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Thread: Drumbeat of devon
31/03/2008 11:17:00

hi dave

see you at shepton mallet


12/03/2008 13:48:00

Hi Steve,

I live in Brixham where the Drumbeat is stationed. I could take some pictures for reference if you liked. How is the snow doing this year? My sister says they are getting loads in Ontario.


Thread: RTTL Vosper
21/02/2008 17:39:00

hi stuart

the fittings I received with the kit, there are loads of model manufacturers that do fittings around the uk. you  can email me and i'll send you some or check out the web directory in the back pages of the magazine.

as for your stuck prop shaft, you could try some never seize stuff, use to use it when i was in the mob, what us canucks use to call the navy.

just go slow with it.

as for motor/rc unit, it depends on the scale,,,rc units are usually available quite reasonably now at £40 on 40mhz and motors/esc and batteries can be found very easy on-line. I used Action Electronics as recommended by the articleon tis build, but as I said, it depends on the scale as to what size motor you need. Give Action an email they are very helpful, and friendly to!

I,m still new to building again also, but have learned alot quite quickly so don't hesitate to ask for help.

hope this helps


18/02/2008 23:40:00

Sorry, been off ill for awhile and now have new pc, oh what fun Vista is. Anyway, back on the build and moving along smoothly. Thanks again Terry, Should be ready for priming in a week or so. Sea trials shortly, fingers crossed.


Webpage is looking good Vinnie!

Thread: p1010006.JPG
13/12/2007 21:18:00

cucked? do you mean dropped...perhaps a little epoxy around prop will solve this proplem for me. oops, propein slip,

cheers robert 

Thread: RTTL Vosper
13/12/2007 10:16:00


Thanks for your response. I'm still trying to get the old grey cells ticking around this build and learn better visually sometimes. I realize you are probably very busy but have a couple of other questions about your build as I have done similiar with a floor for the aft superstructure. I see you fitted the tongue bit at the fore end of the access, so did you just use velcro for the aft section? As the slightly raised aft deck could hide this I presume.

And for the propeller shaft, there are no bearings fitted, am I to presume the small diameter of the shaft and inner tube will prevent water ingress?

I appreciate you responding to my questions, as a first build I want to take something to the pond I can be proud of. I know what you mean by the midnight oil, was up til 2 last nite doing the cutouts for the windows, going well so far.

It would be a pleasure to meet someday, so if you ever down Torbay drop us a line and I'll show you the sights.

Thanks again 


Thread: p1010006.JPG
12/12/2007 00:22:00
question for you , jase> I am doing the rttl vosper kit and was curious, di the propeller shaft you were supplied with have any bearings? because my kit comes similiar to yours, with the internal tray for rc install and I am wondering if you have had any water come in. robert
Thread: Beginner needs help
12/12/2007 00:09:00

hi silver, new as well, but you will probably be told to use liquid poly or something similiar, and that if she is to sail, resin the seams of your hull for waterproofing. you'll get good info here


Thread: RTTL Vosper
04/12/2007 08:40:00

ok, I was wondering why in his article photos he has a floor in the superstructure section , when the plans to not indicate this floor? I shall try him through another avenue if he fails to read this.

although I was anticipating this kit as a quick build for a beginner, I must admit I am find the instructions and plans somewhat vague. If anyone else has similiar discoveries could they share them.


04/12/2007 00:34:00

hi vinnie,

the modelslipways kit of the rttl vosper. never mind about the terry small question.

but those who are building this kit and would like to share their experiences I'd appreciate it.



03/12/2007 22:52:00

Hi Vinnie,

You wouldn't happen to know if Terry reads this forum would you. I have a question or

two for him about his recent article last month regarding this kit.



Thread: Free Kit for joining online
21/11/2007 22:31:00

hi vinnie,

i emailed chris this afternoon and he s looking into it for me. as i still have not received my free gift. maybe it ended up with the child health care discs!



Thread: star system on plans
21/11/2007 15:48:00

well david I did it the other way round, met an english lady and it was easier for me to move here, besides I like the climate and no snow to shovel in Devon.

 by the way does your mate have a link for plans for a rvver patrol boat, if so send me an email.

please don't tell me you support the senators, or as a true leaf fan i would have to disown you, kidding mate


Thread: Free Kit for joining online
21/11/2007 00:21:00

I was told that several weeks ago now that it would be posted next week, and still nothing .emailed lorraine in subscriptions and have not heard back, guess i will actually have to break down and buy the missus a real gift

ho ho ho


Thread: What to start with?
20/11/2007 09:58:00

hi mike,

i agree with tony, as I'm just about to ring and order the vosper kit, a good deal at £52.

and looks fairly straight forward.

there have been several articles in modelboats over the past few months, ie a huntsman and a little pusher tug. these look stright forward as well.

must get back to my new river patrol boat, so i can shoot up the pond

cheers robert

Thread: star system on plans
20/11/2007 09:51:00


hi mate, another canuck, Originally fran canada, but live in UK now. try one of the billings fishing boat kits, there quite good,

just about to order the Vosper, but they have some great kits for all levels.

Any snow yet?



Thread: Build the Bismarck - Hachette magazine-model
20/11/2007 09:44:00

hi neal,

i am doing the bismarck parts build and am on issue 28, most here in england are around 34-35, but i deliberated for a month whether to do her or not. as a novice, again, (sic) at 49 decided to have a go at modelling again and having only done plastic before am enjoying this very much.

the first build site mentioned above is great, lots of info and methodology from young and old. there is even a chap with issues1-35 on offer for £60 ono,

anyway she is looking pretty good right now with first layer of planking on and superstructure just started.

come on aboard the site, their great chaps

regards robert

Thread: Snowberry_open.jpg
19/11/2007 16:41:00
hey jim, what have you installed fro propulsion, ie, motor size, propeller and shaft dimensions and battery size? cheers robert
Thread: RTTL in dock
19/11/2007 16:32:00
is this the model slipway kit? robert
Thread: Snowberry_open.jpg
31/10/2007 10:08:00

Hi Alain,

Any snow yet? My missus loves snow for some strange reason (english). She has yet to spend a winter in Canada.

There are some great sites online for the Flower Class.

These are a few with loads of info and I have a few articles from Model Boat and Marinemodelling Magazine that others have emailed me which are yours if you need them.

Let's keep in touch, it would be nice to take the missus to La belle provence next time were back in Canada. We could take her snowshoeing and then see if she still likes the snow.

Cheers Robert

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