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Thread: Sunda Steam Yacht
03/02/2009 09:03:59
Hi all,
I have been searching through my stuff for a drawing called Sunda by , I think, Vic Smeed. It was a free plan of a steam yacht in the December 1971 Model Boats and I have the mag but can't find the plan- I used to have it but I think it has been 'organised' out of existence. Can anybody let me have a copy or actually copy this drawing for me?
I'm a sucker for old Vic Smeed plans- bit of a hero you know. I recently decided that one of my interests was collecting plans as I seem to have so many. Obviously would be prepared to let money change hands within reason.
Thread: Tinted windows
18/01/2009 11:11:07
Hi Seaspray,
I received some of this sheet yesterday- it is very thin and I will probably back it up with normal clear plastic. Good colours though.
14/01/2009 15:19:02
Hi all,
I started a thread recently enquiring about tinted clear plastic which seems to have disappeared. For anybody interested I have discovered that Midwest do sheets of tinted plastic in grey, green, blue and red and is stocked by Gee Dee Models. It is 0.5mm thick and comes in sheets approximately 7'' x 11''  and costs £1.35 a sheet. Just thought this might add to the body of knowledge!
Best wishes,
Ian Gardner
Thread: Lesro Sportsman steering
27/12/2008 16:43:00

Hello John,

Thanks for that. I anticipated that the large deck area would be quite dry but it helps to have it confirmed.I need to decide whether to make the large cabin sides removeable with the roof, or just the roof. As the motor will be under there I think the whole cabin. I may try and track down a Rapier for when I have finished this one. I did think about the Sea Queen but it is a large boat. Given that you use 9.6v for your boat I wonder if mine will be a bit too much- I shall have to see!  I would be interested to see some photos so will contact you and thanks for the offer.

With regard to reversing I can't remember any boat I have ever had that reversed well which again, isn't much help. 

All the best,


27/12/2008 06:35:00

Hi John and hi everyone else as I am relatively new to this forum.

I'm afraid I can't help with your reversing problem on the Sportsman but I have been building one of these boats for the last few weeks and am a bit stumped about what I am going to make  removeable. The plans don't seem to be very specific about access to the interior. I want to make the large cockpit deck removeable as batteries and radio will be under there. Is this the case on your boat and if so how is the join waterproofed? I'm going to install a Torpedo 850 on 12v and don't envisage doing much reversing.

I think a boat with a large transom and a hard chine hull will always be a bit difficult in reverse. I have enjoyed building this boat so far and wish there were a few more 'traditional' kits available. I'm not sure you can get these Lesro boats anymore- I fancied their 38'' cabin cruiser- Rapier I think.

Best wishes,


Thread: Vic Smeed design?
25/11/2008 12:41:00


I found this thread recently and checked my own well thumbed copy of Power Model Boats. I have always admired that photo and I believe the  plan is the Tarpon ( not the old Veron  kit) which was listed as an Italian designed motor yacht built by Vospers. It is 35'' x9'' and I bought the plan many years ago. It is MM494 and older copies of the plans handbook show a photo. The later 'Plans Special' magazine seems to show a picture of the grp hull for the Veron Tarpon so not much help!  The MM494 plan shows all construction detail and all parts are drawn full size. I agree, it's a lovely boat. Hope this helps.

Best wishes, Ian.

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