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Thread: OSA 1 Missile Boat
31/05/2020 12:24:25

Hull ready for filler.



Thread: John Cobb's Crusader
31/05/2020 11:54:36


Have you ever tried corrugated plastic sheet for storage making boxes?

The Eezebilt site shows how to make one, gluing it together with hot melt. Looking at the sheet it seems you need to buy 5 large sheets , so if it doesn't work you have a lot of plastic sheet on your hands.

I'm still thinking about it and looking at possible suppliers.


Thread: OSA 1 Missile Boat
29/05/2020 14:27:48

Just for you Ashley. Some dust and tools. Plus progress on the superstructure.

The superstructure does seem to fit into the deck oK, although it may need a magnet to secure it.


PS. I have cleaned up now!




Edited By Tim Cooper on 29/05/2020 14:28:49

29/05/2020 12:24:28


I vacuumed up the sawdust before taking the pictures. I like to keep up on the dust , as my early career in Analytical Laboratories gave me a dust allergy. Not much in the way of PPE that worked in the sixties and early seventies.

Unfortunately not a beer cooler but a freezer, do have a beer / wine cooler in the house though! Wife was not keen on it being moved to the cabin!

Power will be a brushless motor from Component Shop, and a Quicrun Esc 30 amp.

The cabin / workshop was my birthday present to myself last year. It's the first one I have had that I don't have to empty so I can get in and move around, and not freezing cold in winter.

The superstructure is still giving me problems but think I am getting there with Mark 2. Will take some photos 'll after.


27/05/2020 12:36:02

Some progress since last post. Side skinning started in 2mms lite ply.




Edited By Tim Cooper on 27/05/2020 12:37:55

Edited By Tim Cooper on 27/05/2020 12:38:32

18/05/2020 18:03:29

Filled in the lower bow with layers of balsa. Should be ok once the filler goes on. Will put the motor and prop shaft in next before I put the sides on.



15/05/2020 19:30:02


Thanks for the offer. I have found some scraps of balsa sheet and strip so think I will be Ok with the bottom half. I will try your suggestion for the top half. If I get stuck I may decide to take the dog for a drive in the countryside near Lambley.



15/05/2020 16:21:49


It's a lite ply frame. I did consider lamination of balsa but don't think I have anything thicker than 3mm. I will have a look if I have any bits of something thicker. But it seemed a lot of lamination with the sheet I may have. But I have plenty of time at the moment.

Thanks Ray


15/05/2020 13:30:21

 Progress has been made with skinning of the hull bottom. Still need to finish the bow area. Not sure if I can persuade the 2mm liteply to accept the curve at the front? I may order some balsa block for the bow, as used on Fairey Huntsman. Will fit the prop shaft and motor before starting the sides.






Edited By Tim Cooper on 15/05/2020 13:31:17

14/05/2020 12:26:32


You were lucky to be able to give blood, my appointment was cancelled as I am 70. They said they would let me know when I could make another appointment. Normally they are reminding me not to miss as I have one of the less common blood groups.


Thread: Which motor?
13/05/2020 13:32:04


I have a F14 Navy which I use on several models. Can you not use that again. Only reason I use another radio for newer models is the cost of the RX for the F14. Depends if you want a 2.4 ghz set?

I have a Radiolink AT9 which I am happy with.


Thread: Revell 1:72 HMCS Snowberry
09/05/2020 09:55:46


I think that at the time Matchbox produced the Snowberry it was at the limits of the moulding capability. As it is the one I built the hull came in four pieces. How long would a destroyer hull need to be?


08/05/2020 14:46:24


I always like taking mine for a sail. No problems, a relaxing time. Smoke generator (oil sort) looks good when there is a nip in the air. I even fitted a Morse signal gizmo from Action.


Thread: OSA 1 Missile Boat
07/05/2020 12:16:27


The 2mm was bought for the hull sheeting but the original used 1/16 balsa, so thought I would try the lite ply. It has been stored flat in the house but has still warped.

I will have to try the birch ply or 3 mm lite ply.


07/05/2020 09:32:56

Yes, definitely amateur. 

It's 2mm lite ply that has warped as I waited to use it.

The superstructure is a narrow box 45mms wide and about 350 mms long. The bracing didn't keep it square. I have some 1/16th ply so will use that for the sides and front.


Edited By Tim Cooper on 07/05/2020 09:34:59

Edited By Tim Cooper on 07/05/2020 09:35:41

06/05/2020 15:36:25

Well the crew has arrived. Unfortunately the accommodation isn't ready as the superstructure has developed major twists in the lite ply. Will have to scrap and start again.




Thread: Model Slipway Aziz
05/05/2020 18:38:38

img_20200505_150437.jpgOne advantage to the lockdown is that I have built a storage box for my Aziz model. Don't like to think how long it's been waiting for the box!


Thread: Thames Sailing Barge Stuff
05/05/2020 12:40:03


I like that your so hopeful of being released soon. The 70 year olds were told at the start to isolate for 12 weeks so that takes me to June sometime. At least the garden will be finished by then!

My son lives in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, they have just come out of lockdown with no restrictions except a one metre social distancing. He says the roads ars packed with cars and the restaurants are full with queues outside.

Be interesting to see if they have more virus cases now.

B&Q are open here in Nottingham now don't know what the queues are like, but when they tried click and collect it caused a traffic jam.


Edited By Tim Cooper on 05/05/2020 12:41:52

Thread: OSA 1 Missile Boat
02/05/2020 12:49:45

Not much progress lately as been waiting for the propshaft and P bracket from Model Boat Bits. Arrived this morning, Steve told me he taking a little longer to keep up with orders at present. But I can now fit the shaft and bracket, then start the hull sides etc.

I managed to order two P brackets so I will just have to find another boat to build to use it! The lockdown must be getting to me as I managed to order two sets of figures for the OSA the other day. Airfix British Infantry Afghanistan 1/48 scale!


Thread: Corona Cabin Cruiser
02/05/2020 12:33:59


Late Autumn, Blimey!

We are looking forward to Autumn, we might be allowed out twice a day by then. If we are lucky and behave ourselves in the meantime!


Edited By Tim Cooper on 02/05/2020 12:35:28

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