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Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
04/08/2020 19:41:11

That`s more like it Neil, I understand now, matey. You should have said that in the first place!.....Only pulling your leg, old chap

The crew look very realistic and lifelike

Really splendid


04/08/2020 17:47:38

Neil, you already know, that a picture is worth a thousand words

How about a cross section through the whole chibang?


04/08/2020 17:02:03

As a matter of fact, Neil, my PC has decided to refresh the whole system itself, taking about two hours in the process........Windows 10 is the Villain no doubt and left it in total chaos. Not to mention BT has just done the same and passwords are being asked for now.

I`ll look at your stuff shortly

Sorry old Bean


PS.....Silicone mould, did you say?

I thought the Plasticine was the mould?

Sorry....Must try harder

04/08/2020 16:18:19

Thank you Neil

Too complicated for the like of me, I'm afraid


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
03/08/2020 13:38:38

Thanks Ash

All good suggestions

Wonder if I could represent a missile going off, using a smoke feature of some sort?......Hmmmmmm?

And similar novelties?

Can we have smoke without fire?


Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
03/08/2020 13:20:21

Many thanks Neil

At first glance, you seem to have a split mould and no entry for the plastic?

I am probably mistaken

Wil look again when I get back from the Debtist

Many thanks, my mate


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
03/08/2020 09:26:17

Progress update

At the moment, not much progress to be made

Waiting for white paint to spray the inside of the hull, to seal unreachable areas

Then refit the Control panel

Tidy up the wiring and loose items

But in the meantime, I`m now having a look at the decking, to get rid of the plain looking appearance and get the scale of the model looking more like a Warship. Missile hatches etc


Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
03/08/2020 09:19:18

Very interesting, Neil

To save me having to keep reading your post, just tell me..........

Is Plasticine used for the mould?

What is the moulding material?

How long does it take to set?

Where from?

How much?

Thanks a lot, my mate


02/08/2020 08:59:43

This is very interesting, Neil

I might need to do something like this for my current model

Are you going to let us know the materials you use etc?

Not seen Plasticine for years.........Does it still have that distinctive smell?


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
01/08/2020 14:39:45

Thanx chaps, that cheered me up, no end!.........Northern expression


01/08/2020 07:54:21

Hello Cookie.....Welcome aboard

In what way were your ESC awful?

Just curious

All the best, my mate


31/07/2020 19:56:54

Hi Paul

I can only say that the Esc's must have been the weakest link?

What batteries were you using?


31/07/2020 19:06:27

Thanks for the info about your twin motored model, Paul

Did you cut the contraversial wire?

If you didn`t then it caught fire due to the batteries finding the weakest wire acting as a fuse....and Bob`s your uncle

One learns quite a lot when serious unaccountable problems crop up

I feel quite happy with my set up now

That`s a bit daft saying that, eh? When it`s a ticking time bomb!


31/07/2020 15:59:40

Don`t you go worrying there, my son.........He`s not you anyway

In fact, I can`t remember who I was referring to now, but we`ll know when he does!

Was your burn`t out model a twin motor model


31/07/2020 12:17:10

Thank You Tim

Paul Thomason has just said the same thing

I never knew these gadgets existed


31/07/2020 11:16:33

Paul....Email sent


31/07/2020 11:10:24

Chaps!.......I may have a logical explanation for the Cut Wire controversy

Have read on the net that on twin motor systems with twin batteries, that the wire in question, also known as the Earth Wire, is cut to prevent the power of two batteries leaking into the system and burning out the weakest wire and thus could cause a fire!

In my case where the wires have not been cut, the system will operate as normal, but is "an accident waiting to happen!"

Sounds reasonable to me


31/07/2020 10:43:52

Thank you Ashley

Just run the the system and all is well

The On / Off mystery

I have the story slightly incorrect......Sorry chaps

When both switches are ON the system operates correctly

When one switch is turned OFF.......The system still operates

With both switches OFF.........The system is dead

This means the switches are not just ON/OFF switches


31/07/2020 10:29:02

Thank you my mate

Haven`t got a wiring diagram and I`ve tried ringing Howes Models, but no answer at the moment

NOW........I`ve just come up with an idea and it`s a cracker!

Will send you an Email, shortly


31/07/2020 10:22:44

Hi Ashley

You yourself must have built plenty of models with twin motors?

So.......Did you cut the said wire?


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