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Thread: Todays Boating
14/09/2021 07:44:15

Nice model, Ashley

And built from the finest Hardboard in the land, I presume?

The Ravers look the Biz too


Thread: Model Railways
13/09/2021 17:44:20

Richard, are you saying, that you have never heard of a Roof Garden?

You`ve at sea too long!


13/09/2021 11:07:50

Found this old photo of my late twin brother`s Garden Railway layout, built in his roof space about twenty years ago

It was most elaborate and impressive

He later went over to the Lego Loco`s genre and many of his specials appear on the Lego website


geoff`s loco track.jpg

Thread: Todays Boating
12/09/2021 09:17:53


Have you got room at home to accommodate a largish paddling pool?

That would be a great testing feature

They are about £50 from Amazon


Thread: Blunders and Co-k ups
10/09/2021 08:42:08

Batteries of all types can be really dangerous. Just waiting in the shadows, out of sight, for their chance to cause mischief

We could do with a few worthwhile suggestions for storage?

Even a handful of A4`s, chucked in a box could be a problem?

Bob,...... (Jobes Comforter?

Thread: Commodores Challenge
09/09/2021 13:31:28

Looks OK, Tim. Not seen that type before

There could be a market for home based sailing pools, about 20 ft dia?

Can see the happy paddler too


09/09/2021 11:10:56

Thank you, Tim

It`s nice having a pond in the garden for the odd floatation test, a rare luxury

Anyway, I tried another float and no leaks

Couldn`t believe it myself

Added a 2lb weight and left it for ten minutes

Sure enough. got water in two small compartments and nowhere else

Will be ok later on today, with another dollop of varnish


09/09/2021 09:03:06

Thank you Richard, good job you have plenty of patience

Or have you?

Now for the problem,,,,

Do I sail again or apply another coat of varnsh?


08/09/2021 19:13:26

Bought a 7 foot paddling pool to test float the model

A nice feature for playing in the garden away from the prying eye`s of the curious club members?

Had a trial run, all ok. but water was getting in the hull somehow?

I suspect the lower hull somewhere

Had to break through the floor to inspect the actual hull joints

For starters, I varnished the hull all over externally

Next job was to apply a copious amount of varnish to the inside of the lower hull, through the inner sub floor, with a paint brush.

A second coat was applied with the hull sloping to the rear

Will have another flotation test tomorrow........Weather permitting of course, as storms are forecast

Good evening chaps

Now for the England v Poland Football match.....Dobra!



Thread: Blunders and Co-k ups
07/09/2021 16:05:53

Hello Long Build

Shooting your airgun vertically into the sky, reminds me a similar action we often did in our teenage days

Going for further education to obtain ONC, we learnt about acceleration and gravity etc

I`ve always liked the Formula.......

"S = UT+ 1/2 FT Squared"

If you fired into the sky and the pellet took 9 secs to go up and down to earth

We get......Distance in feet = 0 + 0.5 X 32 X 9 X 9

Dist up and down amounts to 1296 feet

So the slug reached an altitude of 648 feet

I find that truly fascinating, just another distant memory from the past


06/09/2021 17:20:36

Believe this or not. I can remember this incident quite clearly. Probably because of having kept this photo from about 1939!

I was about three years old at the time

My twin brother and I were having a haircut at a neighbours house.....(.Mr Wood in Albert Avenue}

While Geoff was being done and I picked up the electric shears and did it myself!


hair cut fiasco.jpg

06/09/2021 16:56:04

Thanks Ray

Done plenty of similar risky stuff in my life time

But nowt recently

ie.....Lessons learnt


06/09/2021 16:00:10

Thank you Richard

I can clearly remember the lead being stuck everywhere. especially the ceiling

And here`s me with a short term memory, I can still remember the fiasco after 74 years!


06/09/2021 13:07:50

Hi Paul

I`ve got a cracker of a "Cock up"., par excellance!

It was in about 1947

I would be about 10 years old then.

I was watching my big clever hero brother, messing about in the kitchen sink

He had made a simple mould shape using damp soil!

An old pan was bubbling away on the gas stove with molten lead in it!

I can hear sharp intakes of breath right now!

You can guess what is about to happen!

Stand back he shouted, this may be dangerous! so I hid behind him........Lucky me, eh?

There was a loud bang and hissing steam filled the kitchen

When the smoke and steam cleared, there was lead splatter on all the walls and ceiling!

Including his goggles, face and ears and probably a clear section where we were standing!

Luckily, we were not hurt at all, but brother Eric got a good clouting round the ears, when Dad came home from work, plus a few choice Engineers phrases, no doubt

Funnily enough, I have never forgotten the incident and I`m not surprised

Bob had learnt a valuable lesson

Thread: Commodores Challenge
04/09/2021 19:23:13

Hi Ashley

I don`t want to win a one horse race! It`s the taking part with some friendly competition,as a genuine club event. for which there will be a Trophy

The club room has only today been declared open again

Perhaps the powers that be have just seen my post?

I`m hoping for a few Dark horses to appear out of the wings very soon

News of the event will reappear shortly, no doubt. probably allowing extra time etc


04/09/2021 14:30:42

Hi Chaps

The sands of time have finally brought us up to September at long last

At the moment, none of the club members have not taken up the Commodores Challenge!

The members have all gone over to yacht racing for some reason

One metre, J Class and Fiesta yachts, and the occasional Steering Comp, hardly a sign of the familiar Tug Boats and Cruisers etc

Personally, I`m not looking forward to the event with just Bob Abell sailing

With the Club being off limits this year, we have had no close contact with members to discuss the Challenge


Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
19/08/2021 07:38:58

The sails on your next Lifeboat, look awfully small Neil?

Although she seem to be making good headway?

Was she motorised too?


18/08/2021 08:09:08

Sights for sore eye, Neil

A wonderful thread indeed

Where is your model destined finally?


15/08/2021 12:08:34

Looking really nice Neil

No, not you, but you`re fascia and control area etc

Really splendid workmanship

Keep smiling


Thread: strangers in your workshop
11/08/2021 18:09:20

Neil and Paul

A few years ago, we had quite a few Wildlife visitors in the garden

They came quite often because we fed them on Biscuits and Corn Beef etc

The Foxes also came in the day time too

The first time the Vixen and pup appeared. it was on a bright sunny morning.

They came trotting down the path and stopped.

The Vixen nodded towards some bushes, and the Pup went and hid in them

The Vixen then scoured the garden and came back and barked at the bushes

The Cub reappeared and they both ran round and round the garden, having a jolly time

The Hedgehogs came often for food

They weren`t bothered about the cat and Foxes seeing them

We watched in horror as the Hedgehogs were eating and a Fox appeared!

But nothing happened. They simply ignored each other




hedgehog and fox in garden.jpg

cat and hedgehog.jpg

mum and pup fox.jpg

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