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Thread: Guardsman build (but not as you know Jim)
27/06/2022 16:59:22

Hi there

With regard to Vic Smeed simplifying things - I think it is the hull structures that he simplified - rather than the superstructures. I have built several models from Vic Smeed plans and I have researched a few others. As far as I can tell it is only the hull that he simplifies. I feel that the bridge of the Guardsman will be square rather than hexagonal and pretty accurate in size as well.

why aye man, John

26/06/2022 18:58:12

Hi there Fred - hold your horses and steady the ship - before you go off to purchase balsa wood.

Double check your plans - I have just put a straight edge on the side profile of the plans which I have of the Guardsman. The straight edge runs from the bow deck level to the stern deck level. In the middle between frames 3 and 4 there is a hollow in the deck of approximately 1/2 inch plus - so the deck would look like a bit of a banana shape. My advice to you would be the same - put a straight edge down the centre line of your model and check (roughly about the middle of the model) there should be a drop in the deck of about 1/2 inch and this is quite common on a lot of vessels. 

Also, you will find across from side to side of the vessel, the deck is not flat, but, it is raised in the middle as well.  The correct terminology forward sheer (pointy end at the front)  after sheer (blunt end at the back)   and in the middle where the deck has a hump in it is called the camber.  This is just for the die hards who like to keep things right .


Edited By John W E on 26/06/2022 19:03:49

Thread: Sailboat electronics cutting out while running after changing servos
19/06/2022 18:19:11

hi there

I had a quick look on line about the specs of this servo you are using - and - my first thoughts are - Is it a digital servo that you are using? on an analogue set?

If it was this - it could cause some of the problems.

But, if you read through some of the comments on the link I have put on (if it works) - that some people don't rate these servos very well and there seems to be a problem with them.

The other thing I notices is that in the advert for them they are a 180 degree turn servo - or - you can have a 360 degree turn servo.



Thread: Coastal Motor Boat Replica
19/06/2022 16:11:44

Hi there, for anyone interested this link - hope it works - is to the build on British Military Powerboat Team website

I believe the timber used is Iroko wood and also it has been covered with an Epoxy Resin similar to the West System




Edited By John W E on 19/06/2022 16:14:29

Thread: Guardsman build (but not as you know Jim)
17/06/2022 16:11:34

hi ya Fred

This door thing had me intrigued - so - I enlarged the photograph of the original Customs Launch to have a look to see if there was enough room for the door to open. Then the light bulb switched on in my heed - thinking what happens if the door slides instead of swings open. There is only one problem with this, on close examination of the original photograph, as there appears to be a small box on the front of the bridge which looks as though it contains binoculars so, it would obstruct the door from sliding along.

Back to square one then.

Don't forget though, this model is only a semi-scaled model - so Vic may have had his sizes slightly out.




Edited By John W E on 17/06/2022 16:12:39

16/06/2022 15:39:11

Hi there Fred

If you have a look at the photograph that I put on which the model is based upon, you will see that there is ample space for the door to open, if it were on the front of the bridge.

If the vessel were in rough weather, I would imagine the door would be closed and I would think there would be access to the bridge from either a hatch or a stairwell going down into the internals of the vessel - because - also at the rear of the vessel where the pilot is accommodated there are doors there - at the side of the cabin for access as well.

To change subject once more - I have had communication from the said Canadian Company and they are going to add my name to the photographs where appropriate. yes All's well that ends well.


15/06/2022 18:47:34

Hi Colin, you are right there.


15/06/2022 18:14:03

Hi there Colin, I wonder if we should all start putting a watermark on our photographs that we use on the forums?


15/06/2022 16:45:13


15/06/2022 16:43:03

Hi ya Fred

Like you I thought the door was in the wrong position and looked odd with the door at the front of the bridge - and so, I also fitted the door at the side. It seems logical. Then I came across a photograph on the web of the real vessel that this model was based on. Sure enough the door is on the front of the bridge.

Now a quick change of topic here - but - whilst I was searching for the image on the web of the Guardsman model - I came across a Canadian model boat plan Company. They have used an image of my model super imposed on the sea in their catalogue of plans. There are other images of other models (including more of mine) - they have never contacted me to ask my permission to use my model as an example of the finished boat.

I do know Sarik use a lot of my model boat images in their catalogue as advertisement for the plans - they did ask for my permission for this years ago.

I have to ask the question though - do this Canadian Company have permission from Sarik to produce their plans as well?

Sorry for the change of topic and my rant


14/06/2022 16:12:48

hi there as they say here is one I made earlier. If you have a look - I did have a problem with the rudder tiller arm protruding through the deck so to overcome this I raised the grating at the stern to cover this. I don't think it looks too bad - by the way this one is plank on frame which I made from the freebie plans.


Thread: Stanchions
18/05/2022 17:40:26

Hi there,

Apparently - so the story goes - when our dear friend James Lane passed away - one of his relatives apparently called someone in to clear out his workshop. Not sure if the person who cleared out the workshop was model related - so his jigs could be in the scrap bin. Here's hoping that is not the case and that they have survived. James was one brilliant modeller - I don't know if anyone saw some of his work - he was originally a ship modeller for the shipyards on the Tyne.

As far as stanchions go - I used to use John Haynes' 1:96 stanchions which were fairly thick and nice to use. I believe, although not 100% sure - Fleetscale took over a lot of John's fittings. Quaycraft also do brass etched stanchions. There is also a company called Scale Link Fretcetera - they do brass etched stanchions.


05/05/2022 16:21:59

transmitter.jpgreceuvers.jpgHi ya Neil - 2 things - I have a Focus 6 + 2 receivers for the transmitter + a couple of crystals - but this is what they call a dual conversion set and requires dual conversion crystals to work properly. I am wondering if your HiTec is a dual conversion and you have the wrong crystals in? Just a thought.

However, they are here if you want them.



Edited By John W E on 05/05/2022 16:23:55

22/04/2022 15:37:59

I know we are all supposed to be tucked up in bed by 9 p.m. but, by any chance, did anyone see Scouting for Toys on Yesterday Channel (Thursday night) just a couple of lads from Redcar Model Boat Club were on there - they were purchasing a couple of tugs and I think one of them was a Clyde Puffer. There were a few shots of the Redcar sailing lake. Only a small clip but it was nice to see.

Thread: Todays Boating
18/04/2022 18:14:53

hi ya all, I don't feel so bad now - or - should I say - I don't feel as though I have deserted the hobby. It just seems to take forever to get back into model boats - I wanted to originally begin another build - but - when I look around I do have several unfinished things on the go (as in model boating) and I wanted to do a build of the K7 Bluebird after reading Ashley's article. So, do I start this or put it on hold?

- on a side note though a lot of us must also do model railways, but, my other hobby is restoring vintage hi fi units which I have been doing for a while and

- looking at all this I think I am busy enough - having that unfinished 00 gauge railway in the loft. Ha hahahaha hey ho.

I am normally watching a film at 9 p.m. and that is past me bedtime come to think of it.

17/04/2022 17:34:26

Ray and Ashley - may I steal a bit of your modelling mojo - cos you two seem to turn out model like Nissan car company turn out cars - one every 5 minutes I think. I am struggling to get back into me modelling - but getting there slowly every time I look at what you have built - you have built 3 models and all I have built is a fuel storage rack.

Nice models looking forward to getting some modelling mojo soon


Thread: Caldercraft Sir Kay
13/04/2022 13:05:48

hi ya there

The large framework on the bow of the Sir Kay is likely to be for the acoustic hammer which they used to detonate mines. Looking for more photographs to see what I can find with this mysterious gallows.


Edited By John W E on 13/04/2022 13:06:19

13/04/2022 10:22:05

gallows2.jpgHi there David

As Richard has said, I myself haven't heard of the expression 'cable gallows'. However, I do know the terminology of fishing vessels and parts of them tend to vary around the Coasts of Great Britain. What I have found though are a couple of drawings and what I think you are referring to is a 'trawl gantry' - this is used for hauling in the nets. I am putting a couple of pics on to see if we are heading in the right direction to help you out.


Thread: Painting interior of a nitro boat
11/04/2022 08:52:43

Hi this is the type that i use from the old eBay shopwink

HMG - Modellers Gloss Fuel Proofer Model Aircraft 125ml Tin HMG - Modellers Gloss Fuel Proofer 125ml Tin

Thread: Fibreglass hull id
08/04/2022 18:01:39

Hi Roger, this is a scan from a book which was dedicated to the life and ship models of Norman Ough ISBN Number 9781473879478 - Seaforth Publishing. I know Norman Ough's plans do sometimes come up on EBay - so keep an eye open on there. David MacGregor by the way had the rights for Norman's plans.

So, let us try putting the scan on

here goes


picket boat.jpg


Edited By John W E on 08/04/2022 18:02:41

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