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Thread: OSA 1 Missile Boat
10/11/2020 12:13:56

I have made a Pelorus and a Target Designation Sight for the OSA I . Challenge for my clumsy fingers in 1/48 scale. Just started painting them but mostly grey.



Thread: MV Oldenburg 1/48th scale
10/11/2020 11:17:15

Ray / Ashley

Had a quick play with the insulation foam. It cuts easily and files or sands very easily. Lots of dust. But very soft or am I just used to wood or plastic? Ever easy to dent even with finger.


09/11/2020 12:45:36


When you say Styrofoam for the blocks what type do you mean? We have had builders here for 3 months and have left some offcuts of a cream coloured insulation foam with aluminium foil on one side. Don't need any at the moment just thinking of putting some in the shed for future use.


Thread: OSA 1 Missile Boat
12/10/2020 12:35:34

Been working on the mast the last few weeks. The radar platforms have been testing my soldering skills. More detail has been added to the missile boxes. May move on to the open bridge next.




Thread: making rudders
02/10/2020 11:36:22


I have bought commercial rudders and changed the shape of the brass plate to suit. On several models I have changed the shape by gluing plasticard on and using filler.


Thread: Cruise Ships - Dawlish Devon
28/09/2020 11:06:59


If you have had your over 65 flu jab they will soon be lining you up with one for Pneumonia and Shingles! Had my flu jab a few weeks ago no ill effects but think I got the blunt needle.


Thread: Todays Boating
28/09/2020 11:03:04


Looks great! Making me very jealous, I have always loved Wallace and Grommit.

Should it work perfectly? They always seem to have something go wrong or fall off.

Lovely pictures.


Thread: Balsa Shortage
26/09/2020 12:10:24


I thought lite ply had a balsa core. Is it another light wood?


Thread: Returning modeller
27/08/2020 11:00:06


I usually only add 2 or 3 pictures at a time, and press save on the album.

I find now that it works best from my smart phone.


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
25/08/2020 11:37:13


Had the same problem with the metal mounts. I have made the hole bigger to help sometimes . I prefer to use the nylon mounts now. Brushless motors being smaller helps when fitting them.


Thread: Action P44 Twinlatch switcher
23/08/2020 14:41:42


Would it be easier to wire the 2 batteries in parallel to give a longer running time?


Thread: OSA 1 Missile Boat
20/08/2020 17:24:35

Just about got the AK 230 guns ready for painting. Need to decide if I am going to have them turning.




Thread: Aronaut Caribic - What Adhesive?
20/08/2020 11:07:47


I have built several Graupner and Robbe kits which had an ABS hull and parts. There are special adhesives you can buy but I have used PVC pipe weld and a 2 part adhesive from Aldi for ABS (long chemical name cryanolates and smells ).

I found the Pipe adhesive the easiest to use. Quick look on the Internet will show lots of adhesive for ABS. Don't think polystyrene cement works or I would have used it,


Thread: Boat?
17/08/2020 19:57:37


Have a look at the Eezebilt boat website. The are a number of simple plans to download and print on a home printer or you could scale one up to make a bigger boat. You can add extra detail if you wish. They are based on the balsa kits we used to build in the 60's.


Picture of an enlarged PT Boat I built.

PT Boat 1

Edited By Tim Cooper on 17/08/2020 19:58:24

Edited By Tim Cooper on 17/08/2020 19:59:21

Thread: A decent kit for a beginner
11/08/2020 19:19:06


I have built the Aziz and Tamar by Model Slipway. Both built into nice models.

Don't remember any major problems. The kits I built used printed styrene for lots of the parts so you have be good at cutting them out. But it was a few years ago so they may have changed.


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
11/08/2020 19:05:39


I used to keep my larger models in our loft, so that meant an extra set of stairs to get down. I have now treated myself to a timber cabin in the garden, so that's where the big models live. I still have some smaller ones in the house, so the way to get those down the stairs is - carefully.


Thread: Recovery
09/08/2020 21:27:35


I converted an old pushchair last winter. Not. been able to try it yet.



09/08/2020 12:08:34


Can just remember last time I took a boat out.

I take a ball on the end of some fly fishing line, as the line floats, and waders. I try to take another boat on another Tx as a recovery boat. Only time there was a problem was testing a Model Slipway Tamar which stopped in the middle of the pond, had to borrow waders off the park keeper. So I bought my own.


Thread: Todays Boating
08/08/2020 11:06:44


Noah's ark I have made but didn't try it on the water. Not sure my granddaughter wanted it to get wet.



Thread: My Time Media. Model Boats Magazine.
04/08/2020 11:56:20

Has everyone got their copy of the magasine now?

Mine still seems to be with the postal fairies. I assume that they are all sent out at more or less the same time?


Edited By Tim Cooper on 04/08/2020 11:57:12

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