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Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
31/07/2020 07:28:11

Let's think again....

The system is now working, both motors run together and independently

Rudder is OK

My query is.......Why are the in line ON / OfF buttons not working?


30/07/2020 23:08:44

THank you Ashley

We've had this arguement for years now and I've debunked it so many times

Ive got the the four engined VGC cruiser and the Lady Jane proving the point so man times

I just wonder where the idea came from in the first place?

No doubt Mr Grimnasty will appear shortly

It'll sort itself out shortly.....Hopefully

all the best, my mate and I like your latest magazine offering


30/07/2020 21:34:24

Hi Paul

I have a little light bulb gadget that fits the plug socket and is a good quick check

The motors run ok, but the system is chronic

Will have another fiddle tomorrow and a word with Howes Models

G' Night Paul


30/07/2020 20:04:55

Spent most of today, fiddling with the radio gear.......

2 MARINE ESC 50 with reverse and 2 MFA 850 Motors

Only about an hour ago, did it show signs of life!

Both ESC`s have an ON/OFF switch

When the motors finally make their minds up to run....I can turn the on / off switch off and it has no effect

Is this correct?


Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
29/07/2020 15:51:34

Neil.....What a super model!

You are indeed a Master Builder and you have my total admiration

But....Where is it now?


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
29/07/2020 15:08:26

Hi Paul, I was only thinking about the painting colour scheme this morning

First layer......Card with Rivet effect, similar to GE.........The rivets are for interest

Next......Under coat.....Grey or light blue?

Next .....Silver spray paint, allowing some of the blue undercoat to show through?

Not to mention......Lots of vents, hatches, missile hatches, some open, some with missiles on view

Mine throwers?

Pipes and all sorts of tripe etc

Hand rails and doorways.....Some doors open etc

The world is my Oyster!

Plus anything you and Ashley can dream up?

All good

Working on the motor drives etc at the moment


Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
29/07/2020 14:48:04

Well said there, Neil

I knew there was a connection between yourself and the Caldercraft and Mountfleet companies

Didn`t you design the Sunbeam Yacht and the early Lifeboat he had for sail?

You have learned well and have every right to be thankful for yesteryear`s events and fond memories

Look after self, my mate


29/07/2020 13:53:33

Neil, you are indeed a man of many talents!

And I`m impressed!


Thread: British Aviator
29/07/2020 13:47:00

HI Bob

You are nearly right about the departure of the Black Death....But not quite

There is a pretty little village, nor far from where I live called EYAM in Derbyshire

During the Black Death period, a parcel of clothes was sent to Eyam and it was infected with the Bubonic Plague !

The village was decimated by the plague and yet it miraculously died out!.....HOW?

A true miracle.

In the church there is a Roll of Honour book and the first entry I looked at was by coincidence a Kenneth Abell


29/07/2020 10:01:04

Know what yer mean, `arry

Sorry for the SILLY opening phrase, but it is a well known saying in the UK

I`m wondering how the Black Death in medieval days actually died out?

It ought to be investigated, as there may be a life boat in it for us all?


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
29/07/2020 09:03:42

Hi chaps

Slow progress at the moment, getting down to the bits and pieces

The rudder mech is now finished and works well

Trimming up the superstructure to fit the wibbly wobbly deck!

Using the filler and sanding down....etc

The Control panel is next in line

A few photos to have a look at, especially for Doc Thomason

Comments are always welcome chaps


view 4.jpg

view 3.jpg

view 2.jpg

view 1.jpg

Thread: British Aviator
29/07/2020 08:43:07

Thanks Bob

I didn`t really think they were aerials, but they had me scratching my head alright

I agree with your dismal forecast concerning the virus!

Unless we find a cure........!

The crack pots rushing about in large groups.....Won`t be in large groups for long!

Can`t understand the Government relaxing the restrictions, it`s just asking for trouble

Look after yourself Robert and everybody too......Be careful out there!


29/07/2020 07:10:35

Nice looking ship, Bob........Is this ear marked for your next build?

i'm a little surprised at the extensive wireless stuff?

Suppose, that's what makes the model of special interest?


Thread: Thames Sailing Barge Stuff
28/07/2020 09:57:59

Wow, Ray, that's a lot

I sold my big Gents vintage cruiser to a club member......... and he had 40 stored up in his cellar!

That was the daftest thing I've ever done and I regret it now

I had a good reason at the time though.......(Impending serious illness, which I have since recovered from)


Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
28/07/2020 07:46:50

Hi Neil

I`ve got a workshop full of boxes of bits and pieces and dare not throw any of it out

There nothing more pleasing than rummaging around and finding that vital little oddment that fits the bill!


Thread: Thames Sailing Barge Stuff
28/07/2020 07:39:13

Nice build Ray

How many models have you got, stored up in your workshop?


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
27/07/2020 15:09:50

Thanks my mate


27/07/2020 11:03:33

`Morning chaps

I was rummaging in the junk boxes this morning, looking for two really special nuts or screws to retain the Rudder Hatch, when I spotted these little Mini Clamps. Old memories came flooding back to the 70`s

Me and my pal, Dave Bailey were always looking for ways of making money. Who doesn`t? ....I hear you say

Our first idea was these Mini clamps. We tooled up for bending, punching, deburring and sent them out for Cadmium plating. We borrowed the Works Plastic bag sealing machine and bagged the clamps in packets of ten.

Then off to Ashton Model Shop, where we met the our friend, Charlie Jackson. He liked them and offered to sell them on the counter! We made hundreds of the little devils.

We then progressed to Turnbuckles for yachts. We made three sizes and once again, dreaming of elusive riches ahead, we tooled up.

Er....What`s that?....What`s with this tooling lark?

Glad you asked that. We had a giant Engineers Vice and removed the Jaw Tips and fitted an assortment of male and female tools.

It was great fun, gripping a sheet of brass and simply winding the vice jaws together and "Pop", a side plate was made! It cut out the profile and stamped out lightening holes and two assembly holes.

They were a little work of art. I hope Dave has still got one on his keyring, I try and get a photo of it

We progressed to all sort of projects as time went buy

More later if any interest is shown

Bob and Dave

mini clamps.jpg

26/07/2020 20:30:46

Pleased that you like the futuristic rudder drive, Paul

I know Ray likes the Mech

Hey up!....It`s 8.30 pm already

Time for my Tinnie.........G`Night, Paul and all


26/07/2020 19:45:44

Working on the Rudder drive again now

The hatch is shown open and placed on the rudder shaft, just to show that the rudder shafts have top support

I like the chain drive method, it`s more in keeping for a ship of the future 50`s?

The chain and sprockets can be obtained from Hobbies Ltd


chain drive.jpg


Edited By Bob Abell on 26/07/2020 19:48:52

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