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Thread: Robbe F14 Transmitter Battery
28/08/2014 09:40:00

I have been using a Robbe F14 Tx with 6 channels plus an extra proportional and switch module for some years on a Robbe Dusseldorf model. I think that the battery pack has failed as it doesn't charge effectively. Looking at the battery pack, it is a 4 x 2 arrangement of sub c Nicads cells rated at 1400 Mah. I am not sure why it uses sub c cells. My other radios use AA LiMH cells. Does anyone know why an F14 would need sub c cells?

I know originally it could run for hours on one charge. I am thinking of using a 2600 Mah pack of LiMH AA cells, even if this means a shorter time between charges.

Can anyone offer any advice?



Thread: Small LED's
19/03/2014 19:26:37

Thanks Dave


19/03/2014 16:57:44


White for the mast and maybe green / red for the nav lights.



19/03/2014 11:42:48

I am trying to fit lights to a small boat (Johann Fidi - Graupner) mast, I have found some 1.6mm dia LED s at a Model Railway site, they sell for use at 12 - 16 v with a supplied resistor. Does anyone know what resistor I would need for 6 v supply?



Thread: Sail Winch Drum
28/12/2013 12:36:48

Does anyone know a supplier for Sail Winch Drums? I have a Saturn winch which has a 45mm diameter drum, I would like to change this to a 35mm diameter drum, as it has to fit under a deck and operate a boat lift.



Thread: Planet R6M Receiver
11/12/2013 16:07:47

Howes sell a hard cased version of the receiver (7 channel) for £18. More robust but still not waterproof.


Thread: Fuses Blowing
01/12/2013 10:40:12

Thanks Dave

I might try to find the plastic props that came with the kit. My wife says she will buy me some waders for Xmas just in case.

Do you think the brass props would be Ok with Graupner 600 Turbo (I think) 12v I have fitted to the Berrnhard Gruben I'm building at present. These will run from 12 v SLA batteries?


30/11/2013 16:46:43

Thanks Dave

Not sure I like the 30 amp fuse option either. That might just produce a fire in the middle of the pond! Although I have a Robbe Dusseldorf Fire Boat! I will have to get motors on the Xmas list.. Is dropping down to 8.4v Power packs another option?



30/11/2013 14:05:12

I have changed the 25 amp fuse and everything seems to be working Ok. Haven't had the boat back in the water yet.

The motors are Graupner 600 ECO supplied by Model Slipway with the kit.


29/11/2013 11:28:37

Can anyone offer advice about blown fuses?

I took my Model Slipway Tamar for its second run the other day, everything was going well, just doing a big turn in the middle of the pond when everything stopped. No power at all! Unfortunately my recovery device (tennis ball on a fly fishing line) failed but the park attendant had some waders I could borrow. Back home I found the 25 amp fuse on the Action Power Board had blown. All the other fuses on the board and around the boat (15 amp) were Ok.

The set up is 2 x 600 motors, 35mm brass props, and 2 x 9.5 v batteries in parallel.

Am I looking for a short circuit ? The batteries were freshly charged but I had no problem a few weeks before, and I had already completed a maximum speed run on this day.

I wonder if I might be better changing the batteries to 2 x 8.4v packs?



Thread: Rudders
02/10/2013 22:41:30


I have used a couple of propriety rudder systems lately, some I have bought and two were with a Model Slipway Tamar kit. I have had a problem with the threaded tube that fits to the hull, the thread that the large brass nut goes on doesn't go down to the base of the tube, so on the Tamar I have had to add a spacer made from a small section of plastic tube, to get a seal to the boat hull. I have just bought two more sets and they have exactly the same problem.

Am I missing something I don't think I have had this problem until building the Tamar.


Thread: Bow Thruster
16/07/2013 15:01:43

Has anyone used the Raboesch Mini Bow Thruster? I was thinking of using one in a Graupner Bernhard Gruben, instead of a pump for the Schottel Pump simulation. I notice it has a 100 motor so not sure it would be powerful enough? The 100 motor is 'rated' up to 12 v. Thanks Tim

Thread: Robbe Paula 111 kit
11/05/2013 11:48:38


I built the Robbe Paula some years ago and it still runs very well. It's the boat I take in case I need to retrieve one of the others.

I sure I still have the plans in a file somewhere, if you still need a set let me know. Can't think I will need them again.


Thread: Airbrush Compressor
29/09/2012 12:29:53

Not sure how many of you saw the recent Lidl advert which advertised an Airbrush Kit?

I bought one last week and the box contained a small 3 psi compressor, airbrush( a bit up from basic) and fittings, air hose to fit to an air gun (for pumping up footballs, beds, etc).

I have managed to find a break in the rain to try the compressor out and it powered my old beginners airbrush to varnish my Model Slipway Tamar cabin.

For £39.99 I am very pleased so far. Certainly a lot easier than the propellant cans.


Thread: Motor for Revell Flower Class Corvette
04/09/2012 09:39:38


I built a Revell Flower a few years ago. I used a 385 motor, 7.2v battery and a 40mm prop. It runs very well, with the extra bit of non scale speed if you need to to get out of trouble.

There is lots of info on the Web if you want to rebuild some of the model like the various guns etc.

I used some bits from Action to add a bit of interest, smoke generator, Aldis lamps kit.

The model is very stable and always sails well.


Thread: Battery Charging
12/02/2012 10:21:54
Thanks for the information
09/02/2012 16:43:40
Can anyone help with a query on Transmitter battery charging?
I have one Tx with a 1400mah battery made up of sub C cells and one with a 1400mah battery made up of AA cells. Using the formula with the charger instructions I charge for 14 hours at 140 mA.
Is this right? I would expect the sub C's to take longer?
Tim Cooper
Thread: figures
05/01/2012 14:55:34
I know the problem. I was going to get some Lifeboat figures, for a Model Slipway Tamar, from George Turner but left it too late.
Anyone know of any 1/16th scale lifeboat men? The ones from Speedline look very nice but at £21 each a bit pricey. My wife is getting fed up of me diving into toy shops, even when on holiday abroad, to look for figures to be converted.
Thread: Viper 15 Amp ESC No Reverse
24/10/2011 17:27:15
Thanks Gareth
I have tried going through the full set up procedure but it hasn't helped.
Perhaps I will have to send it back as you suggest but it will be way out of any guarantee.
I tend to use the Action units now which set themselves to the Tx sticks positions as you turn on the battery.
24/10/2011 09:52:34
Has anyone had a problem with an MTroniks 15amp viper ESC losing reverse?
It had been in a boat for about 4 - 5 years but suddenly seems to have lost reverse. I have gone through the set up procedure several times to try and put it back but no luck.
Anyone any ideas before I bin it?
Tim Cooper
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