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Thread: Help needed on planking
21/01/2008 13:55:00

 Ref to David Martin

                            I think the best chance that you have of being shown how to do the planking is to go onto Youtube and see if they have a clip of the process.  I have built this model myself and although I did not need to be shown how to plank when it came to the rigging there is a clip on how to tie deadeyes and a lot more.  Another source of info is this site    they have a lot of people posting on tall ships. Anyway the best of luck with your model.  Regards

Thread: Navigation Lights
14/01/2008 11:18:00

 Hi Chaps

                I am looking for a set (red & white) of navigation lights about 20mm in height of a electrical pattern for a 1930's drifter and cannot seem to be able to find a supplier, has anyone any ideas as to were I can get these items, Thanks Boger  

Thread: Propelers
08/01/2008 10:26:00
Thanks a lot Ken I did not want to proceed and then get everything in a mess, I do have an oiling tube on the shaft which I soldered myself. Thanks
07/01/2008 11:14:00

Hi Chaps

I am just about to fit the propeller to my first r/c model drifter and I am in a quandary as I don't know how to proceed. I think I need to place a thrust washer on the drive first and then the locking nut and finally the prop its self. Should there be a definite distance between the thrust washer and the nut? and should I put a drop of "lock-nut" on the shaft before screwing all up tight?

I would appreciate any help given Boger

Thread: Rubbing Stracke'ss
25/11/2007 16:29:00
  I will have to try this silicone method it sounds as if it has a lot of uses. thanks for replies chaps.
23/11/2007 10:58:00

  Hi paul

               I guessed that you said it right, it is an old method and of course the proper way that traditional boats and ships were built.  I was more or less thinking on any new ways that people have such as rubber (don't think this would look right) or plastic or any other material that they use.

21/11/2007 14:58:00
  What do other modelers use for the rubbing stracke's on their fishing boat hulls, I need to get a 5/16 strip and just wondered what you use.
Thread: Bits
29/10/2007 11:16:00

  Hi Chaps

              I have a bit of a problem and that is that I am building The Lady Nelson and have got all the hull finished and was starting on the rigging, by my own clumsiness I broke one of the small brass bits that hold the dead-eyes to the hull.  I sent off a request to the makers for a replacement and enclosed a self addressed envelope and £2 in coin, I have been waiting at least 3 weeks, they were phoned last week and we were told that they would have to get around to it.  As the time goes by I am becoming less interested in finishing this model and am just going on with my scratch built model.  This cannot be in the manufactures interest to keep customers hanging about like this, my self I am totally fed up with them.

Thread: How to work it out.
10/10/2007 15:30:00
 Thanks for your very quick replies chaps,will do exactly as you say.  I think this is going to be a great website. Regards Boger
10/10/2007 10:36:00
 Thanks so much for your reply Paul, seems best then that I go with the electronic one.  But is there a way to work these things out or is it all down to experiance?
09/10/2007 14:43:00
  I am building a model of "the Two Brothers" motor trawler from a photo off the net and all is going well so far,but I have a problem == I have a 545- 5pole motor that I would like to use with it but what sort of speed- controler would I need, is electronic any better than a mechanical one?  The model built on a fibreglass hull should weigh about 5 kilo when fineshed.
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