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Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
16/07/2020 07:47:56

Hi Neil

I can see some heavy duty construction going on here

What's that Bidet thing at the back.

Can we see a general view of your creation, please?

Your model is looking very business like now

Hope to see it at a Show one day?


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
16/07/2020 07:27:56

Thank you Ashley

I don't remember the MK 1 having deflectors?

Have you been drinking that Vintage Pond Water again?


Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
15/07/2020 20:26:30

Thanks Neil

So I wasn`t asking a daft question then?


15/07/2020 18:01:28

Sorry Neil, but have missed something, why is the floor sloping?


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
15/07/2020 15:44:41

Hi Paul

I don't mind you poo pooing my crazy ideas, I just do it to get your comments

That's what friends are for


15/07/2020 13:38:56

Thank you, Prof

Or do you prefer the name........Prof Poo Poo?

For Kevin`s information this is a lash up of what I was suggesting

A pair of small wings mounted at the front to deflect the spray and possibly provide some lift and perhaps look very pretty and a hint of Sci Fi?

Afterthought for the Prof.......If there is enough water spray, then the wings may make a difference?

Come in our inventive representative form the Home Counties.......Mr Ashley Needham


PS .......Motors and stuff now ordered and awaiting delivery

wing things.jpg

15/07/2020 11:03:46

Thanks Ashley

My fertile mind has been at it again..........Got an idea and it`s just up your street!

The spray rails could be Spray Wings!

Wide enough to take advantage of the ships speed?

Come in Prof Paul with his trusty and probably rusty.........Slide Rule

Not really serious, but 12mm wide would be a novelty.?......A bit like an MG model TC mudguards

I really don`t know how I can do it for the money!


Thread: Todays Boating
15/07/2020 10:10:12

All the best with the trials, Ashley


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
14/07/2020 09:58:28

Thank you, Paul and Ashley

How wide do the spray rails?

Ash, the original needed a water deflector on the deck, such was the spray with tight turns using brushless motors!

I`m pleased you like the string idea, Ash, I quite enjoy using them myself

I`ve got them all hung up on nails on the wall

The problem at times is finding enough weighty bits


Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
14/07/2020 08:19:44

Hi Neil

We have to admire your Bulldog tenacity!

Keep up the good work


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
13/07/2020 14:24:40

Fitting the hull rubbing strips using the weighted string idea, which is ideal for working on large model hulls

The trick is to have plenty of strong string and plenty of weighty things to dangle on same


rubbing strips.jpg

Thread: A blast from the past
13/07/2020 08:17:59


Paul Thomason`s cruiser......Ellie

Built in 2014

Finally fitted with a brushless motor

Vid by Duckie ( Peter Teal ]


Edited By Bob Abell on 13/07/2020 08:22:10

Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
12/07/2020 18:17:31

Hi Paul

I`ve removed about 2 oz of surplus wood already, for the rest of the superstructure, I will try card construction


12/07/2020 17:30:01

Thank you, Paul

That is a nice surprise, as the model feels very heavy to my way of thinking

I will examine the build and try and remove any unnecessary weight where possible


12/07/2020 13:27:11

Hi Paul, I have just weighed the model as shown on photo, and it comes to.......... 8 1/4 lb

Any comments, Prof?



11/07/2020 15:35:21

Thank you, Paul for your technical explanation

I hasten to add for the benefit of members who don't know Paul, and I know he won't thank me for this but Paul is very well qualified on such matters.....and then some!

Well done my mate

I'll weigh the hull shortly and let you know.

The birch ply is quite heavy compared to the cheap stuff that you can get from the local wood shops

As Paul says, I've not built a speed boat, just a futuristic scale model, to cruise sedately around the Etherow Lake


11/07/2020 09:48:14

Sorry ASH

I meant that they have been available for years....That`s all, old chap


Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
11/07/2020 06:41:13

Very pretty........No, not you, old boy

I mean of course!

Burning the midnight oil again

Nice workmanship, Neil,


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
10/07/2020 18:18:55

Hi Ashley

The 850`s have been out for years

What a pity they didn`t make a 950 and 1200 say?

There must be a market for them?

At the moment I`m spending my time sanding and filling etc

And minor mods to the hatch openings

It`s about time to order the gear now


10/07/2020 07:26:24

Thank you Ashley for your pro tech advice



Two 850's?...........Pah!.........FOUR 850's?..........Yep, very possible

All silver ?.......Not bad?

Red stripes too?........Yep!

Sound modul, got plenty of room inside.......Ooooooooo!, but what sound?

Food for thought

Come in Ashley!


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