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Thread: Todays Boating
08/08/2022 11:43:49


I have similar problem with the fire monitor pump on my Robbe Dusseldorf. I put an in line filter in but when that blocked the pump burnt out, just try to avoid sucking weedy water now.


Thread: Humbrol Paints
07/08/2022 09:42:46


I'm as surprised as you. I spent the late 60's and early 70's in a analytical lab where the fume cupboards didn't work. We ate at our benches, we made tea and coffee on the the lead topped bench and the canteen sent a lady with a trolley of cakes , sandwiches, chocolate bars for us to buy.

I was always surprised when you went get certain reagent to be told you couldn't use it anymore as it wasn't safe now but was ok last week.

On paints, I sometimes use Humbrol and sometimes acrylics. Acrylics are great for figure painting. I must have spent years painting Games Workshop figures for my son and me to use in games. Although I painted an Italeri S100 completely in acrylics


05/08/2022 09:27:10

Not sure but I think I read that it was an EU directive. But obviously Humbrol wouldn't want a UK and a European formula.


05/08/2022 08:21:07

I guess not many of us will be clearing out our cupboards and drawers of all those old tins of paint! I must have a good few tins from boats, trains and planes.

I would think that as long as you use common sense and a well ventilated area, and don't stick your nose over the opened tin and inhale you will probably be fine.


Thread: 61' Barnett class lifeboat
28/07/2022 17:46:41


I have a similar Workmate, mine is not quite as old. I think it's about 30 years old now. It has had some new feet and orange clamps on the top and a couple of springs. Still using it regularly, for woodworking ,even used to stand on when decorating and prune in the garden. Seemed expensive at the time but worth the money.

Then again I have some tools that my dad passed on but I think they were my granddads originally and I am well passed 65.


Edited By Tim Cooper on 28/07/2022 17:47:57

Thread: Todays Boating
23/07/2022 09:40:50


Yes it was back a few days ago.

I have printed a few off to think this winter.


20/07/2022 09:52:22


I used to have one of the stationary Mammods. It was on a Meccano type base. Had some machine tools to go with it. Lathe, milling machine, hammer, grinder, saw etc. Only sold it a few years ago when we thought we would be moving house. I think they used to make a marine steam engine at one time.

The Eezebilt website seems to be working normally now.


16/07/2022 22:03:44


At least I know it's not just me can't get to the Eezebilt website.

Hope it's not too hot for you tomorrow!


13/07/2022 17:13:22

Look very nice Mark.

Glad I have my Triton and Crests plans printed out as the Eezebilt website seems to have gone down.

Don't think it's me! I have tried various devices but just get a " website not available" message.

At least I have 2 to keep me occupied this winter.



Edited By Tim Cooper on 13/07/2022 17:13:53

11/07/2022 15:29:13


Yes Keilkraft produced the Eezebilt boats and they can be downloaded from the website.

The original ones are there with some larger and newer designs. My PT boat at 28" OSA Missile Boat at 32" are from the newer designs.

The one with the outboard is the Cresta, I 'm thinking of having a go at one but at 20", a deeper hull and a dummy outboard. Hopefully that will make it easy to put a small brushless motor in.

The other plan I have been looking at is the Triton, one I built in the 60's, again slightly bigger than the original to make room for motor and battery.


11/07/2022 14:02:38


When you say Mark brought two Keil craft from plans, do you mean Eezebilt ones from the website?

I am thinking of building two for winter projects, I have copied the designs but redrawn the parts to give a slightly bigger model of 20".

I can remember building two of the kits in the 1960's.


Thread: Lack of speed with current set up
09/07/2022 19:49:21

Andrew /Colin

I have checked my instruction book (I seem to keep them all). Recommended motors are 2.5:1 MFG .

My model doesn't go too fast but Dave M always said that proportional control was there for a reason.


09/07/2022 09:39:39


I have a Model Slipway Aziz. It has 2.5 ratio motors running on 9.6 volts. It doesn't seem to go too fast to me.


Thread: Server Upgrade and Site Functionality Issues
11/06/2022 12:29:21


I'm using a Huawei P9 model no. EVA-L19

Android 7.0

Chrome 102.0.5005.78


10/06/2022 14:49:00


Same as mine. Fine until yesterday. Notice that the the https from the website address is in red and crossed through.

Tried logging in using my old kindle earlier and no problems. 

Also to add a posting I have to go through the security  check / failure again.




Edited By Tim Cooper on 10/06/2022 14:52:06

09/06/2022 18:31:28

Since the upgrade I get a security safety warning when trying to connect the website using my Android mobile phone. I have to override the safety warnings to connect to the site. Didn't have problem before.


Thread: Todays Boating
03/06/2022 13:12:13


I have used small Neodymium magnets to secure both superstructure and others bits to models. I tend to use a magnet and a washer. I guess if you used a magnet of both parts it would be really secure.

Tim Cooper

Thread: Beginner advice on using old RC plane kit on an RC boat
27/05/2022 12:12:28


Just a thought. If the Tx is from an old aircraft model is it a 35 kHz set?

Strictly speaking it should be 40 kHz or 2.4 ghz for model boats.

Whether this matters if you are using it in the garden only, I don't know.


Thread: Todays Boating
13/05/2022 09:51:31


A few of photos of my Robbe Dusseldorf. Always surprising how far the water is pumped.





Thread: Pins for construction
27/04/2022 16:41:47


I bought Wig Pins from Amazon. Two sizes, 50 of each in clear box. Cost under a fiver..


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