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Thread: Reinforcing layer on unsound hull
08/03/2020 12:19:47

Hi Paul,

Could you "stitch" down the crack? Putting a cut at right angles to the crack about 20mm across the crack every few cms. along the length, (like stitches in a cut) with some thing like a Dremel with a cutting disk. Then ;glue in ridged reenforcement stripes , possibly carbon fiber **LINK** this would stabilize the crack before filling and sanding.

Cheers Tom

Thread: Lipo batteries
10/01/2020 17:54:51

Hi Dave, Not sure where you looked,

but this is in the range that would come into the right area. I have no no problem in incorperating industry standard items from my professional life into my hobby.

If 3S is too much how about

battery safe charging and in use

It was just a thought


10/01/2020 10:14:03


Ray, While waiting for a hip replacement I started using a Power Assist System. I still have to pedal but much of the pressure on the pedals is reduced, I now use this to go to the shops instead of using the car. Going green?face 7

Ashley. A BMS of some kind is incorporated into LiPo battery drills cordless vacuums etc. so the chargers are just 2 pin connectors .

Bryan, A BMS is an additional circuit connected to the LiPo battery that controllers charging and discharging, so it can be treated just like a "ordinary" battery, no special precautions. It is selected to match the battery it is to be connected to


Cheers Tom

Malcolm   Nicely explained thumbs upblush

Edited By Telstar on 10/01/2020 10:16:53

09/01/2020 16:59:51

Now LiPo batteries have become much more prevalent. I have noticed in larger capacity batteries, particularly used on electric bikes/scooters that the balance for charging and discharging is build into the battery.
On a 36v 8Ah battery I have, there are only 4 wires (only 3 connections since 2 wires connect to the same place on the battery).
two to connect to the charger, two to the load. Inside the battery "casing" is a BMS circuit board (Battery Management System) This monitors max. charging current; max. battery voltage on charge; also min. battery voltage; maximum discharge current; it is a built in balancer, both charging and discharging and this one has a temperature probe tucked in between the cells. It can shut down the system in event of overcharge, over discharge or over temp., protecting the cells
This means that the charger is a simple dc supply, no extra connections to be made.

Looking on E-*** there are now various BMS circuit boards to be obtained, from 1S 2A to 13S 60A units.
While I can understand model flyers not wanting extra weight, perhaps for model boats including a BMS permanently connected to the battery makes it easier and safer to use these batteries, Except for some waterproof special BMS boards they were all less than £10.
Perhaps instead of using special chargers (which only protect the charging side) fit boards to the battery (protecting both charge and discharge) and use simple chargers.

Just a thought Dave, cheers Tom

Thread: wanted 2 ch rcv
06/12/2019 15:45:27

Don't know if this would be worthwhile


Thread: Radio control servos
08/11/2019 17:27:44

Hi Mick,

If you fitted a small sprocket to the hand wheel of the valve you could use the chain (like the old style Meccano chain} and attach a larger sprocket to the servo disk (about 3 times bigger, ) giving the needed movement,

Just a thought


Thread: speed controller and fuses
08/11/2019 17:14:12

Aye Aye Capt'n. The inclusion of a fuse in any circuit is not to protect the equipment being supplied, but to prevent the everything else from being destroyed, usually by fire, in the event of that equipment failing.

The 'rated' current on the controller is an advisory by the maker to stop users overheating the controller hence destroying it. The fuse is there to burn out 'blow' if anything untoward happens, and so prevent the battery dumping ALL its energy into the fault and in doing so it could overload the wiring etc. and cause a fire.

Normal rules for fuse size, the fuse should be less than the current carrying size of the wire being used. ie 10amp wire - 8amp fuse the wire should be chosen to be thick enough to carry the current needed by the load (motor)

Also the controller should be enough to carry the load.

I served my time as a works electrician nearly 60 years ago, but the basics are still the same.

Good luck with your modelling.


Thread: Experimenting with Props,Motors and Batteries
07/07/2019 11:26:32

Hi Just a thought. Some of the early car Esc. would only give limited rpm/power in reverse, I remember playing with one in the past that offered Dynamic braking when you moved from forward to reverse, but if you moved back to off/neutral and then reverse again gave limited speed backwards

Just a thought


Thread: Newbie needs some help with a couple of Pond Yachts
07/06/2019 16:41:16

Hi Tim. on this link **LINK** is some basic photos of your model, maybe give you a starting point

Cheers Tom

Thread: Self starting steam engines
01/06/2019 23:22:20

Hi. This shows a Kitchen rudder on a model. **LINK**

On you tube search kitchen rudder, and there is video of a full size one operating.

cheers Tom

31/05/2019 23:28:31

Hi Michael, Have you thought about a Kitchen/Kitchener? rudder. there is no need to stop the engine then. If I've got my facts right this type of rudder was used by the R.N. on steam Pinnaces. These had a single cylinder steam engine, so to go astern the rudder system was used.

A number of modellers (including myself) have made RC versions of this rudder

Cheers Tom

Thread: ESC Problem
24/05/2019 15:27:37

Hi David. I agree with some of the comments above. But Graupner Speed 600BB Turbo is in fact a 12v nominal motor

motor nom.v v.range rpm no load load at best effy stall amp overall effy.

Speed 600BB TURBO 12v 4.8-14.4v 17,200 1A 7A 40A 77%

dimensions 57mm 37mm 8.7mm 3.17mm 220g

these are Graupner figures.

For the Esc to get hot, there is a current issue either the esc itself does not match the makers claim, or the motors are overloaded ie tight shaft badly aligned or over propped .

I would put an ammeter in the battery lead to check the actual current , replacing Esc will not cure the problem IF it is a mechanical fault

Cheers Tom

ps is the Esc free to cooling, or is it covered over unable to keep cool? just wondered

Edited By Telstar on 24/05/2019 15:29:50

Thread: lengthen Esc cable to switch
30/12/2018 12:03:53

Hi Dave, A HNY,2U2.

Don't build these days, No water. Jobsworth stopped local pond, fishing only, nature reserve.

Do follow MB, but only post if I think can be useful and non controversial.

Those 'gizmos' are available in smaller quantities typical 5 off white (26-24 SWG) £1.50 p+p inc.

same source.

EP sorry for hijacking your post HNY


29/12/2018 13:45:07

Hi, For extending wires, a much easier way is to solder seal heat shrink. you strip the ends to be joined, insert in the heat shrink fitting and heat with a hot air gun (or similar) the heat shrink closes on the wire cover and the solder ring in the fitting melts to give a good joint.

example from e-bay **LINK**

Cheers Tom

Thread: Manchester Ship Canal
18/10/2018 13:30:47

Paul, Not an answer to your specific question. Did you know the song 'The big ship sails through the ally ally oh' was commissioned and written for the opening of The Manchester Ship Canal


Thread: gas tanks
18/10/2018 13:24:44

Hi Charlie, The general method of refilling a small liquid gas tank is to connect from the bottom of the supply container to the top of the tank, if the supply is a disposable gas cartridge, then hold it upside down.

ALL equipment should be in good condition. The reason to fill in this manner, is to ensure liquid (not gas) is transferred, and as the liquid 'sprays' into the tank it chills the tank, allowing a better fill.

Where I worked we had large liquid gas storage, These had inlet 'valved' to both top and bottom, When the supply tanker was filling, if he filled from the bottom only the quantity was curtailed because the pressure built up too quickly, if he filled to the top only he could reduce the internal tank pressure get a good fill, but stop the production line through loss of gas pressure. Slightly easier for a small tank that is 'off line'

Hope this helps


Thread: Problem with r/c in corvette model
16/06/2018 10:13:39

Hi Michael. Mtronics accept a problem with some Esc. . Don't know if this includes your one, link to their web page FAQ gives their comment.

Cheers Tom

Thread: Bandsaw Deal ???
17/04/2018 15:59:01

Just got back from Lidl, they have bench bandsaws about 200mm throat, for less than £90. Wouldn't get onefor some of the things I do with mine, but should be fine for modelling

cheers tom

Thread: forum newbie
12/03/2018 16:19:52

Hi Tim.

I wondered if this photo could throw some light on the tyne class stern.

tyne class.jpg

Thread: Spanish Fishing Boat Designed by JP
08/03/2018 13:09:54


Hi I saw this on holiday, and Thought of you, Cheers Tom

Ps nice build your doing

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