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Thread: Todays Boating
28/04/2020 19:31:32

Thanks Ashley

I have a couple of mini servos in my odds box. Don't know where I bought them. Strangely I seem to have used one in my Fairey Huntsman.

I will get a few more mini servos for future boats.

I do have boats such as a Model Slipway Aziz which is very heavy and Robbe Dusseldorf, heavy and 4 rudders, which probably make use of the fitted standard servo.


28/04/2020 12:26:19


Are those mini or micro for use as steering servos?

I was looking at the Eezebilt OSA last night and fitting the rudder before the sides go on. I have a couple of mini servos, wondering if a mini servo would be ok for the rudder? Most of my boats seem to have a standard servo for the rudder. Guess normally I have put in what the kit instructions have said, but sure I used a small servo on the Eezebilt PT Boat.


Thread: Etherow Model Boat Club
24/04/2020 12:46:53

Bob / Ashley

Does glass cloth and epoxy solve that problem?

The Eezebilt OSA I'm building will have some sealed spaces in the bow and lower hull.


Thread: Zulu
24/04/2020 12:42:16


Back from walking the dog and having another strong coffee. We had some gardening supplies delivered this week from a nearby Garden Centre, the delivery charge was £4 so not bad.

I'm going out to the cabin / workshop soon. Trying to finish a storage box for a large boat and air brushing the hull on my Huntsman. Last 2 boats have been hand painted so not quite up to speed on the spray painting again yet.


24/04/2020 10:25:01


Why can't I get my kindle to spell Bruder!

It has no trouble spelling Kindle or Amazon!

Going for a strong coffee. Too early for anything stronger.


23/04/2020 19:24:36


Just seen my post again. It should have said shares in Be used!

Mine came from Amazon at about £10 each.


23/04/2020 11:28:27


The chap in the blue trousers has his twin brother waiting for my Huntsman.

Wish I had bought shares in Be used!


Thread: Todays Boating
16/04/2020 14:40:47


Sorry to hear your news.


Thread: m15 monitor
16/04/2020 12:09:35


On my S100 conversion I used Model Radio Workshop. Mike makes all sorts of turret turners etc. I used 2 of his units to add light and sound to the guns. For turning them I used small motors and pulleys for two and a servo winch for the bow gun.

The units I used weren't in his current list but he made them up for me and amended the design to make them easier to use. I have just looked on his website and he is still working.


Thread: OSA 1 Missile Boat
15/04/2020 17:52:39


Ray, the angle is quite shallow, I can have a look at that. I was trying to avoid the problem I have just had with my S100 conversion. The tubes are long on that which gave me problems with noise at high revs especially with the outer motors , originally 380's, the central brushless wasn't so bad; after a change in flexible coupling.


Thread: My Time Media. Model Boats Magazine.
15/04/2020 14:37:18

The 10 digit number can be found under settings when you have logged onto the MB site.


Thread: OSA 1 Missile Boat
15/04/2020 14:33:22

Ashley / Colin

Sorted what I need to order from Model Boat Bits. Thought I might as well get the appropriate support at the same time. Would an A frame support be better that a P support or is there not much to choose between them.


14/04/2020 14:36:34

Thanks Ashley / Colin

I wondered how you could buy different lengths of tube and shaft.

I will have a look at Model Boat Bits.


14/04/2020 12:51:37

I have been looking at the prop tube needed for the OSA and it looks as though I may need a14" tube. Never having used one this long will it need to be supported along its length. Or should I try to find a way to use a shorter one?


Thread: Todays Boating
14/04/2020 12:44:42


Another 3 weeks of lockdown? At my age I was told to stay in for 12 weeks, which I reckon means June.

My brother in law (65) has just been told he is not to leave the house for 12 weeks starting now!

Perhaps you young uns will get boating first!

I have already got two boats that need to tested!


Thread: Sweet Sue II
13/04/2020 12:08:48


I recently tried to program a similar Esc by the same manufacturer without the programming card. I thought that the card I had would be ok .

After several hours counting bleepsI gave up and bought the appropriate card, it seemed I needed a car or ground card for this Esc.

After 2 minutes it was programmed and working just as it should.

So unless with your musical background your better at counting bleeps I would get a card.


Thread: My Time Media. Model Boats Magazine.
11/04/2020 11:55:33

My magasine came 2 days ago. Mail deliveries normal in Nottingham / Derbyshire border, plenty of deliveries from Amazon.

Cornwall Model Boats say they are operating normally as much as possible so shouldn't be any problem with modelling supplies.


Thread: OSA 1 Missile Boat
07/04/2020 16:46:46


It's an Eezebilt plan printed off the website on my home printer. So cut the plan up to make templates.It's 32" long and I am using 3mm lite ply for the framework, then 2mm for the hull sides. Not decided what to use for the super structure.

If you put Eezebilt boats into Google you will see the website.



Edited By Tim Cooper on 07/04/2020 16:53:00

07/04/2020 14:38:17

Made a start on an Eezebilt OSA 1 Missile Boat, whilst in lockdown and a change from gardening.





Thread: Etherow Model Boat Club
07/04/2020 11:55:31

Bob and Ray

Just back from walking the dog from the house to the park at the bottom of the street. A lovely day ! Normally I would have been meeting a friend for 9 holes of golf! We put up with all the wet weather over winter looking forwards to the nice sunny weather.

Back to the cabin to play with some lite ply.


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