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Thread: Etherow Model Boat Club
02/10/2020 19:41:01

Comp day finally arrived, September 30th at 11.00 am

Five models made an appearance, and so did the rain, but was bearable for most of the morning.

A few club members also came for a look, but the virus restrictions created a strange atmosphere

We had a general sail about. My cardboard creation sailed well and was totally watertight, which was a relief

The Commodore, the well known John Berry of model Yacht Racing fame, did his rounds of judging and finally settled on the winner........Chris Galloway

Well done Chris

Pictures to follow shortly



Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
30/09/2020 08:06:22

What's up Doc?

What's the rush?

I've been very busy lately on important domestic affairs, repairing water damage to the upstairs flooring, which occurred about 30 years ago!........How time flies when one is having fun? So Brutus has taken a short term back seat.

Today is the Etherow Club Commodore's Challenge. Nobody seems to know how the event will be carried out?

Probably static judging and a short sail. The subject is to build Ray Woods MTB Ferret, if you remember. Of course I think I've infringed the rules by building twice the Modelboats free plan, by building twice the design size!

Photo' s to follow this evening


28/09/2020 18:41:43

I`m having no part in all this hush hush, top secret stuff

You can count me out, chaps

Unless it`s false news of course


26/09/2020 14:33:41

Thanks Paul and Ashley for your suggestions

What can the Laser cannon be used for?


23/09/2020 10:18:19

Sorry Ashley

Your photo of the Direction Finder is no spectacular enough

Will invent one now


22/09/2020 15:48:41

Hi Ashley.....Sounds a good idea

What would the device look like?

A picture would be helpful


22/09/2020 08:49:05

Thank you Ashley

I have to agree with you and Mr T on that

Just had another look at Brutus again and realised that the Rudder Servo can also be harnessed

Will create something more suitAbell

Get your suggestions in sharpish, before I dive in


21/09/2020 20:49:33

Thanks Paul

I'm sure to find a spot for a multi Thommy gun somewhere

In the meantime. How are you lately?

Its slow progress at the moment, but there's no rush

Look after yourself my mate


21/09/2020 19:52:02

Here`s a novel feature

Twin Rocket launchers mounted on the Rudder Stubs!

So they rotate with the rudders........Very novel and worth a look when on the pond?


rear rox.jpg

rear rockets.jpg

Thread: Cruise Ships - Dawlish Devon
19/09/2020 07:34:20

Hi Ray

Your slightly misaligned photo of the idle cruise ships parked up on a gloomy day puts the situation truly in perspective


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
17/09/2020 13:49:04

A voice in the wilderness at last

Thank you, Ashley, for looking in

A sensible suggestion, but not ready for a stairlift at the moment

My sledge idea has done the trick admirably

As a matter of fact, I`ve got all my heavy stuff upstairs using the sledge method

Especially the Myford Lathe

I used a 15 ft length plank as a slideway and was very rewarding exercise

Keep safe my mate


16/09/2020 18:53:12

Well spotted Colin, but you are supposed to be looking at the Sledge idea

A strange chap in a red coat and white whiskers has already commented and likes the sledge idea, for getting up and down the roof tiles




Edited By Bob Abell on 16/09/2020 19:27:21

16/09/2020 18:26:01

Many thanks Ray

We had a really fun time , getting up n down the stairs, without having to struggle

All the best


16/09/2020 17:49:31

Motors running test

I was pleasantly surprised to see Brutus 2 dash about under power.

Got a bit swamped doing a reverse up the slope of the bath

But no harm done

I have had to split the postings as shown, because the PC was playing up or me being gormless, I suspect the latter


16/09/2020 17:42:51

Float Test

Not a leak in sight.....What a nice surprise?



16/09/2020 17:36:32

Ground Zero....Why all this fuss? You may ask......Getting on a bit these days and need to be extra careful


at the bottom.jpg

16/09/2020 17:30:13

The Float Test...

But firstly, we need to get Brutus 2 down those stairs!

Not a problem, the sledge idea worked well

Even the missus was impressed


j bottom stairs.jpg

15/09/2020 09:02:02

Just a work in progress photo

She will begin to look more like the part when Port holes and more fittings are added

The Ship is really ready for a test floatation with motors now.....Down those Alpine looking stairs and Into the bath!


bits 15 9 20.jpg

Thread: Todays Boating
12/09/2020 10:29:42

Very nice Ashley.......More pix please

Chris E .....Correct


12/09/2020 08:16:03

Nice models, Mr Bishop

School poem.....

"No stir in the air, no stir in the sea

The ships were still as they could be"

Name that poem?


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