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Thread: Vintage Gentleman's Cruiser
16/08/2017 13:41:13

I like the funnel Bob. Many of these old cruisers seem to have had funnels even if they had ic engines- including the one that this design was based on. I think it would look better if it was elliptical though> it would be more thirties than steam era. I think the boat is looking very nice and I look forward to seeing how it turns out.

All the best,


Thread: Simple start.
21/07/2017 13:36:23

I think the Panache was about 30'' long, if it was the Vic Smeed design, and that photo looks like it.

I always transfer formers by tracing, using greaseproof paper- that way you don't have to make holes in your nice plan- but... horses for courses!


Thread: Wood Sealer Poly C
11/07/2017 14:19:51

Hello Tim,

I have used Poly-C on a balsa hull with nylon tights for strengthening. It goes on well and dries quickly, so can be overcoated rapidly. It cleans up with water and is relatively odourless. It isn't as strong as epoxy and the hull has suffered some dents with use.

I tried it because I thought it would be cheaper and easier- which it is- but I wouldn't use it again. I think it is designed for skinning aircraft wings.

I agree with Dave that Z-Poxy is probably the best option for coating hulls. It is what I had used before the Poly-C and it is what I'd always use in future. Unlike other full size boat building epoxies, Z-Poxy sands very easily too.

Ian Gardner

Edited By Ian Gardner on 11/07/2017 14:20:31

Thread: Vic Smeed's Model Boat Designs
03/07/2017 13:43:14

I love to see all these old Vic Smeed designs. I remember pushing my daughter up and down the garden in her pram trying to get her off to sleep whilst studying the plan of Guardsman on the handlebars! It was published in 1982!

If I ever built another Vic Smeed design I'd love to do an enlarged Guardsman. It's such a well drawn design it would stand doubling- nudge, nudge, Bob! I remember mine weighed in the order of 4.5 pounds, so a twice size would be about 36lb! I had to build my original on a tray in the living room as I had to keep an ear out for said daughter when Mrs Gardner worked in the evenings.

I like that transmitter tray, Ray. I build my boat stands with an open tray at the bottom for tools and batteries but a wet boat drips on them -not ideal.

Keep up the good work chaps!

All the best,


02/07/2017 11:07:55

Well done Bob! I was also going to suggest adding Ray's model. No doubt I will be corrected if I'm wrong, but I think his was about 30''. We still don't have a 21'' model- there was one in the gallery somewhere, but I forget the name of the gent who made it. I remember having some correspondence with him, and he used to sail it on Roadford Lake in Devon - not a million miles away from me. I used to sail dinghys there.

I think mine and Ray's are about to collide! Fun to see them all together though.

Tony, you are a mine of information. Interesting work, hunting for this information. I remember the original Arthur O Pollard articles from my younger days.

All the best,


28/06/2017 16:17:11

Clever stuff Bob! Makes me realise what a huge model your Silver Mist is, although I suppose they might not quite be in proportion to one another due to the differing photos.

All the best,


Edited By Ian Gardner on 28/06/2017 16:17:40

Thread: Graupner speed controller 30R
22/06/2017 10:03:13

Bored of? I think bored with or bored by are still the generally accepted forms. Or do we get 'fed up of' pedants?wink 2

Ian Gardner

Thread: Vic Smeed's Silver Mist
17/04/2017 11:38:21

Good luck with the maiden voyage Bob. I can't wait to see your giant Silver Mist cleaving throught the briny. I hope all goes well and am looking forward to seeing the video.


13/04/2017 19:15:58

Fabulous! You'll be able to get the Home Service as you motor down the loch.


11/04/2017 18:58:32

Great to see more progress on Silver Mist, Bob. It will be very interesting to see how she performs. That cooling blade frightens me to death!


Thread: Prototype build of ELLIE
25/01/2017 16:43:25

You're welcome John,

I don't suppose your Wavemaster is any worse than my ebay rescue was. I got a bit carried away and paid a silly price for it -and little while later IP Engineering bought out their lovely laser cut kit. However she goes beautifully and brings much pleasure.

Ellie is also a fab little boat and reminds me of many craft I saw during twenty years of holidays in the Norfolk Broads- you choose well!



23/01/2017 19:56:32


I think your Wavemaster is probably an IP Engineering kit -of recent vintage. The original Wavemaster was a bigger boat at something like 33/34'' I think a new kit was produced for that too. They are lovely looking boats and you may know they were designed by Les Rowell in the 50's- the same man who designed the Aerokits range of boats and later on, the Lesro kits, such as Rapier, Sportsman etc.

Have fun with it.


Edited By Ian Gardner on 23/01/2017 19:57:04

Thread: Todays Boating
17/12/2016 14:42:57

Of course it's too fast- but what fun! I also liked the recent video of the supersonic Sea Queen at Fleetwood- one of my favourites.


Thread: Moonbeam
29/11/2016 14:58:16

I enjoyed the music Mattias- I have saved the link so I can go back and listen to more! We have just come back from playing at a day centre here in Exeter- loads of fun! Do we call you 'fidgety' now? I can see why you have that sobriquet!

The mast step looks great by the way- getting back to boats.


29/11/2016 09:12:59

Good work Mattias and I hope you enjoyed your gigs. Music is what has kept me out of the workshop a lot of the summer but as things are quietening down I hope to get a bit more done. I find a lot of time is spent in just keeping the repertoire up to scratch.

Looking forward to following more progress on Moonbeam.


Thread: Vic Smeed's Model Boat Designs
13/11/2016 11:14:10

I must say when I had a closer look at Tuna I did wonder what was going on with that bridge structure- the plan view doesn't make it much clearer. Otherwise it's quite a nice design.

Thread: Mamod marine engine
10/11/2016 19:39:43

Chris ,

It sounds as though you are set on the Mamod engine but the USE does come as a machined kit. They are easy to assemble and multiple engines can be joined with silicone tube. As the engine frame is made of mazak it's difficult to join anything to them, although I remember turning up some copper joiners and using epoxy to fix them- it worked well.

Good luck whatever you choose.


Thread: Moonbeam
10/11/2016 10:11:44

Well done Mattias, all looking very fabulous and, of course, your close up potos will be pretty unforgiving. I admire your courage in sharing your build with all its trials and tribulations- but very instructional and encouraging to others.

It occurs to me that I have also spent many hours rubbing down hulls, model and full size, that I then remind myself will be in the water fifty feet away, or underneath me! Mind you, you always get at least one club mate who insists on bending down to run his eye along the bottom of a new build- bless 'em!

I was a bit sniffy about acrylic finishes but have lately taken to using acrylic spray varnish and find it very good. easier to apply and quicker drying.

All the best,


Thread: Mamod marine engine
09/11/2016 14:01:16

Hi Chris,

My first steam boat used these USE engines which I found excellent.


I had two joined together in an open launch with a home made centre flu boiler- it was great fun. The engine wasn't self starting but it did mean I had an extra channel for a whistle, which was a lot more fun than a throttle control! I had to flick the prop to start but the engines never stalled.

I have never used the Mamod engines so can't comment but USE engines are cheapish and available and might be worth your consideration.

All the best,


Thread: Vic Smeed's Silver Mist
07/11/2016 13:52:54

Of course, I realised that Bob and was only pulling your leg! It's nice to see some posts about your Silver Mist again. Things seemed to have slowed down- but I can't talk- I haven't turned a wheel for months now.

Stick with your green- we all love it really!


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