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Thread: deliveries to South Africa
16/05/2016 13:02:37

Hi Colin, I am quite sure it is postal problems in SA. I have always found the UK postal service to be brilliant. My problem is how to bypass the SA postal system? I was hoping to find sufficient others on this forum to make it worthwhile arranging another, more secure way of getting the magazine delivered. Alas, this seems to be a vain hope. Thanks for your comment. Brian

14/05/2016 20:20:26

Good day folks. Deliveries of the MB Magazine to me in Cape Town are getting more and more unreliable. I have not received a magazine on time since November last year. Still waiting for May edition let alone June. I was wondering if anyone else has the same problem. If so what can we do about it? Any ideas? Happy sailing. Brian

Thread: Motor for Zwarte Zee
24/08/2015 07:02:59

Thanks Charles. That seems to be the general consensus, and I will go with that. Regards. Brian

23/08/2015 21:43:14

Point taken Dave. I have two T4s and it would have been an alternative (a cheaper alternative) to getting another motor from UK. Cheers for now. Brian

23/08/2015 13:25:55

The T4a is a very nice motor and seeing I have two from a trip to UK some years back, I was wondering about using two T4a's driving one shaft. I have the facilities to make a gearbox to do that. Can anyone point me to belt drives and their design. Are there commercial belt drive systems (i would prefer belt to gears as they are not as noisy) for models that could be incorporated into such a gearbox.

Also, is it practical to couple two motors to one shaft? If one goes slightly faster that the other it would be using power to overcome the difference. Antone got any advice on this? Thanks and cheers for now. Brian

16/08/2015 21:35:45

Thanks people. I must admit that the model looks very short of freeboard in the stern area so I would be wary of adding too much weight. I was wondering about the T4A by Mobile Marine Models. Would that be too light? Otherwise Dave's suggestions could be the answer. Brian

16/08/2015 13:49:47

Good day all. I am starting on the Billings tug Zwarte Zee soon. Any suggestions for a suitable motor? Thanks. Brian.

Thread: Airbrushing -- boundaries
26/06/2014 10:27:25

Good day all. Some time ago, perhaps a year or three, the magazine included an article on airbrushing with a description of how to blur the boundaries between colours. Anybody able to help me with the edition in which this article appeared? Brian

Thread: What size capacitor to use?
08/06/2013 15:55:20

Thanks Dave and Malcolm. Twisting it is then. Who was it - Chubby Checker (Sp??) I think? Cheers. Brian

07/06/2013 10:12:27

Hi again from the deep south. Malcolm you mentioned twisting the motor leads. Is this the same as having them running parallel or is twisting the requirement that you are suggesting? I am using two core flex hence the question. Cheers. Brian

05/06/2013 22:26:47

Thanks Tom. Interesting that with the advent of brushless motors, the existance of such things as suppressors is becoming scarce in this neck of the woods, and I had to go to an electronics supplier to source them, the hobby shops no longer stocking such things. I must say that going brushless is quite tempting when looking for a suitable motor in new installations for a number of reasons, efficiency (increasing the length of run) and power (smaller and lighter motor) being two of them. A whole new ball game. Cheers. Brian

05/06/2013 13:12:38

Hi from the deep south. I have a similar question. I have a Speed 600 motor with a 5 nanofarad capacitor across the terminals and a 1 nanofarad from each terminal to case. I want to add capacitors to a Speed 450 motor. The question I have is whether the size of motor makes any difference. From what Malcoplm says, the answer probably is that it does not make any difference. Would that be a fair assumption? Thanks. Brian

Thread: Portgarth build
02/05/2013 09:37:38

Good day all. I am building a model (from MMM) of the tug Portgarth. The plan shows a shoulder at the stern end of the skeg/keel. Can anyone tell me what is the purpose of that shoulder? Thanks and happy sailing. Brian

Thread: Radar Drives
07/01/2013 08:22:04

Hi Michael, The general way of driving the tail rotor on a model helicopter is to use a small geared motor at the tail rotor. Perhaps you could use such a motor for your radar, suitably geared. Helicopter spares are readily available and this should be as well. Could you share the solution as I am also busy with Portgarth from Mobile Marine Models. I am also looking for details of the control desk in Portgarth. Any photos available? Cheers and happy sailing. Brian

Thread: Servo mounting
18/10/2012 08:17:47

Hi Ashley. when you think of the possibilities, there are quite a few, including sliding the servo in from the side on to 2 cantilevers which take the screws. When you need to install from the top, it does seem that a box would be the most sturdy, particularly if the ends are thick enough to take the screws. If you are using a servo tray, a cut-out with the slit positioned to allow the leads to pass through is neat, provided the tray is thickened to hold the screws. I must say that many of the rudder servos I have seen on this site seem to be mounted in a permanent position. Thanks for your help. Happy sailing. Brian

17/10/2012 17:55:22

I mounted my rudder servo very neatly and was happy with it until I wanted to remove the servo - but it would not come out because the wires fouled the mounting. Solution was to break out the mounting again, and redesign it with a suitable gap to allow the wires to exit or make the mounting removable by screwing it down. Not as neat as the first installation. Any better ways of doing this, or is the servo usually there for keeps? Brian

Thread: Planking
15/10/2012 20:21:49

Thanks Bob and Larry. Lots to learn!! Happy sailing. Brian

15/10/2012 10:22:34

Good day fellow modellers, I have tried to find back articles, or at least references to such, on the topic of planking a hull. I may not be using it correctly but I have not had much success in the Article Archive. I am sure I read articles on this subject some years back but can't find them in the archive, except one on Lottie S Haskins. I thought there were more. To save me from paging through all my back issues, can anyone help? Thanks and happy sailing. Brian

Thread: Richard Simpson's Series on Model Steam Plants
03/08/2012 17:57:31

Hi Colin, thanks for the reply. Under the digital archive it only lists 3 of the series that I am referring to, 1,3 and 5. I am not looking for the current series, but another series by Richard which apparently only had 6 articles. I will try again. Cheers for now. Brian

03/08/2012 14:05:35

Dear Colin, hope you have not been asked this1000s of times but Richard's series Modern Model Boat Steam only seems to have 3 parts, 1, 3 and 5, whereas it is supposed to be a 6 part series. I have looked at the back issues and only see 1, 3 and 5. Where are 2, 4 and 6? Regards Brian

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