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Thread: Motor size/ set up
05/10/2021 18:16:08

I have converted the Italieri Landing Craft.

I used two ex cassette tape player motors initially with 20 mm plastic props. But it was very underpowered given the barn door shaped bow. I changed the motors to 2 x 140's for more power. I bought a Sherman Tank kit for the load bay, this is used as the battery box.

To raise and lower the ramp door I used a small geared motor to turn 2 connected pulleys and strong thread to the door.


Thread: Commodores Challenge
10/09/2021 13:12:23


You forgot the tail!

That can move in any direction or in circles, and seems to be independent of it's owner!


Thread: 9 11
10/09/2021 13:01:27

I was at work at the Boots Site in Beeston Nottingham. The Factory Plumber stopped to tell me about the first plane strike.


Thread: Commodores Challenge
09/09/2021 19:43:17


Yes once we tempted him in, he enjoyed it.



09/09/2021 12:04:07

Found a pic of my new paddling pool.



09/09/2021 10:52:06

Bob / Richard

I had one of the blow up pools for a while till it kept deflating and couldn't find the hole.

This year I bought a Dog Paddling pool from Amazon. It's circular, about 1.2m across. It doesn't need blowing up. The sides are wood encased in PVC (?), The slats are joined together and a integral base. You just open it out and start filling. When finished with and empty, it folds up and is stored in a plastic case. There is a cover available for it , which I think I might buy as well

The dog loved it as well.


Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
30/08/2021 12:07:09


I have used a number of those small geared motors. CMB sell them. I have also bought a number from China via Amazon. Can take a few weeks to arrive. On my OSA Missile Boat I used one for each of the radar that rotate, connected to a small speed controller which can be set using a knob on the unit.

Have a browse on Amazon.


Thread: OSA 1 Missile Boat
24/08/2021 21:54:29

Added the life raft canisters to stern and the Soviet Ensign. So we just need a storage box and a trip to the pond.



Thread: Lubricant
20/08/2021 12:48:45

I have used Some general motor grease now. Not packed the gearbox just a good smear on each gear and the bearing.

The MFA geared motors always seem to me to be lightly oiled.

Next model to be checked over is a Model Slipway Aziz, which has 2 MFA geared motors. I think in the past I have just oiled them an put the plastic cover back.


18/08/2021 14:32:41


That's ok. It came apart much quicker this time. I have used some grease but not too much.

The Robbe Navy come with a nylon gear fixed to the prop shaft, and a metal one on the motor. One half of the gear box is fixed to the prop tube which is then fastened to a bullkhead. A cover plate and the motor are located from the other side of the bulkhead. Bolts go through the gearbox and cover plate to the motor. The bolt heads are on the gearbox side. Space here is limited by the deck, rudder servo, and a water pump. The bolt heads take an Allen key.

For obvious reasons it's been a while since I used this model so I thought I would check everything. Still Have the working features to check.


18/08/2021 12:18:12


I'll grab the tools I need, make a mug of coffee and get it done .


18/08/2021 08:35:52


I will have another look at it whilst I have it on the bench.

Wish I had thought to ask the question before putting the gearbox back together.


17/08/2021 19:35:40

I am just starting some maintenance on my Robbe Dusseldorf.

The motors are Robbe Navy Compact (I think). The motor has a small metal gear, this meshes with a larger nylon gear on the prop shaft, all inside a plastic gearbox.. I have usually smeared them with lithium cycle grease. This seems to have gone to a thick paste since last time I took the gearbox apart. It's a bit of a swine to undo. This time I have liberally wiped 3 in 1 over both gears .

Is this a good lubricant for metal to nylon meshing gears.


Thread: Colin Archer 1:15 scale
13/08/2021 13:20:56


There is a small box just above where you press to add the posting. If you tick the box you get the EMAIL alerts.

If you go to to bookmarks at the top of the page you should be able to turn it off.


Thread: LCT Ramp Mechanism
11/08/2021 16:46:12

As Charles I have used 2 servos and aircraft snake and a servo morph. This was for the Stern Gate on my Graupner Bernhard Gruben. The servos were mounted on a rubber two sided tape just to give it a bit of give when it closing. It did take a bit of patience and time to set up.


Thread: Commodores Challenge
10/08/2021 22:06:48


No problem.

Glad you are getting it sorted out.


09/08/2021 19:50:31


Just checked on my Radio link set. Assume it's the same on all sets.

RH stick - up/ down - channel 2. Left /right channel 1

LH stick -up /down - channel 3. Left / right channel 4.

Or connect a servo to the channels in turn and move a stick to check the response.


Thread: OSA 1 Missile Boat
08/08/2021 15:58:33

Just about finished now. Need to build a storage box so I can move it to the cabin in the garden






Thread: Commodores Challenge
07/08/2021 11:57:13

No problem Bob

I have asked plenty of questions on the forum.

My problem is remembering people's names. Faces are no problem just can't always put a name to them.


07/08/2021 08:58:40


Turn radio set on.

Press Mode and Select together for a second, till set beeps.

Screen shows MODL and a number e.g. 1

Use the small switch at right hand side of screen to change number from 1........6

Press Select button (left side of screen) to select that model.

I find it easier to turn the set off and on then. It will then display the model selected.

You May have to go through the six models that can be stored to find the one you want.

I think the model names can only be four letters long.

Hope this helps.



Edited By Tim Cooper on 07/08/2021 09:01:40

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