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Thread: Names of paint colours...?
01/06/2021 14:54:14


With that in mind, does anyone have any references for close up details of how I could treat them?



01/06/2021 14:18:14

Colin, the life boats are indeed metal... I just feel they could do with a little more colour and detail...


01/06/2021 14:14:46

Unfortunately, no one has been able to identify it. I'm not even sure if it has been made to look like any existing ships out there. I do believe it has some scale issues too. That said I acquired it recently and managed to strip it down to the bare metal... I'm keen to repaint it and keep it true to what it might have represented. I'll post a close up of one of the life boats in a sec.


01/06/2021 12:19:43

Good morning,

I'm looking to paint the metal life boats on my cargo ship and can see that they are a clinker design.

I was wondering what colour these would have been painted in the 1950's?

References are showing me that they would have been white, but what colour would they have been on the inside...?

I was hoping to get a little bit of wood colour in there somewhere.

Many thanks,


Thread: Newbie question about lube
09/05/2021 19:49:59

Hi Dave,

It seems I have a 4mm rod inside a casing which is well and truly fixed into the hull. The rod is approx 140mm.

I'll go with a little bit of vaseline and some oil between.

As to the waterline, I and trying to find out how you calculate the waterline? The motor is definitely below the waterline, but I'm trying to work out where to draw the line for the red paint to go on the hull...???

Any help gratefully accepted.


Do you have exposed shafts running in plain bushings or, something more sophisticated ?

Is the motor end of the shaft(s) above or below the waterline ?


08/05/2021 08:08:03

So I've managed to strip down my metal hulled beast...


I have also attached a universal joint to the drive shaft and on closer inspection the shaft is dry.

I have cleaned it and am wondering what oil / grease to use on it?

All advice gratefully received.


Thread: Trying to identify my boat?
02/05/2021 14:07:19

I can report back that the metal hull is not at all magnetic... so what does that indicate?


01/05/2021 08:00:47

I've managed to get the majority of the filler off and I'm now asking myself, do I carry on and remove all the black paint?

It certainly would look amazing in the metallic finish, but I'm assuming it would never be water tight?


01/05/2021 07:46:02

img_5201.jpgimg_5200.jpgThank you Neil.

That image of the shell expansion is fascinating.

Having done a little more cleaning yesterday, I think the metal plates are a silvery metal. It is thin and quite malleable, albeit I dcannot say what it is off the top of my head... here are some more pictures to help.


Thread: How to calculate the scale of my model boat...?
30/04/2021 08:34:10

img_5187.jpgimg_5186.jpgimg_5185.jpgimg_5184.jpgimg_5183.jpgimg_5182.jpgSorry, forgot the images...img_5180.jpg

30/04/2021 08:33:05

Hi Dave,

So I have uploaded some more images of the removed previous repair to the inside of the hull and some details of the metal outer hull.

Looks to be made from Brass??

It also looks like she has been torpedo from the rear now i have removed the previous repair work...

Any comments gratefully received.


29/04/2021 21:23:46

I have removed some earlier repair work that contained the point of entry of the water inside the boat and discovered some extensive damage and poor repair work in the past. I will upload a photograph tomorrow morning...

My feeling is that it will be important to stop the ingress from the outside and am considering using <> in red (below the waterline) in keeping with ships of this type and era. I'm hoping that as a liquid rubber paint it will seal the hull after a few coats.

Happy to hear all your thoughts!


29/04/2021 17:36:20

I'm in Brockley, SE4. Where is the pond in Bushy Park? What days are good to visit?

Thread: To braid or not to braid...?
29/04/2021 12:58:18

Thank you for this exemplary reply. Completely makes sense...


Thread: How to calculate the scale of my model boat...?
29/04/2021 12:56:35

Thank you all for your replies

I wanted to know the scale of the boat so that I could order some decals for her. I have roughly come to the figure of 1:48. She is 1.3m long.

Sadly I took her to Clapham to test her out yesterday and she started listing and taking on water. So I'm now looking at trying to find out how to waterproof her...

So the saga continues...


28/04/2021 20:12:23

Can anyone suggest how to calculate the scale of my model boat?


Thread: Trying to identify my boat?
28/04/2021 18:46:01

I thought it might be for display too, except on opening her up there was a servo fro the rudder, a torpedo 800 motor for the prop and having connected a new transmitter, it all works... I'm looking to re-paint her and get some decals. Any idea on a good source of decals?


28/04/2021 15:46:36


28/04/2021 15:42:54

It is actually my website, but I will upload to an Album as you suggest.


27/04/2021 10:28:08

I have recently acquired this metal hulled boat and was wondering if anyone might know anything about it?


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