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Thread: Wanted: Graupner Speed 500E 12v motor
29/10/2013 19:49:56

One is terribly sorry but wey lads an' lasses yee hev difficulty readin the geordie words an' wuh will hev tuh educate yee.

wuh will begin wi' the ah doddle yen - hawah hinnies lets put wor model bowts in the wator - an' hinny

Heavens above! How smashing!

and the wator isnt too clarty eithor

why aye man

One is so glad the postmen browt ya package an arl Davey


28/10/2013 20:26:34

Hi ya Marra, what are you building? 3 motors ..... is this a grey one, an MTB?

or..... are you thinking about building Titanic she had 3 props....

or .... a very fast tug with a super fast bow thruster?

whatever.....or a hovercraft

howway man, spill the beans in a Geordie accent

aye,. John

Thread: The build of HMS Exeter (1939)
27/10/2013 19:36:27

hi ya Tony, model is 1:96 scale so its length is 72 inches and the beam is 7 1/4 inches. Me work bench is 82 inches long so there is just enough room - everytime I have to work on the opposide side of the model I have to take it onto the landing and turn it round there and bring it back into the room oh, the joys of modelling eh. Thank you for the compliments

aye, John


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27/10/2013 19:13:59


27/10/2013 19:12:32

hi, the hull is plank on frame covered with tissue and resin and then there is shell plating of styrene card added.

The deck is made up of individual planks 1.5 mm wide x 0.5 mm thick x 58 mm long planks and hey there were loads of em..... ... she was originally going to be a static model - but I was persuaded to making a working model .... so the props are from Prop shop; the prop tubes and shafts + A brackets I have made myself. She has 4 Graupner 500 Es in her; along with an ACTion P94 rudder mixer and at the present time the guns are all wired up with servos from traversing and barrels elevating. I have yet to decide on the electronics for controlling them though.

As you can see from the photographs I can just fit this model onto my workbench - why I didnt I make a smaller model ????

aye, John

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27/10/2013 19:07:40


27/10/2013 19:04:00

This is my build of HMS Exeter which has been ongoing for a number of years; this is because the original (first attempt of building her - was a complete and utter flop in the 1980s) this was due to lack of experience and lack of plans. Since then though I have purchased plans from Russia, and also from Maritime Museum in London UK and the closest plan I can get to Exeter as she was built is a rigging drawing from Maritime Museum along with the hull line drawings which give the correct width of this vessel. The rest of the plans from the Maritime Museum for Exeter show her as she was going to be built along the same lines as the Dorchester class 3 funnels and catapult mounted on the forward turret - so therefore the plans were only useful for me for constructing the hull - and the rigging drawing give us approx shape and sizes of the superstructure drawings. The rest of the information had to be sourced from photographs - a lot from the web some were sent to me by various people - and these are personal photographs.

Anyway, so far my build has taken me about 17 months so far - with gaps for other hobbies etc., and now I am back doing the most tedious part which is the rigging of the boats. As with most grey ships, HMS Exeter went through various refits before the Battle of The River Plate.

The main modification was shortly after she was launched and she had sideplating added on her lower decks beside her torpedo tubes and the next alteration with the superstructure on her rear searchlight platform and radio and galleyroom - this was enlarged.

Couple of pics of the build so far .....




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Thread: Graupner Glasgow
25/10/2013 10:54:12


this is the link to the belt drives and pulleys



25/10/2013 10:03:37

hi there

have you ever thought of using tooth belt drive? very quiet and a very positive drive. I have just been lookin on Cornwall Model Boats and they do a small selection of belts and pulleys to match but there is another Company who do a bigger selection cheaper and when I can locate it I will put the link on in case you are interested.



Thread: a grey boat
24/10/2013 19:24:23

hi ya Larry,

Have you looked at the 1:16 build done by Martin  13 on that forum../...cant remember its name it where all the Mayhemmers hang aboot and talk about welfare and stuff like that

As Martin 13 has a good deal of information about these boats and he received a lot of information from John Lambert. Maybe worth trying to send Martin an email, but, he may be a bit busy at the moment cause both he and his Mrs are volunteer firefights in the land of downunder Australia and it may be he is busy - but he will reply to you when he can I am sure.,9865.msg382761.html#msg382761




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Thread: Guardsman by Vic Smeed
23/10/2013 18:59:51

Hi ya Tony

Rather than fill your postings up with photographs, I will take a few pics and put them in my albums and that way they can be seen, but we can keep your topic to your excellent build and not be sidelined or distracted from it



Thread: Motor suggestion for large model
23/10/2013 18:53:59

Hi yaTrevor

I admire a brave man who is going to undertake to build a model of this scale and size. I hope you are blessed with a sturdy back, a deep pocket and an understanding wife not wanting to rain on your parade but have you really given it some serious thought about the disadvantages of the size of this model?

I have built several models of a similar size myself - one sitting on the bench right now - nearing completion - its been pointed out to me 'how am I going to lift it' and you may end up with the same problem.

Along with your propulsion problems, have you given it thought as to how you are going to ballast this model down to the water line. To give you an idea, I built the modern day HMS Leeds Castle at 1:48 scale which turns out roughly about 66 inches long and to bring this down to the water line I have to use 2 invalid carriage batteries (12 volt gel cell type) and they barely bring it down to the water line. There are already built in about 3 lb weight of lead ballast at the bow and stern on top of this weight and it takes 2 to lift the model into the lake prior to installing the batteries that is just one problem.

The next one is the cost of the building materials; depending on how you are going to source your materials, you will find if you have to buy all your planking from a model shop; you will spend 3 times the amount.

I know this all sounds doom and gloom - but give it some good hard thought - as long as you have transport for the model as well from your home to the lake.

Sorry for my negativity but I have to rely on friends now if I want to use the Leeds Castle and Mr Milbourne can confirm all of this; as not so long ago we all attended a model show at Whickstead and I have to have the model transported down by a friend and his people carrier and he stayed with the model overnight at Mr Milbourne's residence and that was like putting a lamb amongst a pack of wolves if you are wondering why, all the electronics in the Leeds Castle are from Electronize and Mr Milbourne had just taken over ACTion Electronics. Hey I am surprised the model came back in one piece - happy days eh Dave?

But Terry, do give it some serious thought - as a lot of work will go into your model.



Thread: Guardsman by Vic Smeed
23/10/2013 09:52:36


23/10/2013 09:41:47

hi ya there Tony

no pics of my guardsman build; it was built pre-digital box-brownie camera time or was it the glass negative plate time cant remember

Originally, I built mine as a bit of an experiment to try out a homemade electronic speed controller from a book and also if I remember rightly it was my first venture into rechargable batteries and it was originally run on 6 x AA rechargables and when the NiCad packs came onto the scene with the Tamiya connections, I swapped over to that battery pack. Its a nice model for using on scale sailing courses and competitions and the addition I did was increased the size of the rudder to help in the reversing manouvres during the courses.

I will put a couple of pictures on when I get if off the shelf and clean the dust off it. KEEP ON WITH YOUR GOOD BUILDING



Thread: Mast for model yacht
22/10/2013 19:43:22

hi Neil

is this any use for the mast




Thread: Guardsman by Vic Smeed
22/10/2013 19:22:18

hi there tony just been reading through your build and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Nice to see someone building models from traditional timbers for a change.

I have built this model myself - a few years ago - when I planked the hull i did it with Obechi planking and then covered it with  fibreglass tissue and resin and if I remember correctly its either sterident tablets tube or alka seltza tube which is the correct diameter and has the correct shape at the top for the funnel.

The other thing I did, on the plan the bridge door is on the front of the bridge - I opted to make 2 doors either sides of the bridge.

Keep on with the good build, I will be following.



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Thread: Thorneycroft 67' RAF ASR - colour scheme?
21/10/2013 19:32:02

hi ya Barry cool and everyone in the World, sadly and very sadly this model wasnt built by me and it doesnt belong to me - it is housed in the Maritime Museum in London and I believe the builder is unknown - all I do know it wasnt me hands up

Right Barry, to get back to the colour shemes of these vessels; I have built several RAF Rescue Launches namely The Whaleback and also the Vosper 73 foot one and when I was building these I was in touch with 2 or 3 people one gent, Christian Shepherd - I dont think he comes onto this forum though - but he does go onto Mayhem and I will send him a link to this Topic. Christian has a wealth of knowledge and is very helpful with these type of craft.

The 2nd guy is an Australian, and for the life of me cant think of his name I cant. He actually served on Rescue boats & he was based around the English Channel and when I questioned him about the colours of the vessels - this gent and Christian both came up with a similar reply - basically in the very early parts of War 1939 to about 1941 the majority of the boats had a bright yellow painted deck and superstructure. But, they came to realise that this made them too much of a sitting target for enemy aircraft and also some friendly aircraft used to use them as target practice. So, the colour scheme of the bright yellow deck eventually was faded out where only certain areas like the tops of cabins were yellow and then it was towards the latter part of the war it was phased out altogether and just a general grey scheme was applied. Also, for recognition you will find from about 1942 onwards these vessels began having roundels painted on the deck and also a red and white chequered area along with a radio call sign painted on the deck. This was to aid friendly aircraft in recognising the vessel.

if you can get hold of model boats mag, JUNE 1982 you will see there is an article, and a set of plans by John Pritchard covering the 67 foot ThorneyCraft Launch. I have several black andc white pics of these launches stowed away on a disc, asthis is one of my planned model builds. So, give me time and send me your email address in a personal message and I will email them to you - as well as sending Christian a link to this topic.

aye John

21/10/2013 11:54:51

hi Barry is it this ASL you are building ?



Thread: speed 600 eco,s
21/10/2013 10:04:48

Hi Curly, may I ask what type of hull the Percassa is? Is it a wooden hull version or the fibre glass version? Because I have seen several models of this Percassa made from wood and they weigh a ton and they are built like the Preverbial Outhouse and that is one thing that kills speed...not the outhouse but the weight.

I know the 600 Es are good motors and would have no bother bringing the hull up on the plane as long as its light enough.



Thread: Noisy Thing
18/10/2013 14:04:10

Hi ya Paul,

The Soundbox is made from 3 mm lite ply which has been coated with fibreglass resin.  Also at the time the 3 inch speaker was all I had then and it gives ample volume and very little distortion of the low notes.  I suspect there would be very little difference between the 3 and 4 inch speaker size.  Also I have had a look around the web for builds of Model Slipway tug and noticed that at the back of the bridge there are 4 doors which I presume cover grating for ventilation to the engineroom on the lifesize/real ship.  You could have these open with grilles and the speaker mounted behind them.  This is just food for thought and I have included a pic of what I mean smiley




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