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Thread: All my model boat builds history
25/06/2021 13:06:50

Hello TIMG

The model is very chunky and solidly built

The designer Andre Morou or something like that, never sailed the finished craft, as I discovered on completion of my model.

The molten lead poured into a recess in the keel is nowhere near enough to balance the boat

I built a bolted on keel weight of about 9 lbs

If you fancy the build make a start and if you have a problem, just shout out

You will need a build thread for chatting


25/06/2021 10:14:14

During the build of Ellie. I had in surplus stock, the superstructure from an earlier build, a twice full size version of Slo Mo Shun. I had the idea of building a speedboat, using the hull from the Ellie Model and the Slo Mo stuff.

There was pandemonium on the thread!. One angry reader, who shall be nameless, even though most of us know him. thought the idea was absurd etc etc etc

You can see the embryo stage of the idea, during the Ellie build and it gradually reached fruition!

Slo Mo 2 was born!

It stared life with sponsons and standard MFA motors, but finished up with twin brushless stix of dynamite!

I still posses this model. Note the photos are in reverse order

There is a part two to this build, showing the progress of the creation



spon 1.jpg

spon 1.jpg

wired up.jpg

try out 2.jpg

twin setup.jpg





25/06/2021 09:45:26

The Ellie build went on for months and months

There were a few small errors on the drawings, which needed explaining to the other builders

The model sailed really nice as seen on the action photos

Later, the model was fitted with a Brushless motor and it went like a Cat on a Hot Tin Roof!

There are pictures of the action and will post later, when found





canopy retracted.jpg

can 1.jpg

cabin with veneer.jpg

cabin lifted.jpg

25/06/2021 09:10:50

A few years ago, Paul Thomason had a model designing spree. He used A4 paper size throughout the series, for easy postage etc. and home printing too. All proceeds went to Charity. He had quite a few models to offer too

His first model was a Broads Cruiser, called Ellie. I offered to build the prototype

After a few weeks, the Haydock Show was on and we agreed to meet on the Etherow Stand, where I had placed the Work in Progress for a technical Chat.

Sadly. we missed each other. like "Ships in the Night", for some reason

The photo shows the model`s progress with a card explaining the story

The other photo of the model and Bob is just for amusement only, but it would have been a nice model and I think this is where the seeds were sown for the Multi Motor idea, used later on his big Vintage Launch!

on show.jpg

big launch.jpg


25/06/2021 08:26:50

Continuing with the Paddler theme, I went overboard and bought a kit !

The Glasgow by Robbe....(I think)

All plastic!.......Don`t like plastic at all. Plastic and wood just don`t gel with me

Made a nice job of it.

After finishing the assembly and painting etc, I went overboard again and converted it to a model built of brass!

See photos

The sailing performance was very underpowered though

It was sold at Haydock....WIEDERZEIN!


Feather axle bearing.jpg


sea trial.jpg



paddleboxes finished.jpg

25/06/2021 08:04:29

Having built Jeanie Deans in peace time, it seemed a good idea to build the ship as is would have looked like in War time. The thread was entitled JDAW

The hull is unaltered but topside, the superstructure was based of photographs

Paddlewheel Eccentric



Jeanie Deans at war!

25/06/2021 07:40:06

Thank you Ashley

I think you`ve seem most of them

Still got a few more yet to post


24/06/2021 18:33:00

Next, we talk about the Paddle Steamer Jeanie Deans. based on the Clyde

A plan by Sandy Thomson. The model is 6 feet in length and was very enjoyable to build

I especially wanted to know how the feathering of the paddles operated and it is a joy to see them swinging round to face the water and then swinging away to avoid paddle drag etc. A brilliant idea

The model was very unstable on the early sailing tests but was cured by fitting long weights below the water line, mounted on a full length bar, for super trimming.


Jeanie Deans

Jeanie Deans

Jeanie Deans

Jeanie Deans


Edited By Bob Abell on 24/06/2021 18:45:41

24/06/2021 18:15:49

Thank you Tim

Much appreciated, my mate

Now, here`s a strange looking craft

It`s the WILTON CASTLE, a pleasure craft that operated on the River Wye at Ross

It had a rear mounted wide paddle wheel and the trippers say it was very scarey and felt totally unsafe!

The Captain sat at the front to control the ship and shouted down a pipe to the Lacky at the back to do the steering or what ever!


You are not going to believe this, chaps!

The Etherow Club once had a member who was the ACTUAL Captain of this very craft when it operated in Gloucester Docks!

I kid you not. Can`t spot his name on the Clubs Members list


wilton 3.jpg

wilton 2.jpg

wilton 1.jpg

24/06/2021 16:07:53

I built three paddle Boats.....

Jeanie Deans, when she was a Mine Sweeper in WW2

Jeanie Deans as a Passenger ship

The Great Eastern by Brunel

The GE appeared on the BBC programme......Coast with Mark Horton, Cass Newland and Dave Wooley took the photos for ModelBoats Magazine. Not forgetting Jonathon Hare....Electronix expert

Three Paddlers

24/06/2021 15:52:46

Fishtail rudderRitalea 

The Magazine freebie plan Ritalea made a really nice launch

I fitted a Becker Rudder and worked well.  It appeared in the ModelBoats Magazine

Which for me at the time was quite a novelty


Ritalea spinning

Edited By Bob Abell on 24/06/2021 15:54:45

24/06/2021 15:45:59

Now something for my mate Ray Wood!

Built the barge "Lady Daphne" from plans by Ferguson and Son

It was berthed at St Catherine`s Dock, next door to the Tower of London, many years ago. It could still be there?

It sailed very nicely, but couldn`t get the fellow club members interested.

The grey sail was a piece of my shirt!

Sold it to Ged, The Bacon Butty Chef at Bury Marine


Bob`s brother


Lady Daphne

24/06/2021 15:35:02

Lovely video of my model yacht Pocatannia

Type in Youtube......

"Buxton Model Boat Club 7"

Very professionally created


24/06/2021 14:13:15

Hi Richard and others of course

You might like my painting of a Loco on the Bluebell Line?

It was copied from a Calendar a few years ago


bluebell line.jpg

24/06/2021 13:57:10

Thank you Richard for your very kind comments

Here is a photo of my first loco......

The Bassett Lowke Tank Engine. The plans and castings were sold by Bassett Lowke of Manchester in Corporation Street, now long gone, along with all the rest of the Model Shops

I later found out that is a Henry Greenly design

It ran well. up n down the garden and I joined the Urmston MEC for a gallop round their oval track

I also had a 70 foot length of 3 1/2" track in my garden. The kids loved it, although the neighbours didn`t like the smoke!

I also built LBSC`s Britannia, which took me nine years to build

I ran it at Urmston as usual on a Sunday morning and a chap came along and offered to buy it!

Since I wanted a caravan at the time I sold it there and then and bought a caravan

My third loco was the Duchess of Wales, a Stirling Single big wheeler by Martin Evans

I built the chassis, wheels and axle boxes etc.

Sunday morning again, I was in my garage hammering the 5" diam boiler tube into shape, ringing like Big Ben, Clang! Clang! Clang! and along comes the neighbours. up the drive.......I heard him say to the Missus.....

"Just listen to that bloody noise again!"

With that, I downed tools, went on strike and never worked on the loco again!


PS There are no photos of the build, but do have a nice sketch of the Living Room, showing it on the Bookcase, when I find it!


phil + brit.jpglphil and loco.jpg

geoff,steve and karen.jpg


24/06/2021 11:57:50

Some time later, I fancied building Sandy Cousin`s model of the Royal Yacht Britannia

When the plan arrived, I was shocked to discover, that he had built the model out of cardboard!

The rest of the model was highly detailed to the Nth degree! He also added an out board motorised torpedo thingy that stood in for a motor drive. But the finished model was first class and in the magazine write up. he says he managed to get aboard the full sized craft and meet the Captain!

Anyway. I didn`t fancy cardboard, even though I did in 2020, in order to build the Commodores Challenge, MTB Boat, when the shops were closed. due to the Covid restrictions etc

So I used the hull design of Pocahontas. hence the name Pocatannia

The model was a complete success, sailed well and managed come 1st at a Bury Marine club competition

There is a very nice video of my model sailing at Buxton park lake on YouTube.....If you can find it!




24/06/2021 11:34:58

At one point I became interested in the career of William Daniels. He was a champion free sailing yachter of the 1936`s He starred at the great Pond in one of the London parks

I built the biggish yacht Pocahontas, a 50 inch yacht, the actual class escapes me at the moment. Later on, I used the hull to create two special yachts..... Pocatannia and Pocahontas. More about these later.




24/06/2021 11:11:56

Following on from Colin Archer, was the French fishing boat Louis Heloise.

This was a really pleasing chunky build and lovely to build. It was built in the upright position on the stand.

Of course I added a motor and prop in order to get out of trouble, should it arise. which it didn`t, because I had a motor drive!


LH Page 32

LH page 22

LH page 14

LH page 7

24/06/2021 10:51:07

Thanks Ray

I Built the Slipper Launch rather early, as it had caught my imagination at the time.

At the moment, there are no other Slippers being built by club members, but when it gets nearer to the September Competition time, they will probably make the effort

I hope you will find my build list of interest?

My first build was a Graham Bantock design One Metre yacht and at the moment, I can`t recall the name!

And I can`t find the photo either!

The actual photo was really a "For Sale" poster. intended to be exhibited in Ashton Model Shop window. The famous One Metre Champ, Barry Jackson, served me and bought it immediately. With the money, I bought the big Billings kit Colin Archer by Billings. This was the time I joined the Etherow Club


Colin Archer

24/06/2021 10:04:18

Due to my failing memory, sadly, I feel the need to compile the entire list of model boats I`ve built. Starting about 1990 to the current day, so I can reminisce more easily

The list is not chronological, but it will be a rough guess

During the previous years, I have built three live steam loco`s, dozens of RC Aircraft and a loft conversion, which are now Man Caves!

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