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Thread: Batteries
18/08/2012 18:57:45

Many thanks for all the info you guys, going out tomorrow with all the old stuff in the boat to give the swans & gease a run for there money!.


ps Sunday being a day of rest, i will start Monday modifying things on the boat .

17/08/2012 07:59:43


Can anyone suggest a battery set up to improve longer running times & more go!. At present i am using 2x 6volt 5.0 AH/20HR lead acid batteries to give me 12volts. Azimut Atlantic Challenger is the boat in question, it has two jet drives with 2 Graupner 700BB Neodym Turbo 9.6 volt motors, these motors are direct drive to prop shafts. Have changed all wiring connections to gold bullets & a fan to help with cooling, 2x 50 amp speed controllers with 30amp fuses are fitted.

Regards, Dave.

Thread: Painting problem
13/08/2012 19:40:09

Thanks Ashley & Colin for information on my paint problem, i will stick to aerosols in future as i have never had a problem before. Trying to save money has caused me more problems than sticking to a system that has worked for me on three other boats.



13/08/2012 07:53:21

Hi everyone its monday smiley,

Can anyone help me, on the lower half of my boat hull i have airbrushed a matt rust colour enamel paint made by Phoenix precision. The rest of the hull is painted with aerosol paint for cars. What i intended to do was use clear lacqu

er to finish the job, having sprayed the clear lacquer on a test piece of the rust colour, this revealed blistering of paint. Do i need to purchase lacquer suitable for enamel paint and only spray the rust colour. HELP.

Regards, Dave

Thread: Electrics,
29/04/2012 16:42:34

Many thanks to Ashley & Gareth for information on motor and speed controller problem.

The prop is less than 30mm, i already have the 15 amp controller so i am prepared to give it a go with a 10 amp fuse as Gareth suggested.

Answer to Gareths question on Tornado speed controllers is the picture shows an unfinished wiring job of a boat called Atlantic Challenger, the complete boat is finished now and i am waiting for some good sailing weather. Many thanks to both of you.


28/04/2012 08:38:18

Hi shipmates, I am building a small search and rescue boat, the motor being used is a Graupner 400 speed 7.2 volt, with a current drain when stalled of 21 amps. Can i use a viper marine 15 speed controller to work with the above motor?

Regards, Dave.

Thread: Azimut Atlantic Challenger
06/03/2012 08:54:58

Hi Ashley, Thanks very much for reply on what i thought was a problem.

What i should have done was what you suggested, plonk it in the c02 and see what happens.

I will be doing that in the near future, will let you know the outcome.

Many thanks, Dave

05/03/2012 11:34:35

Hi shipmates, I have nearly completed building Atlantic Challenger, i am having a problem with the motors. I am using a F14 navy transmitter by Robbe, i am using the left hand stick only to control the two motors, i have linked the 2 speed controllers together with a y lead. the problem i have is that both motors do not start together at first push of the lever, will this cause me problems steering the boat at slow speeds?. Any help would be welcome, Dave.

Thread: Prime Time
28/01/2010 07:33:13
Prime Time was a kit made by a company called Dumas Products in the 1980s.
The kit was modified by Captains Models to produce a one off called Shore Thing.
Recent dealings with Captains Models tells me the kit is no longer available,
but the boat Shore Thing is up for sale for $9500.
They suggested surfing the internet to find a kit ie Prime Time.
Await some suggestions.
Thread: Moonraker
19/01/2010 11:04:20
Scale of moonraker is 1:25, Length 1470mm, Beam 284mm, approx weight 8.5 Kg.
Its the worlds fastest Mega-Yacht, sea trials near Norway recorded speeds up to 124Km/h.
Motors fitted to yacht produce 11560 hp, center motor is a gas turbine with 4600hp.
It cost 15million DM in 1992 built in Norway.
I have fitted 3 Graupner 700bb turbo neodyne motors to make it move.
The cost to me at present is around £1000.00, which includes F14 navy hand set.
Having retired very recently i am converting my garage into a workshop with heating so i have more room for this fascinating hobby.
At present looking at Virgin Atlantic Challenger, looks very fast & very smart.
Thread: moonraker
02/01/2010 08:25:11
hi boat builders, having completed my boat i could do with some advice on setting up my transmitter having not done this before.
the transmitter is a robbe f-14 navy with 8 channel receiver, the 3 motors fitted each have there own speed controllers FX40HX-AN by electronize motors fitted are 700BB TURBO NEODYM 9.6V by graupner.
the model has bow thruster, 2 outer servos connected together to control reverse mech, 1 center servo to both control nozzles.
i have added 2 extra switches & 1 linear switch.
Thread: Moonraker
18/09/2008 06:21:00

hi heckner

i am still building moonraker, the project was always going to be a winter affair, due to my other hobbies.

due to illness this winter gone i am way behind with this build.

i have completed most of the hull section & got the thing water tight & motors fitted.

getting the boat water tight & beefing up supports around water inlets was very time consuming & slow

will be starting build again shortly

keep you up to date


Thread: Model yacht spinnaker
26/11/2007 07:37:00

Son Parc

many thanks for information on mixing the brown stuff,



Thread: Moonraker
21/11/2007 18:31:00

hi boat builders again

i have purchased MOONRAKER KIT,

from cornwall models

it looks like i will be building this project for ever.

only joking, the kit is sent in a massive box,

i have just started building, wow what a project.

keep you informed


Thread: Model yacht spinnaker
18/11/2007 07:39:00

can any one tell me the ratios for mixing stablit express glue

await reply


Thread: Moonraker
14/10/2007 08:57:00

hi boat builders

just a line or to about myself

many years ago i built model planes in bulsa wood. i have purchased a model boat

the h.m.c. "tracker" which i intend to build over the next few months in the evenings

instead of watching a load of rubbish in my lounge.

i am a keen diy er & fushia grower in summer time but needed something to get me threw the dark days of winter.

i am self employed repairing cars for a living which i still enjoy after 44 years.

look forward to completing the build & then go on to building MOONRACKER



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