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Thread: What power motor?!?
20/11/2008 17:46:00

Hi Rowan,

Glad to be of some help........Regarding choice of prop, this can be a minefield as prop design is quite complex but i would go for a 4 bladed brass prop.

The reason for this is that you can twist more or less pitch into the blades, to give an increase in speed  with more pitch or better efficiency with less pich.

The Spring system could be very similar to the K.E.R.S system (Kinetic energy recovery system) that next years F1 cars will be using.

I would consider a clock type spring driven off a clutch mechanism taking power through gearing off the prop shaft and then when the maximum tension of the spring is achieved this could be released back to the shaft through gearing to give the correct rotation and increased power/duration.

This does sound a very interesting idea and i wish you good luck !


18/11/2008 09:40:00

Hello Rowan,

 Are you using a storage cell for the power from the solar panel ie; a 12v battery, or tapping the power direct from the pannel?

if you are running direct from the pannel, i would consider a 5 pole geared motor from athe MFA/COMO range of motor/gearbox drives.

Possibly select a 919D series 385 12v with a reduction ratio of 10-1, this will reduce the amount of amps gobbled up from your panel and still give you decent performance, at 12 volts this will give you 1436 rpm on the drve shaft.

Maplin electronics sell these at about £19.00 or you can buy direct from

Also hull  design will be important in the efficiency of the model, blunt bow and wide hull  =  more drag = less speed = more power used

A  fine lined pointed bow and narrow width hull = less drag = more speed = less power to propel the model.

Good luck !! and i hope this helps you in some way.


Thread: What colour
29/10/2008 18:10:00

sorry Bob,

The Satin Humbrol dark sea grey code is 164


29/10/2008 18:08:00

Hi Bob,

There was no real fixed colour for RN small warships,it could vary between dark and light sea Grey or whatever they had lying around the dock yard.

If i remember correctly Humbrol colour codes suitable for your model would be ;

Matt sea grey 27

or Satin medium sea grey 165

or Satin dark sea grey, this was sometimes used on steel decks or disruptive camoflage.

Hope this helps you


Thread: 6ex 2.4gig
27/10/2008 20:57:00

No problem,

We are here to help !!


27/10/2008 10:42:00

Hi Roger,

If you have the receiver aerials facing you, the rest/bind button is a small rectangular button between the two wires set at the split line of the case.

Good luck and i hope this helps


Thread: Boiler certificate
26/10/2008 18:16:00

Hi Bill,

From my dealings with steam boats i can tell you that the boiler should really be tested annually, this is a hydraulic test on the boiler taken to 1.5 times its working pressure to check for structural integrity.

there should be no visible leaks and distortion of the boiler and it has to hold a constant pressure for a set amount of time, if the pressure drops then the boiler will fail the test.

You can contact any local model engineering club who will i'm sure test your boiler and issue you with a new certificate.

Hope this hasn't scared you but it is important for your own safety, as these things can go wrong if not looked after correctly.



Thread: competitions
21/10/2008 21:07:00

Excellent idea, but does it have to be a non original plan design ie; something you invent design wise or can it just be anything that floats and works?



Thread: fairmile gunboat ply hull plans
10/10/2008 14:00:00

Hi Malcolm,

This is quite an ambitious first build,but for drawings try

I think he has a set of drawings at 1/8" to the foot which could be enlarged to suit your hull.

John lambert also has several very good reference books written by himself showing very good weapon details and shows some construction of the full size Fairmile D boats.

I hope this helps you get started.


Thread: cowl vents,ships boats
07/10/2008 16:04:00

Hi Dennis,

If this is the HMS Kite that Paul Freshney built, then the ships boats can be purchased from quay craft and altered to look correct.

As for the two large cowl ventilators either side of the funnel you will have to bash these out yourself.

One easy method is to make a timber former from some dowel and cut a circular hole in a sheet of plywood. Then using plastic card cut a square piece about 75mmx75mm and fix it over the hole with drawing pins.......then carefully using a hair drier or heat gun set on low, warm the plastic up so it softens, and simply push the domed former into the softened plastic sheet to a sufficient depth to give you the correct depth and shape.

You may have to repeat this a few times till you get the required shape as it might split/tear..but stick with it...this method does work.

Hope this helps


Thread: chain?
07/10/2008 15:50:00

Hi model man,

You can get scale stud link chain from jotika ltd

This is available in about five different sizes i think?

Hope this helps


Thread: radio control issue
19/09/2008 21:50:00

Hi Firefly and ashley,

Any good online modelshop will sell you a matched pair of 27 mhz crystals.

Ashley, the 2 Futaba M series 6 channel sets i have are both on 27 FM band, Quite rare in those days i think? but the most common 27mhz band is AM and should be available in solid colours and splits.


Thread: Caldercraft Vulcano
18/09/2008 01:35:00

Hi i know this is a long shot..........but does anybody know where i can get this discontinued kit from in the U.K?

I am willing to take one that has either been started or still boxed as new.



Thread: LPG boilers
01/06/2008 20:42:00

Hi guy's i also run a john hemmens boiler but my boiler was a custom designed job.

 To over come this gas vaporising chill effect i have passed two loops of copper steam exhaust pipe round the gas tank.

This helps reduce the chill problem and as a result the tank maintains constant pressure.

I believe that john is making a new design tank with a heating coil built into the tank.

hope this info helps.


Thread: Schnellboot 1/24 Scratchbuild
11/08/2007 15:12:00
Stuart , i have read elsewhere on the forum that you are looking for more info on the S-100 s and later classes. Try looking at german e-boats 1939-45 osprey publishing on new vanguard volume 59. isbn number 1-84176-445-0
11/08/2007 01:04:00
Hi Suart , it is quite simple to make the outer trim/ rudders active while the boat is running. I have done so on my much smaller 1/40 th scale robbe s190 kit. The 1/1 scale water and the 1/40 scale boat seem to work very well. It should be a lot more effective on a 1/24th scale schnellboote. If you are running individual speed control on wing motors and central motor, then using a servo Y lead connected to your high speed central motor speed contoller and a standard servo , with a little bit of linkage know how connected to the smaller wing rudder/trim tabs will give the required effect. as the central motor speed increases so does the trim angle. the only slight draw back to this is that when you reverse this motor so the rudder/trims reverse. Hope this has been of some help, any more questions feel free to ask and i will try to explain more if needed
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