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Thread: Jeanie Deans
21/11/2007 10:55:00
"Jeanie Deans docked at Etherow country park"....a chap on the net in Canada, an ex pat from the area, thought this was a full size ship and wanted to know how it got there!
Thread: WC-2.jpg
20/11/2007 16:15:00

Thank you Len for that`s a good idea............I suppose anything that smoulders would do the trick..............Even King Edward cigars!

20/11/2007 13:12:00
Will Paul Freshney, Editor of ModelBoats, please E-mail me with further information.....please
Thread: inport1.jpg
20/11/2007 09:41:00
Is the yacht with new tech sail....."Windsail"? How about a side elevation etc? I`m sorry to admit that this is new to me!
Thread: WC-2.jpg
20/11/2007 08:22:00

I`m not used to this forum either!

19/11/2007 21:49:00
I`m a little confused here.....................Please re-phrase the question!
Thread: Amerigo Vespucci 006 (Small).jpg
19/11/2007 10:44:00
What are you doing the Beginners section?..........Me likewise!
Thread: Amerigo Vespucci 004 (Small).jpg
19/11/2007 10:42:00
Very nice model Barry! I like the rivets in the hull......Scratchbuilt or....?
Thread: Maiden launch with new ballast keel
19/11/2007 09:23:00

Hello Paul....................Thank you for your kind comments

The launching of the paddle boat was about 6 months ago..................since then, so much stuff has been added.....not to mention hundreds of lead stanchions and masses of brass wire that I`ve had to reduce the lead weights by 5 lbs and even take out the sound system!

Thread: WC-2.jpg
19/11/2007 07:01:00

Thank you was quite querky and novel chugging round the pond and since it had independent was fun to also had REAL smoke!......I had a little tin inside the funnel and I simply dropped inside smouldering mosquito strips!........the smell was a bit iffy!

This model prompted me to make the Jeanie Deans paddle steamer

Thread: Keel Weight
19/11/2007 06:52:00

I`m glad you mentioned that!

I`ll post a picture in the LH forum`s not a pretty sight!

Originally, the lead was carried internally, which made transportation difficult, so I used a lead keel off another model and gave it some leverage by using  thick brass strips.

Thread: New member needs help
18/11/2007 19:48:00
Here`s a simple idea...................have a hole in the centre of the hull........but have a high wall round it to keep the water out..........and tip the bait over the wall!
Thread: Keel Weight
18/11/2007 19:09:00
OK.....I understand
Thread: New member needs help
18/11/2007 19:08:00
You could use a SAIL ARM SERVO which rotates about 60 degrees with a bait tray on the end?
Thread: Matchstick Fleet
18/11/2007 13:21:00
Don`t know about the books.............but there`s plenty of stuff on the net!
Thread: New member needs help
18/11/2007 10:01:00

You`ve misunderstood there old chap!

The two fishermen need a little boat with a remotely moveable hatch in the hull to allow the maggots to fall into the water!

All I can say is that they are available ready made in some fishing tackle shops!

If you fancy making one............I would use a simple hull with a hinged ramp that would lift up and simply tip the stuff................over the side!

Thread: Keel Weight
18/11/2007 09:48:00

Hello JC

So it`s only a tiddler afterall!

I mount the keel in a similar manner as One metre yachts.....the keel fits inside a loose fitting box and retained by a single screw

Just posted a photo of my Britannia yacht keel for should appear sometime this afternoon.......with a bit of luck!

18/11/2007 09:19:00

Hello there JC

I don`t know about formulaes but I have built several Britannia type yachts....( see my albums )...............,,the hulls are 1350mm long and have a quite large sail area and yet the keel weight is only 9lb! at a keel depth of 14 inches

The models could not accomodate much more lead as the waterline footprint was quite critical!......................They sail nicely normal windy conditions and are very graceful in light airs!

If your hull is 1700mm long...............I would use a keel depth of about 18 inches and a weight of about 12 lbs and also make the geometry of the keel blade adjustable for fore and aft and also depth

Let me know how you go on!

Regards Bob Abell

Thread: Springer Tug
17/11/2007 17:39:00
Thank you`s something new to me!
17/11/2007 16:47:00

Thanks Ken

I understand how it works`s very clever..........a bit like flaps on an aircraft

 The name fishtail came from the previous posting showing a logging type tugboat

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