckon he could have knocked off each of those designs before breakfast so maybe he wasn't too bothered about claiming them!

Funnily enough I found and advert in an old Model Maker for the Tuna fibreglass hull too.

It'll be interesting if you do have a go at Lorelei- I did buy the plan but I think it's just a bit too odd for my liking and I'm still plodding on with my Silver Mist based steam yacht. I must get round to putting some photos up as it's nearly there- next job is to finish painting the hull. Mattias' trials and tribulations in that area put me off a bit!

All the best,



Edited By Ian Gardner on 06/11/2016 19:41:34

Thread: Vic Smeed's Silver Mist
06/11/2016 19:29:13

What a novel approach, Bob! And as you are going to paint each side differently there is still hope of a nice, classic white topside?smiley


Thread: Moonbeam
06/11/2016 19:24:57

Blimey, Mattias, you didn't need all that did you!? Well done for keeping your cool (if you did) and for patiently rectifying matters. It's better than a thriller all this- can't wait for the next instalment! What are you trying to do to us?!

All the best,


04/11/2016 19:23:39

That is looking very tasty, Mattias! It's a real pleasure to watch your progress with this boat- just gets better and better.


Thread: Vic Smeed's Model Boat Designs
04/11/2016 19:20:59

Hi Tony,

Isn't Pete's model wonderful? I was only speaking to him on the phone this morning! The Kingston Mouldings model was, I'm sure, based on Vic's drawing of the same name, a copy of which I possess- one of the long list of boats I will build if I live to be a 300 years old! I don't know about the Models By Design hull but it seems highly likely- there'sonly about 1/2'' difference in the dimensions.

Isn't V102 Vic's River Queen? If so, it has all detail necessary for a scratch built clinker hull, including two forms of tuck in the garboard at the stern. I vaguely remember a smaller version of this being produced as a free plan and do have a copy somewhere but can't remember what it was called and when it was published. Are you thinking of having a go?

I was leafing through some old copies of Model maker last night and thought I'd found a new Vic Smeed design- Tuna- a rather odd looking patrol boat, but on checking, sure enough it was in your list.

All the best,


Thread: Vic Smeed's Silver Mist
30/10/2016 19:28:13

Looks very good, Bob. I prefer the new green. Are you going to paint the handrails?


Thread: Huntsman Powerplant
30/10/2016 08:56:50

Hello Dean,

I have had a little experience in these matters and I feel it is worth buying a watt meter so that you can get some idea of what current your 850s will be drawing on your chosen props. Needless to say the measured current will be somewhat higher as you will be testing the boat whilst stationary. I think you will be surprised at the amount of current drawn.

I have used MTroniks 40amp esc's and Electronize esc's and would always choose the latter. They are rugged and simple to use and enable you to go higher than 12v if you decide you need a bit more oomph- which is quite likely using 850's. They are large , but that isn't a problem in your case. These are the ones I have experienced. However the 30 amp esc may not be sufficient- hence the wattmeter.

If you are going down this route I would also suggest one controller and battery for each motor and use a Y lead to the rx. There is a lot of information about this stuff around, much of it written by Dave Milbourn whose advice should certainly be heeded.

Making a boat of that size go well will never be cheap but I would urge you to look at Lipo's. HIMH batteries just don't give up the current you want- it's something to do with internal resistance. When I used 12v NIMH and measured what was going on they dropped to 9v at full throttle- this was using Graupner 700's. I changed to 3s Lipo's and the difference was amazing- they are also much lighter.

Good luck.


Thread: Moonbeam
29/10/2016 19:52:57

Hello Mattias,

I guessed you would have thought around this thoroughly before embarking on the job. I'm sure your solution will work out well- everything else has!




Edited By Ian Gardner on 29/10/2016 19:53:16

29/10/2016 13:26:44

Looks very fine Mattias- and will look even better when you have added the final clear coats. Just a thought- how about a thin, bright finished rubbing strip around the hull at deck level to cover your slight white line. This would go on nicely with impact adhesive, masked off beforehand. I built one of these hull years ago and did the same- it looked very good.

All the best,


Thread: Vic Smeed's Model Boat Designs
24/10/2016 17:40:54

It's a very sweet little boat and would make an interesting and unusual model. I wonder where Vic got his inspiration for this as I have never seen anything like it in photographs of full sized vessels. Has anyone got any ideas?

I say little- it looks quite big in the photo of it on the pondside.


Thread: The Shelterdeck
08/10/2016 17:20:07

You can lead a horse to water etc.. It's actually about 26% which doesn't seem too bad to me.

I downloaded it and found it very interesting. I hope there will be more.

Ian Gardner

Thread: Fitting out a tug
23/09/2016 20:44:36

Thanks Martin,

Yes Harold Underhill was a real master and I love his drawings too. Dunlin (my name) is a good few years old now and needs a bit of TLC- it occurs to me she hasn't had a wet bottom this year but still one of my favourites. The MFA geared motors go very well but are a bit noisy. I have just put some resin timing pulleys and rubber belt in my Veleta (2.5:1) but haven't tried it yet. It's very smooth and quiet on the bench though. They were from SHG- a very helpful company.


23/09/2016 19:59:13

I use a geared 540- the MFA 6:1 ratio- in a 3' boat that weighs 25lb. It's on 12v with a 2'' prop and she goes like a train.


Hope this helps.


Thread: Rhine Patrol - US Navy TMSY
21/09/2016 15:15:08

Hi Ray,

Yes I like Veleta and have always been a sucker for Vic Smeed's designs. I've just installed some resin pulleys and timing belt in Veleta from SHG, but I haven't tried her out yet.

The raised lettering is Slater's plastic lettering sold for model railways- I've used it on all my boats for a while and it looks quite good painted gold or silver on a mahogany board - saves lining up Letraset or vinyl lettering on the hull. It comes in various sizes.

I chucked a load of Letraset away recently as I found it had 'gone off'- but that was probably over twenty five years old too!

I looked up Sundower on the ADLS website- she was originally a naval pinnace from 1912 and had a very exciting and interesting career. Her owner insisted on taking her to Dunkirk and rescued a large number of men. I just love those classic motor and steam yachts.

Thanks for the information about Sundowner- there are quite a few photos on the internet.

All the best,


20/09/2016 18:07:08

Hello Ray,

Thanks for that- I'll have some fun looking her up. She's probably on the ADLS site. As you may surmise from my interest in the Silver Mist design, she's right up my street.

And I am a fan of many portholes!


All the best,


20/09/2016 10:49:36

Very interesting old motor yacht in the background of the second photo- any information?


Thread: Moonbeam
19/09/2016 12:15:43

Hi Mattias,

Although I have been following your thread I haven't said much as it's difficult to keep repeating the same superlatives- but I must say it looks extremely fabulous and your hard work and careful planning- as always- has paid off.

All the best,


Thread: Vic Smeed's Silver Mist
14/09/2016 14:24:27

Although Vic Smeed was a very clever designer I think most of the credit in this case should go to John Bain who was the designer of James Silver Yachts of which this is one example.


13/09/2016 20:15:50

Looking nice Bob. The colour scheme looks good with the bright wheelhouse and capping rail. The sliding door looks the biz too.

I spy filler! This was your cunning plan all along.

All the best,


Edited By Ian Gardner on 13/09/2016 20:16:11

08/09/2016 19:17:08

Hi Bob,

Hope you had a good holiday- and yes, I too was wondering where you had got to. Looking forward to seeing more progress on your Silver Mist.

All the best,


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