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Here is a list of all the postings Bob Abell has made in our forums. Click on a thread name to jump to the thread.

Thread: Sad news
12/11/2021 09:02:48

The club house has been struck by Vandalism in the last few days!

Travellers have occupied the adjacent disused factory area and wrecked the power generator and stolen the power cables etc

No club meetings and comp judging etc for the foreseeable future

Only hope we have Insurance cover?


Thread: Mental blockage etc
27/10/2021 13:18:25

Thank you, Richard, I tend to agree with you, there

All the best Rich and Ashley


27/10/2021 13:00:40

Thank you Ashley

Sorry to admit defeat, the VGC was ok, but the Slo Mo defied logic

Both models have now gone to a good home, to my sister`s house, as display models

She has also got the MTB and the Slipper Launch

The Slipper Launch was this year`s Commodores Challenge and has now one rival and will be judged next month at the AGM by photo`s if necessary


14/10/2021 13:34:54

Thank you Charles

I`m relieved to read that I am not the only member getting forgetful on the Forum

I was rather hoping for a quick solution to my problem

Ah well, here goes

One long shot, would be to replace the original Rc. which happens to be one of those mini monstrosities!

But it should have no effect really?


14/10/2021 09:28:36

I`ve noticed that when a motor is switched on, the Rudder gets a brief kick?

Any comment about this, chaps?


14/10/2021 08:48:11

Thank you Ashley for your helpful suggestions

I am truly amazed with the situation

I`m also amazed at the jungle of mangrove cables needed coming from the two Brushless motors!

Looking forward to discovering the culprit eventually


14/10/2021 08:03:18

Thank you Richard for your constructive advice

As far as I know, all is present and correct

Looking at the rudder servo`s, with their two tiny wires going to the Tranny

Speaking like a complete plonker. the servo has no other source of power?

I wonder why this phenomena has never asked the question, until now?

Come on you chaps, give us a clue!


13/10/2021 20:06:20

Thank you, Richard

Obviously , you understand my predicament

Got a model boat pal coming round tomorrow, he has a similar memory problem, but two heads are better than one?

Will post the solution to my problems shortly


13/10/2021 19:04:05

This is the model in question


swinging round.jpg

13/10/2021 18:59:28

Hi chaps

I`m trying to get my Slo Mo 2 Speedboat to run again

It is powered by two 7.5 volt batteries

Driving two brushless motors

It hasn`t run for about 6 years!

Due to my rapidly failing memory, I have a few absurdly simple questions to ask

The model is connected up but when I switch on, the motors try to start, but just give off a beeping sound with no sign of rotation

The rudder is dead, as though there is an on off switch hiding in the gunnels somewhere

Simple question. where does the rudder get it?

Sorry to be a pain, chaps


Surely. not through the Reciever?

Thread: Gorsefield - 1922-1958
09/10/2021 14:30:53

Thought so, Rob



09/10/2021 10:27:16

Hello Bob

Just how beneficial were those tiny sails. please?

Thank you


Thread: Commodores Challenge
07/10/2021 13:30:08

Thank you. Ashley for your post

The Club members seem to have gone over to Yachting only these days, en masse

Probably because the Commodore is a well known Yachter

Power boats of any kind are rarely seen these days

A sad situation indeed


06/10/2021 17:42:51

Hello Bob Mc

I do remember meeting you on the landing stage several weeks ago

The Slipper Launch was finished months ago and it appears that I am the only entrant!

I`ve sailed the model in the garden, using an inflatable kids paddling pool

Not sailed on the Lake.

Don`t understand why there were not more entrants though

See you again next time

Regards......Bob A

Thread: Puzzling Pond Yacht
05/10/2021 14:40:04


Search for Gareth and Elizabeth Jones

Famous for free sailing yacht sports


05/10/2021 09:34:12

Hello Jonathon

I don`t recognise the model

That`s probably why you have not had a reply?

Just a few questions.......

I note it has vane steering and also note that the Vane is missing which would control the rudder

The Vane is fixed to the rudder and is normally set by the user to set a course across the pond

You need a pond where you have complete access to your model as it arrives at the pond edge

I think the Vane has some attachment to the sail setting too

You really need to make contact with a keen yachter, who will provide the nitty gritty info.

Look through the earlier postings and seek out anybody with a similar interest

Best of luck


Thread: Model Railways
30/09/2021 09:47:24

Hi Richard, thank you for your interesting comments and pictures, There`s something awesome, seeing the WW1 equipment, with actual battle damage? It makes me stop and think about those awful times

3d printing is the way to go alright, although I was an AutoCad draffie for twenty years, I could have gotten into the subject quite easily, had I`d known about it at the time

Definitely a missed opportunity


30/09/2021 08:42:33

Something of further interest......

Geoff created this model of the Fairlies Patent

The original loco was built for Penrhyn Quarries and one of the conditions of sale was that the loco had to haul 99 loaded wagons up a certain incline in North Wales

Geoff asked me to contrive a photo of the event using PhotoShop trickery.....Not bad?


fairlie patent loco.jpg

30/09/2021 08:33:04

Thank you Larry

More info on Geoff`s Lego activities

A photo of David Lloyd George model


red engine cropped.jpg

29/09/2021 13:11:57

Continuing my post concerning Geoff Abell`s Model Trains hobby

Following on from his loft layout, he later got very interested in Loco`s built from Lego blocks.

A few of his original builds are enclosed, some represent the locos at Porthmadoc

He also involved himself iwith the West Highland Railway activities in North Wales, Porthmadoc to Caernarfon

Being a Chartered Engineer, he was also involved in the design of the Loco`s construction and got involved with actually meeting the retired owners of Beyer Peacocks of Gorton Manchester to discuss Loco design.I think Peacocks were the builders of the original narrow gauge loco`s

Sadly, Geoff passed away, a few years ago





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