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Thread: Turbinia05.jpg
23/12/2008 10:56:00

yes ashley ,a sort of modern day- type of destroyer...mine is scratch built using basic materials and my own design....

22/12/2008 20:41:00
hi ,i was thinking of doing this arrangement on my destroyer,does it handle well on a 800 mfa torpedo motor and does the motor draw alot of amps...
Thread: Power requirements?
25/11/2008 22:22:00
i built a mining ship,1,4m in length,weighing 2.7 kg-powered it with a 9 v battery pack,placed small bilge pump and inlet was from forward mid hull ,reduced the outlet nozzle and placed it between waterline and plymsol marking...great speed ,around 4 sucked in water andf pushed out at stern,,when it moved faster it worked betterneed rudder though..
Thread: High speed run
20/11/2008 22:39:00
hi the guys,i put my ship(destroyer)1,5 m in to water in carlingford lough last year,she has twin 800  torpedos and she did a fast run ,out of range and luckily an elderley gentleman and his adoring wife promptly chased after it and towed it back to me,much to the delight of the adults and children...hopefully i will have great weather on the first sunday in dec for a test run after mike davidson,such a gentleman,repaired and sorted out my emminent mess of a radio control software and fittings,i am raring to go,THANKS MIKE,,,U'RE A STAR!!!!!
Thread: For Sale
08/10/2008 20:47:00
Thread: readymade
08/10/2008 12:23:00
07/10/2008 19:06:00
i tried attaching pic but too big,,,how does one thumbnail a pic?
07/10/2008 19:04:00
its a standoff,perhaps I want to make it a uss churchill and arleigh burke class.combine,,,skys the limit..i built on an exisiting israeli saar 4,5 hull it slopes towards the back -just slightly...I want a piec at rer for seaking....though...
Thread: For Sale
07/10/2008 16:08:00
rob,i seem to think that this is a f-type frigate-is this correct and did south africa have 3  of them in the 6070-80's...
Thread: readymade
07/10/2008 14:42:00
hello everyone,I'm in ireland some 2 hours away from everything(model shops0 and was hoping to find a balsa wood ready made superstructure,modern -destroyer for my 1,5 xm x 25cm destroyer,twin 800 rpm torpedo motors,running off 12 volt battery and viper truck speed controller(mtroniks)Will pay for readymade structure...
Thread: srn4 protype rear view.JPG
07/10/2008 14:25:00
guy,this is what I've always wanted to do,is it expensive and are you covering the motors with grp or a casing?
Thread: SD14 R/C Card & Wood
12/12/2007 23:39:00
my model has just gotten lights from old recycled tv parts-leds and wires.i have servo units on the forwd 76mm and radar has a rotating motor from a toy i found and has a mc donald straw situated on it via an adaptor which then runs up to theenclosed mast to circulate at a good speed.i fitted a swith for all the white lights and a switch for the nav lights and also ai lights(air identi)my stern light is 9 volts and my ships two motors are 800 torpedo with 12 volts supplying it-she goes -will post video at weekend as i just about sorted the servo for rudders-they only go a certain degree-is ther any way that there are special strong rudder servos around..wish me luck---my wife wants it to sink ha ha ha
Thread: Electronic speed controller
02/09/2007 19:05:00
Thanks,will call in the morning,Will post pic of ship in near future-just completing her-my baby...ha ha
01/09/2007 21:15:00
thanks Daryl
Thread: SD14 R/C Card & Wood
01/09/2007 13:05:00
well done matey-u had the courage.
Thread: Electronic speed controller
01/09/2007 12:58:00
thanks again.motors take 65w that correct?
29/08/2007 20:44:00
hi guys,just joined,great website..need some info-have a 1,5 m  destroyer-scratch built with 12v gelcel  battery with twin 5100 rpm mfa  motors.need a 12v speed controller -frward and reverse,please and could I get a diagram of wiring.
Thread: Ponds or Water suitable for model boats
29/08/2007 20:25:00

about the water pump for the fire boat-try the bilge pump (12v) great

Thread: Mick's Album
29/08/2007 20:19:00
I will check my huge supply of plans -will get back to u.
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